Free war Kindle books for 21 Oct 18

Rise of the Spears: a Sons of Iberia prequel

by J. Glenn Bauer

A new and fearsome enemy emerges in the ancient lands of southern Iberia.
An unblooded warrior sees his clan vanquished.
A mother must kill to save her son.
Dubgetious is levied into the army of Hamilcar Barca when his clan of Bastetani is defeated and their village sacked.
With the death cries of his fellow villagers still ringing in his ears, he is thrown into the harsh world of mercenaries who care little for life.
Lyda, an accomplished warrior, vows to find her son and free him from the Carthaginian enemy. She and her small band of veteran Bastetani warriors are soon baying at the heels of Hamilcar’s forces.
Dubgetious forges an unlikely friendship while his mother, Lyda, fights to find and save him from the mercenary army of Carthage. When an opportunity to defeat and kill Hamilcar arises, both Dubgetious and Lyda must choose between honour and blood.

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