Free philosophy Kindle books for 23 Oct 18

Around the Mind

by Dr. King

Mind may probably be the most intriguing thing that has fascinated human beings, philosophers as well as the scientists, for thousands of years. This book summarizes our current scientific views on the Mind, the questions that arise due to that view, the efforts by ancient philosophies to address these questions and probably a possibility of going beyond the realms of current scientific approac…

Dream It, Be It!: Motivate Your Soul

by Harshal Chaudhari

*Motivation is key to success.* This belief made me write this book and change few life.
Dream it, be it! Motivate your soul and everything is possible.
Everything is possible unless you give it a try and work hard over it.
I always question myself in the best of times, even when I was world number 1 for many weeks, and months in a row. At certain times during the year I said “What can I improve?”, “What do I need to change?” because if you don’t do anything or you just do the same thing over, and over again you stay the same. and staying the same means going backwards, because the other guys, are working harder, and improving. So, I always need to find ways to improve my game as well. Beware of vision, dream and passion killers. Family and friends, in most cases, sad to even say this. Family and friends, in most cases, would be the first who try to talk you out, of something that you are passionate, excited about, that you have a vision before.

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