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ELIZABETH TAYLOR: An Elizabeth Taylor Biography

by Katy Holborn

ELIZABETH TAYLOR: An Elizabeth Taylor Biography

Dame Elizabeth Taylor is among the last – if not the last – legend to come out of the Golden Age of Hollywood. For most of her life, she was chief transmitter of Tinsel Town’s illusion and fantasy. She was”Movie Star” par excellence. Not just by acting chops, though these she had – two Academy Awards can vouch for that – but by her unabashed epitomizing of Hollywood glamour. She had no pretensions to being anything other than the rare creature that she was born to be. Love her or hate her, Liz was Liz.

KATE MIDDLETON: The Commoner Who Would Be Queen

by Michael Woodford

KATE MIDDLETON: The Commoner Who Would Be Queen

In the lead up to the 20th anniversary of his mother’s death, Prince Harry – brother in law to Kate Middleton – made some interesting observations about the monarchy.

He firstly said that the younger generation of royals feel that it is their role to modernize the monarchy. In so doing, these royals believe, they will maintain its popularity and sustain its role for doing good.

They consider that, by bringing the House of Windsor into line with 21st century thinking, attitudes and lifestyles, they will enhance their own standing. But not for selfish purposes, or for self-aggrandizement. No, for far more altruistic reasons.

They feel that from a position of trust and popularity they can do more to support charities, help the poor and suffering and improve the world.

These are noble aims, and are to be applauded. But Harry said another thing in the interview.

In extending the idea of duty and responsibility to Great Britain, to the Commonwealth and, where possible, the world he recognized that one day one of the young royals would be monarch themselves.

It was just that, none of them wanted to do it.

They knew that they would have to, but just as hoovering the sitting room or putting out the bins has to be done but is not much fun, it is a necessary but unappealing job.

We can wonder whether this thought was anywhere in the mind of Kate Middleton, Berkshire lass, when she agreed to marry Prince William? And one day become his queen.

This is the true story of Kate Middleton, a Berkshire commoner who will one day ascend to the throne.

The Israeli Missed Connection: A true story about the adventures of naughty hash smuggling bikers

by Eli Tamuz

This is a true story told by one of the three Israelis that smuggled five tons of cannabis from Lebanon to Britain in the 1980s.

The narrator spent four years in jail, but had a great time during the cheeky operation, even in the company of left-wing guerrilla terrorists behind bars.

Suspense, surprises and humor fill up the pages of this book.

The smugglers were young amateurs with no mafia ties; but they managed to trick the Israeli army and intelligence services (Mossad), gain the trust of the Lebanese warlords and avoid detection for four thrilling years.

They refused to deal with any drug other than cannabis, finally legal for recreational use in several states, so you can enjoy this incredible story with a clear conscience.

If you want a break from your respectable routine, this is the book for you.

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