Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 22 Oct 18

What Not To Do On Halloween

by Shaketha Marion-McGregor

This cute rhyming story will inform readers of all of the silly things you should not do on Halloween! In this book you’ll find out why you should NEVER eat soup soup that was made by a frog and why should NEVER EVER go Trick or Treating at a monster’ s house plus lots more!

Happy in Pumpkinville: How the saddest pumpkin in pumpkinville found its happy

by Jesse Strelow

With a creative imagination by illustrator, Jesse Strelow, through the utilization of pencil, pen, crayon and software editing tools. To create the perfect and most unique pictures for this story. Along with the love and support of his mother, Yvonne Strelow, as she shared her skills that helped bring this story to reality. A book that is perfect to read to children of all ages. This is a book that grown-ups will enjoy reading over and over to their kids, especially during Halloween and in preparation on finding their pumpkin. A great gift for the Halloween season; especially right before the family goes out to find that perfect family pumpkin. Happy in Pumpkinville has a strong and beautiful message of trust, love and acceptance that will leave a lasting impression on your family for generations to come.

Robert Archer and The Grandfather Clock

by Hope Hetterley

Paradoxian Portholes and other Peculiarities! How will Thirteen-year-old Robert Archer cope with his new-found Sorcerer status? And how will he defeat the Notorious Sorcerer Archibald Fluff and save Paradoxia? Will Robert Defeat his Nemesis? Welcome to the Beginning of a Magical Adventure!

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