Free war Kindle books for 22 Oct 18

Oh-Three-Eleven (Oh-Three-Series Book 1)

by Christopher Bast

0311 is the United States Marine Corps designation for a rifleman, Marines who are the backbone of the fighting organization. Team Leader Nathan Carter and SAW Gunner Travis McGrath are two riflemen and brothers-in-arms in Afghanistan who try to find a balance between their personal lives and the battlefield. But no matter the hurdles they face, the loyalty they have for each other and their fellow Marines comes first.

Killian’s Rage

by K.L. Brose

In the CIA, the U.S. Navy SEALS, and work as a Private Security Contractor, Jonathan Killian had been there and done that. A true patriot that had shed his fair share of sweat and blood on just about every continent, he was driven by the men that stood on either side of him that he called brothers. Killian had given his all to his country and his men, and had watched the politicians take their greedy cuts from the backs and souls of those who fought and died for the red, white, and blue. Time and time again, he saw them make their greedy deals and shady calls. He was done with that, so he thought, undecided on where or what to do next. But Killian had no plans to go back into the game, that was, until they came for him and his men. One by one his guys were being executed, and he was top on the list. They came for him, and unleashed a furor that they couldn’t have imagined. Killian was hell bent on stopping the killings, finding those responsible, and finding the truth. What came next was borne in fields and beaches and deserts across the globe. It was what they should have known was coming, Killian’s Rage.

Blood Will Have Blood

by Oliver T. Spedding

After two years of military training in Brazil and Cuba, FRANCO CASTILLO, a member of the Chilean Revolutionary Left Movement (M.I.R.) returns to Chile in 1980 with the intention of contributing to the overthrow of the Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet and his military junta. He plans to build a bomb and detonate it at the Santiago Stock Exchange during a visit by the top military officers of the Chilean Secret Police.
While building the bomb Franco goes to watch a football match at the National Stadium of Chile in Santiago. At the game he meets an old friend of his, DIEGO MARTINEZ, who invites him to visit him and gives him his address on a piece of paper.
Franco builds the bomb but while travelling to the Stock Exchange to place the bomb, it detonates prematurely in the Santiago CBD, killing him and killing and injuring a number of civilians. During the ensuing Secret Police investigation the note with Diego Martinez’s address on it is discovered in Franco’s shack at the Raul Silva shanty town in Santiago. Diego is arrested as a suspected accomplice of Franco Castillo and brutally tortured by two members of the Secret Police, Captain ARMANDO CASTRO and Captain CARLOS ALVAREZ but is eventually released. Diego swears revenge on the two police officers.
But how can Diego possibly take on the might of “Pinochet’s Gestapo” and achieve the revenge that he needs?

“Nothing is more costly, nothing is more sterile, than vengeance.” – Winston S. Churchill

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