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To Conquer Heaven

by Felix Long

The lost Tomb of the First Emperor of China is about to be found.
But this powerful Taoist sorceror is not … quite … dead.

Love Indiana Jones? Love Jack Burton? Then you will love this.

If I could give 6 stars, I would. YEP! – Garfield Whyte

Jeremy Wang is still smarting from being academically disgraced by his room mate, Brett East. But now Jeremy needs to enlist Brett’s help – because he’s found something … a clue.
A clue to unravel one of history’s greatest mysteries.
Where is the Tomb of the First Emperor of China?
A fiend so foul, he slaughtered entire civilisations in his insane quest to conquer the known world and form the mighty empire that bears his name to this day.
To discover the Elixir of Life and defeat Death herself.
To rise again and conquer Heaven.

Filthy Beast

by B. B. Hamel

She calls me a filthy beast, but I know she still wants me.
Years ago, I left and broke her heart. I had no other choice back then.
Now I have one last chance, just one final night of passion.
But the memories are back and I might not be able to give her up . . .

After leaving the military, I move to L.A. and end up working as an actor on action movies, putting my SEAL skills to good use.

That’s how I find her again. We’re working on the same movie together. I still remember those delicious lips, and I know I have to have another taste.

I can see the anger in her eyes, even after all these years, which means she still wants me. She can’t let me go.

I need to remind her of that intense tingle along her skin when I slowly strip her clothes off. I taught her everything about how to make her body feel good, and now I want to get deeper.

I crave that spark again, that magic, still strong after all this time. I can walk away once I’ve had her and never see her again if that’s what she needs.

But I forgot just how high she can get me. I forgot how perfect we fit.

And now that I remember what she does to meâ?¦ I’ll do anything to keep her.

Filthy Beast is a second chance romance with steamy scenes and bad language. It’s only recommended for readers 18+.

Filthy Beast is a STANDALONE, full-length novel. No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA!

Banging Reaper (Pounding Hearts Book 1)

by Izzy Sweet

Two men. Only one can be the best in the ring.
Only one can make her completely his.


Life isn’t easy when your mother abandons you and the grandmother who raised you is gone. Ethan has been my best friend since middle school. He helped me out with college when I was flat broke, and now I feel like I owe him. So when he starts treating me like his MMA lucky charm, it’s hard to say no. But when he finally loses, he blames meâ??and Reaper, the guy who beat the crap out of him, is the one who rescues me.

I want to forgive Ethan … but I can’t resist Reaper.


Yeah, they call me Reaper, because I make anyone who fights me wish he was dead. I’m large and in charge with a big house, two cars, and enough money to party for the rest of my days. Life is greatâ??but meeting Avery changes everything. She’s nothing like the ring girls I usually hook up with. There’s just something about her that brings out the protective beast inside me. She needs to be mine, but that cheating asshole Ethan is in the way.

I’ll do whatever it takes to claim her … even if that means destroying her best friend.

Banging Reaper is a HEA, standalone MMA/Bad Boy romance with a dominant alpha hero and a young heroine trying to make her way in the world. Some content intended for mature readers.

Abby Has Gone Wild

by Fiona Murphy

***New copy edit as of 4/2/15***

It was just supposed to be a one time thing, posting a naked picture of herself on a social website that has hundreds of other women doing the same thing. Only it very quickly hooked Abby on the high of knowing that others desired her body. Until it’s just one man that has her full attention. Jack is gorgeous and he wants her and it’s Abby’s worst luck, she believes, that he’s in the same city of Austin. Abby isn’t ready for more than what she can give from behind the safety of her keyboard. But Jack won’t take no for an answer when her body and her moans are telling him yes. Tracking her down Jack is even more enticing in person than from behind the computer and she can’t ignore that her body wants him just as badly as he wants her. Jack won’t give up on her and Abby has to decide if she’s willing to give up the safety of being alone to let Jack in.

This is a standalone novella at 39,561 words

Excerpt can be read on my blog:

The Epiphani: A Love & Gospel Music Novel

by Timothy Blaine

This second novel in the ‘Love & Gospel Music’ series opens on the end of a pier in the San Francisco Bay. After two long years of dark debilitating grief an emotionally tormented Joey White comes to the conclusion that the only way forward for him is to roll the spiritual dice and pray he meets up with his one true love Dwayne on the other side. Dwayne Brown; the original protagonist in this series had made transitionâ?¦ Actually he’d been shot in the head and heart by an obsessed teenage fan of Joeys. Now Joey’s got the ball and he’s running for his life. — Enter the strangers. – Who are â??The Epiphani’ and what do They want?

RAW POUNDINGS – Explicit Erotic Taboo Collection!

by Maggie Muffintop

BIG & THICK Older Men are TOO BIG for these tight & luscious TABOO BRATS. All the hard and fast stories you really want – no fluff, no fuss
Satisfaction guaranteed! 😉

Penny and Bex in Spaaace!

by L.V. Silver

***Warning – this erotic story contains explicit sexual situations not suitable for readers under 18***

Penny and Bex are back! (Don’t worry, you don’t have to have read the first one.) This time they’re trapped in their nerdy friend Archie’s flat, drunkenly playing a space-themed board game. For some reason sex-obsessed Bex has been been put in charge and the game seems to be less concerned with combat and more focused on finding exotic species to have perverted intercourse with. Will the group survive and stay sober enough to save the princess? Probably not, but it’s a fun ride while it lasts!

The book is a steamy, sci-fi themed erotic comedy in the same vein as Guardians of the Galaxy and Red Dwarf (but with more sex. Much more sex.)


Contains scenes of BDSM, explicit sex, romantic love-making, voyeurism, masturbation, dominance, punishment erotica, gender switching, anal play, shapeshifting, threesomes.

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