Free war Kindle books for 20 Oct 18

Sons of the American Fatherland

by H. Berkeley Rourke

People are dying.
Ostensibly, it is a group of black people killing whites.
But in fact it is a group of Neo Nazis killing anyone with colored skin or who is a Jew.

Killing U20 (Captain Adrian Gannet Book 2)

by James Griffith

Adrian Gannet, a captain in the U.S. merchant marine, already a legend in his own time, was summoned to Washing DC. Knowing the U.S. would soon be drawn in to WW 1, Secretary of the Navy asked Captain Gannet to find an answer to a question the U.S. Navy had no answer for. He would go to England with his wife Anne, to find the answer. His legend would grow as he learned Briton’s answer to submarine warfare. He would add new technology to the English solution, against just one submarine, when he pledged to Anne, every crew member of submarine U20 would die. He would kill U20.

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