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Weight Watchers Christmas Cookbook 2018: Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss, Health and Physical Fitness by Adopting a Plant Based Diet (X-Mass Edition)

by Pam K. Garcia

Weight Watchers Christmas Cookbook 2018

Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss, Health and Physical Fitness by Adopting a Plant Based Diet (X-Mass Edition)

  • Do you suffer from cravings?

  • Always gain back what you lose?

  • Does eating healthy and count calories (points) seem like too much work?

  • Do you want to improve your body image and self-confidence?

Living in a body you love is not achieved by dieting. Changing your lifestyle isn’t just a decision. Achieving lasting results is a process of change. In this book you can find all needed info about freestyle eating program and recipes that can help you to stay in good shape.

The goal is to lose weight through calorie reduction in a sustainable fashion through healthy eating. It also encourages the implementation of an exercise program and offers a local support group. You are invited to track your use and movements through activity tracker gadgets like the Fitbit.

This will allow you to analyze what exercise you are doing and how it will work alongside your diet. The third principle is the support group where you will meet like-minded local people with this same aspirations as you. You will also be guided by a success coach who has been on the same journey, has you? This is a vital part of Weight Watchers, and statistically, the more somebody attends the local meetings, the higher the likelihood of their success.

It gives you the opportunity to tap into the wealth of knowledge available in the network and having a support group enhances your possibility of really succeeding long term. In This book you will find: Weight Watchers freestyle points for breakfast, Lunch and Dinners. there are also Snack and Desert too Grab this book now and still enjoy delicious food that will also shaped up your body.

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Vegan Meal Prep: Tasty Plant-Based Whole Food Recipes Including a 30-Day Time-Saving Meal Plan

by Jules Neumann

Get in Shape Easily While Saving Time & Money With 89 Recipes!

Part One of the Vegan Meal Prep Serie

This book is your complete guide to prepping 89 delicious & healthy plant-based dishes. Learn how to prep for every day of the week and fuel your body with plant-based nutrition. Get in shape and save hours of time, all while spending less with awareness for all kinds of life.

Lose weight by eating right and allow yourself more free time. With this book, you’ll get into the habit of just grabbing a HEALTHY meal when it’s time to eat.

Make your personal nutrition a responsible walk in the park and kiss cravings goodbye with these 89 delicious meals. Choose whole food-recipes that will make your mouth water and improve your performance!

Vegan Meal Prep (part one) is suitable for everyone following a plant-based diet and perfectfor busy mothers, business(wo)men and students on a budget.

Fire up your stove, grease the skillet and prepare multiple meals in a single session. Fill your fridge and freezer. All recipes in this cookbook include macro values, storage info, approximate prepping times and the total number of ingredients required for each recipe.

Additionally, the meal plan is customizable for 1600, 1800, 2000, 2500 and 3000 calorie intakes. Each weekly meal plans come with individual (included & downloadable) shopping lists to make yourtrips to the grocery store effortless!

Get access to Jules Neumann’s recipes and learn how to cook, prep and store in accordance with your goals. The book includes a nutrient-rich food list, prepping, storing & labeling tips and comes with 16 handy essential recipes.

Grab all this information (fact-packed-info, 89 recipes, and a customizable 30-day meal plan). Get in shape, remain productive and stay on top of your life!

The customizable 30-day meal plan includes:

  • Breakfasts
  • Lunches
  • Dinners
  • Snacks

Make it virtually impossible to cheat. Start prepping delicious meals TODAY!

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