Free historical fiction Kindle books for 24 Oct 18

A Thief & a Gentlewoman (Counterfeit Contessa Book 1)

by Clare Sager

A city of intrigue. An irresistible con. A mysterious enemy.

Quin poses as a noblewoman to rob from the rich and give to the poor. Her goal: to save the city’s slums. Her method: swindle and move on, because aristocrats are for conning, not for falling in love with, however tempting this one may be.

Artistic, observant, and charismatic, Atesh is second in line for the throne. Marrying for love is a foolish dream. Or is it? When he meets Quin, he begins to wonder. Little does he know, he’s her next mark. And someone else’s. Someone who wants more than just his fortune.

The clock ticks. The gallows looms. And Quin must save Atesh from its shadow or lose him forever.

If you enjoy the intrigue of Sarah J Maas and the witty drawing room flirtation of Gail Carriger, you’ll love this fast-paced new romantic fantasy series.

Buy A Thief & a Gentlewoman today to immerse yourself in a gripping story of sword fights, sabrecats, and simmering romance.

Where Seagulls Fly (2013 Edition)

by Edwin Page

A shadowy figure approaches by night, the glimmer of hope in his eyes. The Mount stands dark in the bay and its residents will be forever changed by his arrival. Secrets whisper in the folds of his cloak as his heavy steps sink deep into the sands of time.

Set in western Cornwall, Where Seagulls Fly is a widely acclaimed and evocative story about a social outcast seeking refuge with the monks of St Michael’s Mount. Arriving in the year 1274, he hopes to escape the cruel life he has known. A poignant friendship develops with one of the monks, but others fear his horrifying presence, a fear which threatens the fragile peace he has found.

This 2013 edition of the novel includes a short section about the writing of Where Seagulls Fly.

There have been a number of glowing reviews of this novel, including on BBC Radio Cornwall and in the popular magazine Cornwall Today. Following is the review given by the HIstorical Novel Society:

‘A story of faith, trust, and hope, Where Seagulls Fly is an evocative gem of a novel. As quiet and unassuming as the monks who live in its setting of St. Michael’s Mount in 13th-century Cornwall, this story of friendship and one man’s patient struggle to find a place in life slowly envelops the reader in its finely drawn characters and setting. The transformation of the main character, a man tormented for so long that the only name he remembers is Beast, is at the heart of the novel. On his arrival at the monastery, he is shy and silent, feared by all the monks save Brother Elwin. As Elwin coaxes the outcast from his shell, the Beast finally finds a sense of love and security in his life, only to be threatened anew by both his past and the suspicions of others. While the characters are compelling and the plot satisfying, the novel’s setting is truly unforgettable. From the monastery gardens beloved by Brother Elwin to the tide pools left in the Mount’s rocky beaches, author Edwin Page does a wonderful job of bringing this isolated bit of Cornwall alive. My faith is not based on the reasoning of the mind, but on the feelings of the heart, says Brother Elwin, summing up the novel’s theme of the quiet persistence of emotion. This is a truly lovely book, bringing with it both the scent of the sea and sense of peace that pervade its setting, a true sanctuary’ – Megan Kitzman, Historical Novel Society

If you enjoy this touching tale then download one of the other numerous novels and novellas written by Edwin Page.

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