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The Prince and The Escort: Book 1 in the ongoing series: A Scandalous Royal Fairytale

by Marilyn Cruise

I always dreamed I’d graduate law school, and that I’d meet my very own prince charming who would sweep me off my feet, take me away on wild adventures and then we’d live happily ever after.

That was before my parents died in a car accident where my younger sister lost her legs.

Where am I today? Well, life’s pretty sucky. Ok, extremely sucky. I just started a job as an escort so I can support my sister and save up for her prosthetic legs. And my dream of a happily ever after? Ha! There’s no time for that s#it. I’m stuck here being responsible, doing the adult thing.

That’s until I meet Erik, the Prince of Norway, and he reminds me of what it’s like to feel again, to dare to dream again, and to believe in the fairytale I have shoved so deep down I thought it was gone.

Yet… One touch from him is a jolt to my heart, and suddenly I’m feeling things I really shouldn’t feel.

Because let’s face it, fairytales don’t come true…do they?

This is Book 1 in the ongoing series: A Scandalous Royal Fairytale
A HIGHLY addictive series.
Read at your own risk…. There will be cliffhangers.

Book 2: The Prince and The Escort 2 NOW AVAILABLE!

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