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The Lost Heritage of the Ancient Cultures: The great mystical ways of the ancients

by Gina T. Gibbons

The Lost Heritage of the Ancient Cultures
The great mystical ways of the ancients

Modern science is increasingly convinced that the myths and legends of the peoples of the world are echoes of the real events of antiquity.

In this book, we will meet with some controversial hypotheses and discoveries that speak of the possible existence of lost civilizations.

Reptiles – the progenitors of pre-Sumerian civilization
Gate of the Gods of Machu Picchu
Ancient civilization that lived under water
Earth pyramids – the mysteries of civilizations
Secrets of ancient artifacts
Astravidia – mysterious weapon
Ancient lenses
Mystery of the Great Sphinx
Reasonable life to human
Ancient Chinese robots
Riddles for researchers
Wonders of the ancient world
Advanced technology 5,000 years ago?
Islands of the Immortals
Riddle of the Iron Column
Plasticine Stones of Saksayuaman Walls
Ancient Nanotechnology: The Secret of Lycurgus Cup
Weapons of the Gods
Inconvenient facts of history
Flying fortresses of ancient civilizations
Riddles of the pyramid of Cheops
Who and why built Baalbek?
Ancient reptilian statues on the island of Nuku Hiva

Ancient reptilian statues
Inconvenient facts of history
Riddles of the pyramid of Cheops
Weapons of the Gods
Ancient Nanotechnology
Mystery of the Great Sphinx
mysteries of civilizations

A Quest for the Archaic Civilization: And the Forgotten Legacy of Mankind

by Timothy Garton

A new approach to understanding the events and history of the ancient past – offering a critical look at old theories concerning Human history the Ice Age(s), the migrations of early man, and the technical achievements of our ancestors. The work offers an alternative view of the people who lived before the Ice Age(s) who were the progenitors of modern man and seeks to explain many unanswered questions regarding a past mass extinction of ancient life, enigmatic cultural parallels, and the historical validity of ancient legends.

The Great Cataclysm: The End of the Last Ice Age

by George Mitrovic

This is the history of the Earth that you have never dreamt of.This is the history of the Earth that you have never been taught.This is the history of the Earth that you never thought possible.This is the history of the greatest series of cataclysms in recent times.This is what happened at the end of the last Ice Age and changed the face of the Earth and the destiny of its life forms forever. This is what you have never been taught at all!

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