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Growing Up Black In White

by Kevin Hofmann

Growing Up Black in White by Kevin D. Hofmann is a moving and sometimes humorous look into the life of one man with a fascinating past. Born into the racially-charged Detroit of 1967 to a white mother and a black father, the author was placed into foster care and then adopted by a white minister and his wife, the parents of three biological children. Hofmann’s memoir reveals the racial tensions, the difficulties of feeling neither black nor white, his family’s loving support, and his struggles to define and embrace his own identity as he grew to be a man. This is a story of hope and promise, and how we are able to define ourselves not through the racism and judgments of a challenging society, but through our own sense of self-respect and personal identity. Kevin Hofmann came to this memoir after a lifetime of contemplation and self-analysis. After attending a national conference on adoption, he found his voice and wove it into this emotional and often amusing story. Hofmann lives with his wife and two sons in Toledo, Ohio.

10 effective steps for communication in marriage: Resolve all conflicts in marriage by meditation method

by Lindsay Norwood

Have you ever been tired and stressed about your love relationship and your lover, your companion? Have you ever suffered, disappointed to see your love is going to end without a solution? Do you still love and respect your lover but still can not avoid unnecessary conflicts and contrarieties with him/her?
So do you want us to disclose 10 effective steps to communicate in Marriage, help you solve almost any stressful issue in your love and marriage? This book will not only do it but also help you to revive the affectionate relationship that is boring and downhill.
Unlike other books on psychology in love and marriage, with the application of the benefits of Meditation, this book has mentioned the taboo mistakes in love that insider often experience, besides it teaches you how to cultivate a love without the loss of tears, without too much pressure, conflict, contrariety, controversy, cold war, etc.

Inside this book, you will discover things that will help you:
-Improve the boredom of love to find a new inspirational source with happiness.
-Resolve easily conflicts, controversy, misunderstandings, etc., so that both of you can be more cohesive and understand each other.
-Keep the fire of love so that both of you can fully enjoy the happiness that love brings.
-Set new meaningful goals in the relationship so that both of you lead to a better life.
-And more
In just a few short minutes, you will be able to start possessing great secrets to improve and cultivate your love relationship to a higher level of mounting, loving and understanding. Do not wait any longer, please drag down and hit the shopping button to get this great publication.

Ich bin noch hier!: Meine Reise zu mir (German Edition)

by Charlotte Bregulla

Eine Reise durch die Zeit. In den 60er Jahren wurde Charlotte Bregulla in eine Familie mit sieben Kindern geboren und verbrachte eine Kindheit, in der Misshandlung und Missbrauch an der Tagesordnung waren. Sie sucht nach einem besseren Leben und kämpft gegen ihre Selbstzweifel und Minderwertigkeitsgefühle an. Auch das erwachsen werden und erwachsen sein brachten viele Schwierigkeiten mit sich, die geprägt waren von den Traumata der Kindheit. Als Erwachsene kämpft sie sich durch Partnerschaften, die ihr nicht gut tun und in denen sie ausgenutzt wird. Sie stellt sich selbst in Frage und sucht immer alle Schuld bei sich selbst. Erst spät erkennt sie, dass es auch anders geht und sie sich unter keinen Umständen in Frage stellen muss. Charlotte Bregulla hat sich durch dieses Leben gekämpft und ist “noch hier”.

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