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ACT Prep by Magoosh: ACT Prep Guide with Study Schedules, Practice Questions, and Strategies to Improve Your Score

by Magoosh

ACT prep doesn’t have have to be boring or stressful.

We’re Magoosh, a leading online test prep company, and we’re on a mission to make standardized test prep accessible, effective, and enjoyable. Not only are we, the authors of this book, world-class ACT prep rockstars (with over 10 million views on YouTube and thousands of top-scoring students), but we are also total nerds who happen toâ??wait for itâ??enjoy ACT prep. Our passion is contagious and one of the reasons that Magoosh online prep is so popular around the world.

Consider us your personal tutors. We are here to help you get your best score while also keeping test prep in perspective with a healthy dose of honesty and empathy. We want to help you achieve your goals and get into the college of your dreams. Remember that you’re not studying alone: if you have any questions, just email our tutors at [email protected], and we’ll get right back to you. (Try it … we mean it!)

In these pages you’ll find:

  • Hundreds of easy-to-follow tips and FAQs covering everything from the exam format and choosing your best test date to what to pack for test day survival.
  • Thorough lessons covering all the question types and prompts you’ll encounter in the English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing tests.
  • 300+ student-tested practice questions and answer explanations created by our expert ACT tutors.
  • A one-month study schedule outlining the best way to spend your prep time leading up to your exam.
  • A full-length practice test prepared by our in-house experts complete with an answer key and detailed explanations.
  • Fun activities to help you stave off study fatigue and stay relaxed leading up to your exam.

If you’re not already familiar with Magoosh online, here’s what you need to know:

  • Over two million students have studied with Magoosh online and with our mobile apps.
  • Our online ACT prep offers video explanations, additional full-length practice tests, and customizable quizzes to help you increase your skills in areas that matter most to you.
  • Our materials are top-notchâ??we refine our practice questions based on data and feedback from thousands of students who use our premium online product.
  • We really want to see you do your best. That’s why we offer a 4-point score improvement guarantee to students who use the online Magoosh program.

So crack open this book, join us online at, and let’s get you ready to master the ACT!
“[ACT Prep by Magoosh is] very conversational and funny, making it stand out from boring and dry ACT prep material.”

â??Meredith Hoppe, 12th grade ACT student | Used Magoosh to go from 28 to 33 on the ACT!

“I like that a student could have the book and use the online prep and it would be a seamless experience.”

â??Ori, 12th grade Magoosh ACT student

The Race Against The Universe: Can the Human Race beat the Run away Universe?

by Chris Roberts

Can the human race survive?
Author Chris Roberts has found a direction and purpose for the human race. Let’s see if you can be part of it.
Are we really intelligent life?
Do we carry on with the world we live in today? Or do we try to change something?
I know this, we can not change our future, we can not change our past, but what we can control is the future of the human race. Do you know which direction we are going in today? Does anybody know? or even have a clue, where to take the human race over the next few generations?
My name is Chris Roberts and I am about to show you what we need to do as human beings to survive our future in the Universe. I am a veteran of 14 years and in my career I have always wandered why do we try so hard to defend our countries? Yes there are real threats to human lives from other countries around the world. But nothing is more important than the lives of all the humans on the planet, and who is protecting everyone?
There are many threats to our planet, internally, within our solar system, out to the galaxies and even the Universe itself comes with its own dangers. Who is it that defends us against all of these external threats outside of our world? NASA, NASA and other space agencies are always watching the skies at night time in an over watch sort of way, always looking for new life or new exoplanets. The one thing they really want to see and at the earliest opportunity would be any comets or asteroids that would be on a collision course with earth, and not because its cool to see this but because it takes time, with our current technology levels and tools at our disposal we need the maximum amount of time to be able to react to an extinction level asteroid coming towards earth.
The question is can we change the human race mindset to come together as one human race, and when scenario’s like this come up, we are ready to tackle every problem as a one human race, and not as many countries divided.
Could the human race survive until the very last moments of the Universe? The ultimate question on the mind of every person who can think about the future of the human race.
Read this book by author Chris Roberts and you will know the answers, you will know the mindset and you will change the way you see life after much thought about the subject of the future of the human race.

50 Affirmations for A Daily Boost of Positive Energy

by Dumai Ministries

50 Affirmations is a good way to practice speaking positivity into existence. The contents of the book makes for a great print out to post at your work desk for a Monday to Friday self prep tool. If you need a simple yet powerful daily read and print ready material use 50 Affirmations to start your day.

Egypt Country Travel Picture Book With HD Photographs : Includes Mp3 Audio File Highlighting Facts About Egypt

by Edna Harris

Beautiful Pictures of Egypt make you feel like you are actually there. Includes an audio mp3 file highlighting facts about egypt.

Formação de educadores: Modos de pensar e provocar encontros com a arte e a mediação cultural (&arte&educação&cultura& Livro 2) (Portuguese Edition)

Uma série: &arte&educação&cultura&. Movimento, conexões, impulsos, provocações e contaminações nos entres de arte, educação e cultura. O primeiro da série, Pensar juntos mediação cultural: [entre]laçando conceitos e experiências e neste segundo: três anos tecidos por muitas mãos nos Simpósios de Formação de Educadores em Arte e Pedagogia, organizado pelos Grupos de Pesquisa GPeMC/ Mediação Cultural: contaminações e provocações estéticas e GPAP/ Arte na Pedagogia da Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. Somam-se aqui artigos escritos em 2015, 2016 e 2017, conectados pela formação de educadores. Modos de pensar, modos de propor a formação em/com arte. Modos de pesquisar, entendendo a pesquisa também como campo de formação. Modos de vivenciar encontros e a mediação cultural, intrínseca a ação docente e impulsionadora de um agir que interage, interveem, desassossega…

Management – Definitions and Concepts


Management definitions and concepts made easier for MBAs, running a business and entrepreneurial skills.

Maitrisez vos finances personnelles: Comment rembourser toutes vos dettes ? (French Edition)

by André MARIUS

Avez-vous des crédits à la consommation ? Vos fins de mois sont-elles parfois difficiles ? Voulez-vous retrouver des marges de manoeuvre ?

Ã? l’aide de cet ouvrage vous allez reprendre le contrôle de vos finances personnelles : Au moyen d’une méthode précise, décrite en détails, vous saurez identifier précisément l’ensemble de vos coûts. Vous pourrez évaluer au centime près votre budget de fonctionnement mensuel et même connaitre le coût de revient exact de votre véhicule. Vous serez capable d’évaluer certains coûts cachés et quel est leur impact sur vos finances.
Enfin, vous saurez éviter certaines fausses bonnes affaires dont les publicités pullulent sur Internet ou dans les médias.

Non seulement vous allez retrouver votre liberté financière, mais en suivant les explications détaillées fournies dans ce livre, vous comprendrez chaque étape, chaque calcul. Inutile d’être un comptable expérimenté : Il vous suffit de savoir faire une addition et une multiplication.

Ce livre est un manuel pratique : il ne s’agit pas d’un recueil de conseils généraux et de banalités entendues ça et là. Au contraire, vous serez guidé pas-à-pas pour mettre en place un système de comptabilité personnel qui vous accompagnera toute votre vie.

Clinical Updates in the Management of Severe Asthma: New Strategies for Individualizing Long-term Care

by Jr., MD, Reynold A. Panettieri

This eHealth Sourceâ?¢ program examines best practices for assessing disease control in patients with severe asthma, the evidence for current and emerging biologic medications, and strategies to improve patient education and treatment adherence.

From Mediocre to Excellent!: Let an Experienced Teacher Tell You How.

by Mike Caputo

Have you been struggling in school and wish to bring this phase to an end? Are you watching painfully your child struggle through school, wishing that your precious one would finally taste some success? This book contains proven principles that can transform mediocre students into successful ones. I know this for various reasons. I was a mediocre student when in high school and by implementing some of these principles I became a very good student. Later on, while in college, I implemented more such principles and did exceptionally well at both the B.A. and at the Master’s level.
In time I became a full-time, high school teacher and counsellor. I taught Psychology, part-time at the college level for many years. I am also a part-time psychotherapist. I have counselled many young men and women who were having difficulties in school. During these amazing experiences, I was able to observe which habits led students to success and which led them to mediocrity or failure. If you bought this book it’s because you want to do better in school. If your parents bought it for you, it’s because you may need some help. Either way, I believe that this book can help propel you forward into greater motivation and success. Therefore take your time, read carefully and then try my suggestions. You have nothing to lose and much to gain.
Enjoy the transformation, and may your future overflow with much success!
Michael Caputo, B.A., B.Ed. M.Ed,




ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS â?? III, Volume 2: (Theory & Solved Examples)


*** Purpose of this Book ***

The purpose of this book is to supply lots of examples with details solution that helps the students to understand each example step wise easily and get rid of the College assignments phobia.

It is sincerely hoped that this book will help and better equipped the higher secondary students to prepare and face the examinations with better confidence. I have endeavored to present the book in a lucid manner which will be easier to understand by all the engineering students.

*** About the Book ***

Many books have been written on Engineering Mathematics by different authors and teachers in India but majority of the students find it difficult to fully understand the examples in these books.

Also the Teachers have faced many problems due to paucity of time and classroom workload. Sometimes the college teacher is not able to help their own student in solving many difficult examples in the class even though they wish to do so.

Keeping in mind the need of the students, the author were inspired to write a suitable text book providing solutions to various examples of Engineering Mathematics – III, Volume – 1 and Volume – 2.

*** Preface ***

It gives me great pleasure to present to you this book on A Textbook of “Engineering Mathematics – III, Volume 2 presented specially for you.

Many books have been written on Applied Mathematics by different authors and teachers in India but majority of the students find it difficult to fully understand the examples in these books.

Also the Teachers have faced many problems due to paucity of time and classroom workload. Sometimes the college teacher is not able to help their own student in solving many difficult examples in the class even though they wish to do so.

Keeping in mind the need of the students, the author were inspired to write a suitable text book providing solutions to various examples of “Engineering Mathematics – III”, Volume 2.

It is hoped that this book will meet more than an adequately the needs of the students they are meant for. I have tried our level best to make this book error free.

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