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Free – A last chance love story: A Black Ops Military Romance (The 707 Freedom Series Book 1)

by Riley Edwards

He lives in the shadows to protect her. But to save her, he’ll have to rise from the grave.
The day Shane boarded the plane for basic training, I was happy for him. He escaped a life we both despised. Then he was killed in action before I had the chance to tell him I loved him.

Now I write letters he’ll never read. Talk to a cold gravestone, heard only by the windâ?¦and maybe that guy in a baseball cap I only glimpse before he disappears.

I didn’t need my father’s money to become one of the deadliest men on earth: an assassin on an elite special forces team. I had no idea the cost of achieving my dream would beâ?¦everything.

Now all I can do is watch from the shadows while Lily, untouched by the filth that clings to my soul, cries over my grave. Leaving her was hardest thing I ever had to do. But when her life is threatened, keeping my distance isn’t an option.

Because I’m the only man on earth who can save her.

Free is a steamy last chance at love military romance. No cheating. Guaranteed HEA. Over 18! Bad boy alpha military men use foul language and enjoy dirty talk.

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The 707 Freedom Series:
The 707 is an elite team of Army Commandos. A special Black Ops team known as the 707 research and development group. They have a two-person chain of command: their Commander and the President.

Meet the men of the 707: Lenox, Jasper, Levi, and Clark. Watch as they show us that sacrifice, commitment, and bravery are not just for the battlefield. Each man must fight to find and protect the women who are theirs.

Each book is a standalone, a look into the life of a Special Forces soldier’s life and the code they live and die by.

* Free – Lenox
* Freeing Jasper
* Finally Free Levi
* Freedom for Clark

Catastrophe ~ A Highland Murder Most Fowl (Scottish Wildcat Tails Book 1)

by Lucinda Hare

A COSY CAT MYSTERY FOR ALL THE FAMILY ~ 7 years to 107 years old. Catastrophe ~ A Highland Murder Most Fowl. A Family Cosy Cat Mystery for ** young readers aged 7 years to 107 years**. Who needs gritty, dark psychological thriller when you can curl up in your armchair with your furry companions and read a cosy murder mystery ~ especially one where a feisty Scottish wildcat pits his superior feline wits against a delightfully wicked murderer in the rugged heart of the Scottish Highlands?

A wildcat moves softly through his Highland world describing it through feline eyes in exquisite golden detail. Scent is a language of its own. His is an elemental world of rain and snow, of forest, moorland and mountain. A world of changing seasons and the endless dance of life and death; predator and prey. Although the wildcat’s home is a world of poetic beauty it is also one of sudden terrifying violence where the ultimate predator is mankind. Shot deliberately by a gamekeeper on a shooting estate the wildcat nearly dies before being rescued by a young couple. After a spell in the vets he convalesces in their Perthshire cottage where he learns to love their old bony cat, Haggis, and author Mary, The hunting moon is barely on the rise when bad news arrives from the solicitors. Mary’s beloved Aunt Edith suddenly dies and the couple head north into the Highlands with Catastrophe. Arriving at Driechandubh Castle, where Mary was raised by Aunt Edith, they barely escape with their lives as a large chunk of masonry â??accidentally’ falls in a storm. Things don’t improve as they meet odious Aunt Maud, Edith’s envious sister who has ensconced herself in the castle like a cuckoo, under the pretext of nursing Edith. As an apex predator Catastrophe instinctively sees through Maud’s charade as grieving sister: he can smell her underlying fear and hostility at her niece’s unexpected arrival and hear the falsehood in her voice. Aunt Maud is hiding a terrible secret. Aunt Maud mistakenly sees Catastrophe merely as a fashion accessory. Divided by mutual loathing Catastrophe finds himself drawn into a web of intrigue, murder and adventure that will test our magnificent wildcat sleuth to his limits. Can Catastrophe unravel odious Aunt Maud’s dastardly plans before it’s too late?

The Murder at the Inn: An Abigail Lapp Amish Mystery

by Esther Raber

The most exciting thing to happen in the Amish town of Mount Hope is usually a lost cow or broken buggy, so the last thing Abigail Lapp expected for the holidays was a murder in her own inn!

Abigail Lapp loves running the small Troyer Farms Bed and Breakfast. The sturdy stone inn, built by her grandfather, attracts guests both Englischer and Amish alike. So when Daniel Bradford stumbles out of the cold into Abigail’s Inn, she is more than happy to accommodate him. However, her pleasure turns to shock when Mr. Bradford is found dead the next morning, of an apparent heart attack.

Now, as a snowstorm traps Abigail and her guests in the Inn, Abigail finds herself in the midst of a mystery. Who killed Mr. Bradford, and why did they want him dead in the first place? And even more alarming, are they here in the Inn, right now?

As the clues begin to gather like the blizzard outside, Abigail finds herself racing against the storm to discover the culprit, before it’s too late.

Mail Order Bride – Montana Hearts: Historical Cowboy Mystery Romance Novel (Echo Canyon Brides Book 6)

by Linda Bridey

FREE for Kindle Unlimited or 2.99 to own.
Cheyenne brave, Wild Wind, discovers that Roxie Ryder has been harboring feelings for him for a long time. Amid danger and mystery, their love grows, but can they survive outside influences that threaten to drive a wedge between them?

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