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The Art Of Doodling: How To Draw Using Your Left Brain ( NEW TESTED EXERCISES TO DRAW FASTER, QUICKER, SHARPER )

by Matty Childs

Learn To Drawâ?¦ Before It’s Too Late!

Amazing New Discovery Transforms Your Drawing Ability: In Just 7 Days!!!

Welcome To The World Of Remarkable Drawing.

Hi. My name is Matty Childs and I have to admit that in the past I have had problems drawing.

I just couldn’t figure out how to make my drawings look right. No matter how hard I tried they just looked wrong. I began to question myself. I thought it was me. I thought I didn’t have enough talent and that it was never going to get better.

If you’ve had similar thoughts, you should know that you are not alone. And I know many artists who have gone through the same self-criticism.

And if that’s not bad enough, others may have also criticized you with harsh comments like:

“You can’t draw a straight line without a ruler”

“You have no talent”

“What’s THAT?”

“Don’t quit your day job”
And you’ve probably believed every word of it and that’s part of the reason why you think you can’t draw. But I’m here to tell you that:

Using A Totally New Approach You’ve Never Seen Before

The ability to create such drawings has its own rewards but it can also open the doors to your other dreams.

You can be an artist, a painter, a sculptor. Or maybe you want to be an animator, a graphic designer or an industrial designerâ?¦the choice is yours.

There are many things you can do with such a skill. You can create your own works of art. You could draw for an animation studio. You could create graphics for games. You could create your own comics or you could work for a comic book company. Or you could sell your comics to them. Or, wellâ?¦

The Possibilities Are Endless

And Now It’s YOUR TURNâ?¦

We will be unlocking the artist within you. It will be like installing a simple 3D modeling program into your head!

Here are just a few benefits of learning how to sketch:

  • The best thing you can do with your eraser to increase your learning speed (it’s simple and effective. You only have to do it once. Your future work depends on it!)
  • I show you the exact step by step process to go through to brace your entire body so you can enjoy longer drawing sessions with much less effort.
  • Why negative feedback is affecting your drawings and what exactly you can do to stop it! 
  • Why and How to keep yourself in a relaxed mood while you are drawing.
  • What you must do while drawing if you want your art stick in your mind.
  • The mechanism inside you that is responsible for reaching your goals and how you can take advantage of it in the art field! 
  • How your self-image strongly affects your life and what you should do, if you need to change it.
  • Drawing the Arc – The fastest most effective way to ingraining the Arc into your brain so you can draw accurate circles without looking at the paper!) 
  • The One Wild trick to drawing 90-degree intersections.( sounds simple but so many do it wrong!) 
  • The amazingly simple exercise that hones the skill that increases your accuracy with a pencil. 
  • Drawing isn’t just on paper. It’s in your head. (this is the point that you begin exercising the amazing power of your mind!) 
  • The start of proportions and the 2 critical things you must know immediately after learning about proportions.

    And so so much more I can’t talk about here.

  • To Sum It All Up:

    All you have to do is apply a proven, structured, step-by-step process that will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a successful artist. This is the most comprehensive guide you will find… guaranteed

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    Norse Mythology: Tales of Norse Myth, Gods, Goddesses, Giants, Rituals & Viking Beliefs

    by Kory Aumont

    Before the tide of Christianity cast its influence over the greater part of the Western World, magic and tradition were rich in the lives of the Nordic people. These great men and women of lore speak to us of glorified battles, strong noble bloodlines, and honor in the face of adversity. We celebrate the incredible tales of Loki and Frigga, the mighty Thor and the all-powerful Odin. Now the annals of history have offered us the great gift of studying and understanding this magnificent culture. Readers young and old alike have the opportunity to explore this fascinating and awe-inspiring collection of religious stories and rich traditions belonging to such a complex belief system. Discover for yourself the magic and mystery in the stories of Baldur, Heimdall, and Idun. Uncover the ancient tale of the fortification of Asgard, the great kingdom of the Nordic gods, and the chilling story behind the binding of Fenrir.

    Even though thousands of years have passed since these cultural stories were first shared around the forges and fires of the Nordic populations, they still entrance and inspire us with the great deeds of the human race and the incredible gods who watched over them. Find your own wealth of inspiration among the tales of the great gods and goddesses once worshipped by the Vikings.

    Here Is What You’ll Find Insideâ?¦

    • The Vikings
    • The Creation of the World According to Nordic Lore
    • Norse Gods and Goddesses
    • Jotuns (Giants)
    • Tales of Norse Mythology
    • And Much, Much More!

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    Fun Family Slippers (Easy To Crochet 2 Hour Slippers Book 3)

    by Vicki Becker

    These cute slippers are very quick and easy to make. The designs use a number 4 medium weight yarn. The pattern instructions are for 5 different styles of slippers. Sizes are for children and adults. These cute puppies, colorful owls, pink poodles, calico cats, and mischievous sock monkeys all are great for gift giving.

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