Free religious fiction Kindle books for 23 Oct 18

Echoes of the Past (The Chosen Book 1)

by Peter Ward

Secret societies – one trying to help, one out to capture our heroes.Youth granted powers and some with hidden pasts. How are they going to work together? Especially when you add in the talking chipmunk and the tiger. Alex and Shamira are not ordinary youths. When one of them has their special ability revealed one day they go on the run with their friend Maki – who is not what they believed her to be. Along the way they meet up with some of Maki’s family, have to rescue the siblings parents, and go to a school like you’ve never seen before. This story takes place in many countries and involves a group of kids that have been given special abilities and purpose by the creator of all things.

Ghibbore: The Storm Chronicles: Book One

by Michael Wilson

(ghi-bōre’ – mighty man)

* * * * *

When an ex-Marine, dying of old age, ventures into a hurricane in the Bermuda Triangle to die with his boots on, he’s transported to a world created by Fallen Angels during the Flood – Gaia.

There, he finds himself restored to the age of one-year-old, with all his memories still intact. Rescued by the barbarian Bear Clan and named for the storm that was raging when they found him, he grows once more to manhood, becoming to all appearances just another inhabitant of Gaia.

Then he’s hired to command a small caravan transporting the body of a sort of dead girl and everything changes. He discovers he’s a Ghibbore, one of a select group of people chosen from birth by the gods to wield magical powers and become great heroes.

His power couldn’t come from them though, because he’s not from Gaia. But that’s alright, the gods of Gaia aren’t really gods, and none of his companions are what they appear to be either.

Welcome to the Universe of G-Minor!

Just the Way You Are (A Pleasant Gap Romance Book 1)

by Pepper Basham

Single mom, Eisley Barrett, prefers to keep romance housed within a centuries-old mystery, but when she travels to England to unearth the secret, an actor with a sordid past offers her heart a very different type of discovery.

Wes Harrison has a past he’s ashamed to confess. Suspicious and cynical, he’s managed to avoid romantic entanglements since a tragedy upended his career and life, that is until American Eisley Barrett comes along. Her authenticity and kindness upend his bitter assumptions and send his heart into unscripted territory.

When his past threatens to ruin a second chance at love, can some Appalachian matchmaking and letters from the grave salvage their unexpected romance?

Humor, love, mystery, cute kids, crazy families, and culture clashes make this Britallachian Romance a unique and delightful romantic comedy sprinkled with adventure.

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