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SQL: 2 Books In 1; Beginners And Intermediate Guide In SQL Programming

by Zach Webber

If you own a company and have to keep track of a database with lots of information, or at least information that needs to stay secure, then SQL is the right option for you. This is a simple coding language that anyone can use and will often just require a few lines to get the work done. But with those few lines, you can write out a strong code that will help you to get, sort through, and create a database that works for you.

This guidebook will take a look at all the different topics that you will need to learn to make SQL work for you. Some of the topics that we will discuss in this guidebook about the SQL language include:

What is SQL
Why is it better than other database management languages
How to use SQL
How to work with the SQL commands
How to create your own tables
How to work with searches on SQL
How to work with your data types
And so much more. When you are ready to get started with SQL and getting it to work for your needs, make sure to check out this guidebook to help you out.

Do you wish you had guaranteed job security? Do you want to earn more and work less? Do you work with people who seem to have easy lives, and yet, the kind of life with endless struggles continues to follow you around?
Mastering database administration, you will EARN more money, allow you to travel the world attending tech conferences, and rubbing elbows with powerful people from the top technology companies around the world. This might seem outlandish, but database engineers at top companies live like rock stars. Nice cars, nice clothes, beautiful wives, and travel to exotic destinations, all from learning SQL and its various implementations. Take control of your life. Hard work pays off and the first step is right in front of you NOW! Take IT! Learn SQL!
Take charge of career opportunities
Extend your earnings into SIX FIGURES!
Create residual income
Create solutions to automate your job from home
Command respect and authority at work

Deep Learning for Beginners with TensorFlow: The basics

by Mark Smart

This book is an exploration of deep learning in Python using TensorFlow. The author guides you on how to create machine learning models using TensorFlow. You will know the initial steps of getting started with TensorFlow in Python. This involves installing TensorFlow and writing your first code. TensorFlow works using the concept of graphs. The author helps you know how expressions are represented into graphs in TensorFlow. Deep learning in Python with TensorFlow simply involves the creation of neural network models. The author helps you understand how to create neural network models with TensorFlow. You are guided on how to train such models with data of various types. Examples of such data include images and text. The process of loading your own data into TensorFlow for training neural network models has also been discussed. You will also know how to use the inbuilt data for training your neural network models.

You will learn from this book:

  • Getting started
  • Building a Neural Network
  • Working with Images
  • Importing Data

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