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Pussycat Palace: A Cat’s Tale

by Clive Lilwall

“Pussycat Palace” takes place in a feral cat colony in Louisiana, USA. An election is scheduled a few months before the end of Commander Solomon’s term in office. Ace, a hefty, outspoken ginger male cat with a large extended family, fights for supremacy in the colony, battling wits with Catty, a crafty female tabby. The narrator is a well-meaning but arrogant Russian Blue, Fyodor, an immigrant who used to live with humans. Fyodor lost his home in a flood in Baton Rouge. The problems of the colony include immigration by domestic cats who have lost their human homes and terrorist humans who shoot cats just because they don’t like cats. Also, humans infiltrate the colony to capture and sterilize the inmates and then release them back into the colony. The role of males and females in the colony is a crucial issue. Fyodor becomes Minister of Education and plays a crucial role in the election. All the cats have very different solutions to their problems, leading to continuous tension and acrimony in the colony.

memes: Hilarious memes collection for kids and adults

by memes creator


Do you love memes?

This book contains lot of memes, it’s an all you can meme buffet. We’ve Gathered the best on the internet so you can view them easily here. We’ve got everything, from Bad luck Brian to Grumpy cat

The File Size is very large so keep that in mind, also Amazon forces me to charge a higher price due to the data, ignore the price and download this book for FREE using Kindle Unlimited, This book was intended to be read FREE so get Kindle Unlimited and check it out!

If you bought it you can always refund the book. and Still read it free ūüėČ


Trump Powers (A Romance Short)

by WANTO .

“If loving him is so wrong, I don’t ever want to be right…”

Naomi Wyatt has always wanted to be the United States’ first female President. It’s all she’s ever dreamt of, so her father getting her a job as the Personal Secretary to the current Commander in Chief couldn’t be anymore perfect√Ę?¬¶ that is until she catches feelings.
A large majority of the public hate him, but she can see deeper than that. She can see beneath his tough exterior to the lovable rogue that lays hidden.
Their secret relationship is wrong, forbidden and dangerous- she knows that, but she can’t stop thinking about him and the more she tries to keep away, the harder she falls.
From illicit meetings in the Oval Room to jealous ballroom bust-ups, there’s only one thing she’s certain of√Ę?¬¶

She’s fallen hook, line and sinker for Donald Trump – President of the United States and it could ruin them both√Ę?¬¶

The Confessions of Kimchi Rhinestone: Ladylike Lewd Limericks from The Amerasian Honky-Tonk Angel

by Michelle Burleson

The Confessions of Kimchi Rhinestone
Ladylike Lewd Limericks from The Amerasian Honky-Tonk Angel
Authored by Michelle Burleson

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman. Especially when raised with a little soy sauce in your white rice deep in the heart of Dixie. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll call your priest.

Kimchi Rhinestone muses on mullets, waxes poetic on PMS and defines the boundaries of office bathroom etiquette one rhyme at a time. Devour the limericks and lyrics of America’s wannabe half-Korean Country Queen like a pungent jar of fermented radish. This is Kimchi Rhinestone, the Amerasian Honky-Tonk Angel. Part Dolly Parton. Part Dalai Lama.

Her alter ego, Michelle Burleson, believes the lyrics in this little book will make you smell great, lose weight, and prevent the global collapse of economies and souffles. Most of all, she hopes it makes you laugh.
Warning: Explicit Content

Opening Tactics in The French: The Advance Variation

by Michael Duke

This book contains 50 puzzles from the French Advance Variation – it is not a theoretical manual. I have designed this book to be a useful tactics trainer but also to aid with opening preparation – the idea is that you solve the tactics in your expected opening before a game.

Home Is Where You’re Happy: A Sampling

by Cristina Salat

Enjoy a sampling from Home Is Where You’re Happy: A collection of stories, essays, & life snippets from author/ex-New York editor/filmmaker Cristina Salat as she adventures over decades of what has fascinated her as a storyteller and a seeker of “home.” The complete collection available in e-edition &/or print (separately, or in conjunction with Amazon’s discount Match Book program!):

Herobrine’s Secret: DO NOT READ! (an Unofficial Minecraft Novel)

by MC Bros

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Herobrine wasn’t always evil. He was a normal player like everyone else, however, a major glitch in the game made him all powerful. Will he lose his mind to it? Or can his friends save him? This book is one part of Herobrine’s secret log that one lucky player managed to steal. Who knows how or where he got it but you can thank him later.

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La Madre de Goliat: y otras narraciones biblicas que no encontraras en la Biblia (Spanish Edition)

by David Mandel

David Mandel ofrece al lector una fascinante y divertida versi√ɬ≥n de la Biblia relatada con magn√ɬ≠fico humor, ingenio e iron√ɬ≠a. Mandel ingresa en la psique de los personajes, demuestra su humanidad, recrea sus pensamientos y sus motivos, les da vida real y alegr√ɬ≠a, e involucra al lector contemporaneo con alusiones politicas, sociales, filosoficas y eticas. Cada cap√ɬ≠tulo se puede leer como un cuento corto independiente, o como parte integral de una novela que cubre mil a√ɬĪos de historia b√ɬ≠blica.
Desfilan por sus p√ɬ°ginas textos hilarantes como, por ejemplo, el mon√ɬ≥logo de Dios narrando su creaci√ɬ≥n, la investigaci√ɬ≥n del asesinato de Abel a cargo del detective √ɬĀngel Gabriel, el juicio a Abraham por querer matar a su hijo Isaac, los problemas matrimoniales de Jacob, la historia de Jos√ɬ© como el primer psicoanalista, la entrevista a la madre de Goliat, una conferencia dada por el profeta Jerem√ɬ≠as, el diario de la reina Esther, el diario de Noe en el arca, y mucho m√ɬ°s.

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