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After a world famous talk show host loses his show, his wife leaves him for a professional basketball player, and he is kicked out of the corporate condo, he goes mad. In an explicit rant that is televised before millions, he disses the American people, disrespects his community, and transforms from a respectable black man into a nigga.

Rather than ridicule his behavior, the general public falls in love with the nigga. He is offered more money for the ratchet version of the show he was already on, putting his life into a cycle of niggatry never before seen.

Kevin changes his name to Kwan, which leads to an adjustment in his behavior and how his people view him. What was once a committed man, turns into a dog that chases cat. A man who once produced respectable programming, now has beef with mega church ministers, feminists, and radicals who want him dead. A man who once loved his community, now feeds it self- destruction and niggatry. As Kevin becomes Kwan and goes through an identity crisis, the reader is taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Will Kevin remain Kwan for the rest of his life? Will he ever love a woman again? Will his Christian family disown him? Does America love a nigga more than a black man? Does his community? Will he ever change? Will America change?

These questions and more are answered in This Nigga’s Crazy, an intense look into identity, racism, sex, money, and the importance of finding yourself. A must read.

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