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Star Marshals: Moons of Jupiter

by Dave Lemel

Since the invention of radio broadcast humans had become noisy. Luckily for the citizens of Earth a benevolent species of alien, known as Bopecans, had been the first to hear the noise. Once they arrived the Bopecans explained that others were out there, they too would be coming and not all of them would be as well intentioned as the Bopecans. Humans needed to be ready. They helped the human race establish an agency to police the solar system and pursue fugitives of it. This agency became known as Star Marshals. Now, nearly forty years after their inception, vague messages have arrived from a mysterious source. These cryptic messages indicate a potentially monumental threat to our solar system. A pair of marshals are dispatched to the moons of Jupiter to investigate.

Star marshals Todd Jordan and Simon Cain have been best friends since college. Now, a first time father to a six month old baby girl, Simon is heading out on his first assignment back after paternity leave. After much soul searching, Simon has decided that this will be his last Off Earth Assignment (O.E.A). What he is uncertain of is how his best friend and partner Todd will take the news.

In the Arms of the Enemy

by Elisabeth Staab

A desolate prison. He’s her jailer. She’s convicted of killing his father.
But he loved her once, when she was still human.
He needs revenge. She needs to escape so she can find her child.
And they’re each other’s only chance of making it out alive.

The Extraction List

by Renee N. Meland

In development for film by 5×5 Productions!

An unforgettable, fast-paced science fiction adventure where a mother and daughter must rely on a gifted killer for survival…

In an America where parenting is regulated by the federal government, fifteen-year-old Riley Crane assumed she would never be taken from her home, and with good reason: her mother Claire had designed the criteria that parents must live by in order to keep their children.
But a simple knock at the door one evening proves her wrong.
Now on the run, Riley and Claire must rely on Cain Foley, a gifted killer who is as handsome as he is dangerous, to get them out of America alive. But when they discover what’s really happening beneath the government’s surface, they realize that escaping the country is only part of their problem. Together, they figure out that a killer can save a life, and a mother can damn a nation. 

If you’re a fan of Unwind by Neal Shusterman, you will enjoy Renee N. Meland’s page-turning tale of survival in a world where obeying the law is no longer an option. 

What others are saying about The Extraction List: 
The Extraction List Series is an action-packed thrill ride from beginning to end. An absolute pleasure to read.
-Michelle Bryan, author of the Strain of Resistance Series
This book [The Extraction List] was an absolute pleasure to read (well not a pleasure, per say, cause you know, death and destruction and missing kids, but you get my meaning). Highly recommended for any fans of action, suspense, and young adult writing. I want more from this author
-S. Usher Evans, author of the Razia Series
Meland’s characters leap off the page and into your heart. She has created a world all-too possible and terrifying.
-Amy Reece, author of the Seeker Series

Salvaging Outer Space: Movie Salvaging Outer Space Novelization

by Kenny Carpenter

When Captain Paul Laruge and his deep space salvage crew set out to claim the find of a lifetime, alien attackers are constantly on their tail. Everything gets tested, from loyalties to strategic thinking in order to get out of situations. It will take the crew of the Baby Blue all they’ve got to make it or break it. If you like media similar to Star Trek or Firefly, this is entertainment for you.

This book is based off the movie of same name, soon to be released. Sequels will be released in series over time based on popularity, first in book form like this, and perhaps more films.

Shadows of the Apocalypse: The Beginning

by Vince Byrd

Jesse Gibson, a widower is returning from a fishing trip with his old high school buddies, and finds himself thrust into peril as his plane goes down somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains. Those that live look to him for survival and medical attention, since he had been a medic in the military. Jesse and his new acquaintances quickly realize they were on the plane with some criminals that were being escorted by U.S. Marshals, and they also survived the crash.
Cut off from the world, they have to pull together and find their way out the woods without being killed by the criminals at large or swallowed by their environment. In the midst of trying to survive and keeping others alive Jesse may have stumbled across the next love of his life, Katy West.
They all cry, laugh and mourn together as their lives become more conjoined in the process of their journey. Unaware of what is taking place in their nation while they struggled to find their way out, they soon find that the world they left is nothing like the world they return to.

I, Necrosis

by Ramy Tadros

Winner of the Eric Hoffer Book Award for Best E-Book Fiction 2017

Winner of the Gold Medal for Horror 2017, Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Montaigne Medal Finalist 2017

Eric Hoffer Book Award Grand Prize Short List 2017

Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite: I, Necrosis by Ramy Tadros is a powerful dystopian tale that will surely delight fans of the genre. It is a reign of terror, orchestrated by a globalist government that has very unusual schemes for humanity and the future of the world. The reader is introduced to a character trying to make sense of the dictatorship, but an encounter with a charming individual and a troubling order transform his doubts about the government into serious questions. Follow the protagonist, a very unusual man, as he travels to the very stronghold of the separatist movement, and how he comes upon a secret that is as mind-blowing as it is revealing of a plan that could sink the world.

The very first thing that catches the reader’s attention about this book is the beauty of the language. It feels so poetic and at times cryptic, and the author has style when it comes to exploring the mental agony the protagonist goes through. The psychological depth of this story is poignant, and the author makes powerful and philosophical declarations. “You are just meatâ??nothing but walking rotting meat. The thing that you call ‘I’ does not exist. It is an illusion, a delusion constructed by your brain.” This reduction of being just material, to matter, to that which is tangible, is one of the thoughts beautifully explored in this book and it constitutes one of the strong conflicts the reader is introduced to: faced with imminent extinction, what awaits this fragile humanity?

Ramy Tadros has created a masterpiece in I, Necrosis, a story that begs to be read with attention. It was captivating, and I found myself navigating the dangerous alleys of the protagonist’s mind. This is a novel with multilayered characters and a storyline that is open to multiple interpretations. It’s a must-read, but one must be mentally awake in order to dance to the rhythms evoked in this wonderful story. 5 Stars.

A beautiful story about oppression and the end of life.

Subjugated under a globalist government, a disillusioned subject begins to question the state’s totalitarian authority after stumbling across a charismatic separatist and receiving a mysterious directive.

Following this encounter, the subject travels to the last separatist stronghold, an ancient Coptic medina, where he unearths a terrifying secret agenda: the state’s ultimate technocratic project. He then embarks on a physical, mental, and spiritual journey, forcing him to confront an anguished past, a hopeless present, and a potentially horrifying future.

When life faces its darkest hour, its extinction event, will it survive the ordeal and gain salvation? Or will it fail and forever suffer damnation?

La guerra de los mundos ( AtoZ Classics ) (Spanish Edition)

by H. G. Wells

Las fábulas ideadas por H. G. Wells (1866-1946), uno de los padres, acaso el más notable, de la ciencia ficción, han demostrado a lo largo del tiempo mantener un vigor y tocar unos resortes del inconsciente humano que a menudo las han elevado a iconos del mundo moderno. ‘La guerra de los mundos’ (1898), relato trepidante que narra la invasión de la Tierra por los marcianos y que supuso por primera vez la irrupción de seres de otros planetas en el nuestro, marcó en buena medida la fantasía del siglo XX y abrió un filón â??el del contacto de los hombres con seres extraterrestresâ?? que no tardó en convertirse en uno de los más importantes de la ciencia ficción, sirviendo de inspiración a numerosos artistas posteriores en los ámbitos de la radio, el cine, la literatura, el cómic y la televisión.

The Janus Anomaly: A Short Story

by Joe Vasicek

What do you do when you’re the only sane one and everyone else is crazy?

On a routine patrol, an Earthfleet science mission finds an anomaly near an alien crash site at Kapteyn’s Star. At least, that’s how Lieutenant Dusilova remembers it. Why doesn’t anyone else have any memory of the incident? And why has the captain set a course for Aldebaran?

This story is rated T according to the AO3 content rating system.

The Last Commander (The Galactic Crusade Trilogy Book 2)

by Pablo Andrés Wunderlich Padilla

After ten thousand years of war, humanity has obtained its wishâ??crusading the Milky Way. My name was Argo Herrero. I’m now Lynx, my code of war. Planetary system after planetary system, we’ve slain all intelligent species once alive in our galaxy. All but one, the last intelligent species left to be purged by our ranks.

What will become of us when we’ve purged the whole galaxy? I don’t know, but I’m afraid of what we’ll become, of what I’ve already become.

A Washing of Sins: An Automaton’s Atonement

by Don Knutti

Far beneath the ocean waves and buried beneath the sucking silt lies an ancient mystery. A Great Plague has swept the world, destroying the human population. All that remains is an underwater bio-dome. As the inhabitants of New Terra search for new geothermal vents, they stumble across the metallic ruins of a bygone era. The automaton is returned to the bio-dome, and when its power is restored the quest for answers begins. Has the Plague ended? Does Humanity survive? Is it safe to return to the surface? Not all answers, as it turns out, are good news…

The Legacy: Doom

by GG Atcheson

An ancient and forgotten law became his legacy and his curse.

After a last minute save by his people, Alex leaves Earth with Mellie and the vampires.
On her way to a new planet, Mellie learns more about Alex’s people and their strange customs. She soon realizes his views of an idyllic world don’t match her own. When she finds out the curse that afflicts Alex is still stronger than ever and his people won’t do anything about it, her hope all but shatters.
With everything stacking against them, can she find a way to get Alex out of Destiny’s grasp?

The Legacy: Doom concludes The Legacy series.
Order of books:
Dax, Fate, Destiny, Doom
Note: Reading Dax before Doom is a must to understand the story fully.

DARK BOY (Legacies of Monsters Book 2)

by Bryan Nyaude

After an assassination mission goes terribly wrong, Rave, the most dangerous assassin, finds himself surrounded by armed officials. In a desperate escape, he loses his most, valued data pad, a device holding all of his secrets, forcing him to venture back into enemy territory for it. To make his situation even troublesome, the bounty on his head has been quadrupled, making him the most wanted criminal in the galaxy. Will he recover the device from the arms or the law, or will justice finally catch up to him?

Beyond the New Horizon: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel Book One

by Christine Conaway

Their vacation is over, and it’s time to return to civilization, until next year. Three weeks of doing nothing but exploring the wilds of the Idaho mountains on horseback. Gina, Lucy, and Journey had picked the mountains of Idaho this year, using a blindfold, a map of the western United States and a dart. The Lolo National Forest had seemed like the perfect vacation spot, just before hunting season and the trails were open to horse and foot traffic only. It was close, or closer than previous destinations, to their home in Spokane Washington.

After three weeks of riding, camping and exploring they return to their vehicle, only to find it doesn’t start. Unable to contact anyone by cell phone, they are forced to ride out to find help. What they find,
is not what they expected. There would be no help coming. The only living person they found warned them against continuing their quest for assistance. He told of rioting, gangs, and people killing other people trying to survive. He said they needed to run as far and as fast as they could, away from what was left of civilization or become a slave to the wants and needs of the gang of outlaws who had claimed the surrounding area.

Afraid for their lives, they return to the mountains, knowing their chances of survival against mother nature are far better than their chances on the outside, where evil has raised its ugly head, and it was every man for himself, no matter what the cost.

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