Free fantasy Kindle books for 21 Oct 18

Going Nowhere

by Lena North

My name is Hibiscus Brown, my best friend is a unicorn and my life is going absolutely nowhere.
Oh, and I’m a witch. At least partly – the rest is all werewolf.

After growling a little to loudly, Hibiscus – Kitty – Brown finds herself in the unfortunate situation of having to move back home to live with her dad /the werewolf/, her step-mom /the werebear/, and all the other creatures living in a small town called Nowhere.

Surely it’s just temporary? Surely even a half-witch/half-werewolf can figure out what she wants to do with her life? Surely the handsome werewolf who just moved back will ignore her, like he /mostly/ did when they were in high school? And surely the mysterious dark stranger who seems to pop up just about everywhere will help her when she needs it?
And what about the missing amulet? Will Grandma Hazel find it? And what does Grandpa Hunter wear on his head?

So many questions… let’s see if we can bring some clarity to it all, shall we?

*** NOTE ***
There will be f-bombs.
And references to s-e-x.
Nothing graphic because it’s not my style, but there certainly will be shit that isn’t super appropriate for a younger audience.
You have been warned.

*** This book is a slightly edited version of a story I wrote on Wattpad ***

Guild of Secrets (Obsidian Queen Book 1)

by Shannon Lynn Cook

Slow-burn romantic urban fantasy full of magic and humor.

They’re a trio of arrogant knight marshals. She’s fresh out of finishing school. They have to play nice for six months, but can they manage a week?

Sparks and magic fly when twenty-two-year-old Madeline finds herself serving an apprenticeship with a trio of knight marshals. One day she’s dreaming about planning charity galas, and the next she’s traipsing about the US, arresting all manner of magical miscreantsâ??and wearing heels while doing it.

And if arresting trolls, running from murderous pixies, and stumbling into a dangerous web of secrets isn’t enough to keep her occupied, there’s also Gray, Jonathan, and Ericâ??the knights themselves. They’re strong. They’re skilled. They’re ridiculously handsome.

And they don’t want her on their team.

The four will have to learn to get along, but soon Madeline realizes the real trouble might not be working so closelyâ?¦but keeping a professional distanceâ?¦

Author’s Note: While Obsidian Queen has multiple potential love interests, at the end of the series, Madeline will end up with ONE man only.

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