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Health And Fitness Tips That Will Change Your Life: Create a healthy lifestyle from beginner to winner with mind-set, diet and exercise habits

by James Atkinson

How would you like a fitness and weight loss plan that’s easy to start, fun to do, personal to you and is guaranteed to give you real fitness results that will change your life forever?

What if you could finally achieve long term weight loss or other fitness goals?

What if you could easily implement mind-set tricks, small diet tweaks and quick exercise routines to enhance your whole lifestyle?

If you have ever wanted to achieve a fitness, weight loss or any other lifestyle goal but have never felt the outstanding satisfaction that comes with it, then this is the book for you!

Imagine making small, simple, positive changes to your lifestyle that will have a huge impact and last forever!
Would you like to make your fitness goals as easy as possible and have fun doing it?

In this book, you will discover
-A full year of health and fitness tips ready and waiting for you
-A solid lifestyle blueprint for you to implement right away or use as a template
-A way to fit these small, life changing mind-set, diet and exercise tweaks easy into your life
-Ways to finally achieve Long term, unstoppable fitness success!
-The top 5 biggest fitness mistakes

If you are looking for a fitness and weight loss guide that has
-No starvation or crash dieting
-Exercise that suites YOU and helps YOU find your own way of exercising
-Easy to implement strategies on diet, exercise and mind-set
-Diet, exercise and mind-set tips and tricks that are all laid out for you. (Some of these may surprise you)

Then again, this is for you!

I’m James Atkinson (Jim to my friends), a qualified fitness coach who has been in the fitness game for over twenty years spending time as a long distance runner, competing bodybuilder and I have helped thousands of people hit their fitness and exercise goals in my time as a coach and fitness author.

Now it’s your turn! This book has been inspired by my past readers and clients. It has been such a privilege to be able to help others through these guides and see people achieve health and fitness goals that they thought were impossible. I would like you to be the next success story!

If you would like to change your life and start to live a healthy balanced lifestyle that has the power to take your health and fitness levels far beyond your ambitions, grab the book, and I will see you on the inside.
I’m really excited to start our journey together!
Let’s get started!
All the best

Backpacking Hacks For Adventure Seekers: Choose Your Ideal Backpack For Life

by Vernon Fuller

“You can’t just carry everyone else’s hopes and fears around in your backpack and expect to stand up straight.”รข?? David Kirk

If you or someone you know is considering taking up backpacking, getting the right gear is of utmost importance. From making a backpacking checklist to buying proper backpacking camping gear, it is vital to ‘know before you go’ when it comes to backpacking. Because your backpacking equipment is the means by which you will be transporting all of your gear, supplies, food and clothing, it is essential you establish a tried and true backpacking ‘packing’ list.

Of course, your backpacking adventure will fail if you don’t choose the right backpack for you. If you end up with a backpack that is too small, too big, or simply uncomfortable, your trip will not be an enjoyable one. In fact, it could end up raising some safety issue alarms. That is why it is important to pay close attention to capacity, weight, comfort and durability when selecting a backpack.

Over here in this guide book, you’ll find “all you need to know hacks and tips” to know how to choose and own one that’ll last you multiple trips of a lifetime.

Book Content:

Chapter 1 – The Essentials For Backpacking

Chapter 2 – Know More About The Different Types Of Outdoor Packing

Chapter 3 – Selecting The Ideal Backpack For You

Chapter 4 – Different Types of Backpacks and Its Advantages

Chapter 5 – Shopping For Wholesale Backpacks

Chapter 6 – The Backpacking Tourism Boom In South East Asia

Chapter 7 – How To Buy A Hiking Backpack

Chapter 8 – Final Checklist To Buy Your First Lasting Backpack

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