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The School Bully Is My Brother

by Mike Bloemer

Shawn Farmer and Harold O’Connell have been mortal enemies ever since kindergarten, when Shawn pointed out to the entire class that Harold peed his pants. Harold also has beef with Shawn’s father, William Henry Harrison Middle School football coach Sam Farmer. So when Harold finds out his mother has been secretly dating Coach Farmer, he is understandably upset. And when Coach Farmer proposes to his mother at an all-you-can-eat buffet, it’s understandable when he completely flips.

Fortunately Harold has an ally on his sideâ?¦ the school bully himself, Shawn. Like Harold, Shawn realizes a merger of the Farmer and O’Connell clans will completely obliterate his standing as the most popular guy in school. Harold and Shawn form an unholy alliance and strive to stop the wedding from heck.

This task is easier said than done, however. Coach Farmer and Ms. O’Connell are deeply in love, and they’re not breaking up without a fight, no matter how many times Harold and Shawn sabotage their wedding plans. But that’s not what troubles Harold the most. What he is most troubled by is the fact that, as he and his former nemesis spend more time together, they are slowly yet surely becoming friends. At William Henry Harrison Middle School, the school bully and the school nerd becoming best buds is like a lion singing Kumbaya with a zebra. Will Harold and Shawn succeed in their dastardly plot to stop their parents’ wedding, or will they allow their emerging friendship to blossom and throw their schools’ social order out of whack?

The School Bully Is My Brother is a simultaneously hilarious and sweet take on middle school life. It should appeal to any kid who must deal with bullies. Likewise, it should appeal to the bullies out there who like to dish out torment (and hopefully convince them that nerds and geeks aren’t all that bad). Think of it as Modern Family meets Diary of a Wimpy Kid. This novel is unique in that it features characters of different races, religions, sexual orientations, and socio-economic backgrounds, and most kids (and adults) will appreciate the books’ message of inclusiveness.

Clicker Downloads An App (Clicker the Cat Book 2)

by Kyla Cullinane

A FUN, EDUCATIONAL and ENGAGING picture book to help parents manage their children’s screen time and choose appropriate apps!

Perfect for kids ages: 3, 4 ,5 ,6 ,7 , 8 , 9 and 10.

Clicker the Cat dreams of new apps.

Learning apps, music apps, entertaining apps, Clicker loves them all!

One day, without permission, he chooses a new app and it doesn’t go well. Follow Clicker as he learns a valuable lesson about choosing apps, with his parents’ help.

This charming picture book, aimed for kids 3- 10 years old, helps parents start the discussion about using screens wisely and following rules when it comes to choosing apps.

This is the second book in the 5 star Clicker the Cat series, designed to help parents talk with their children about creating good electronic habits, and finding balance in their online and offline activities.

Screens are everywhere but they don’t have to control you. Banish the guesswork and mommy guilt of screen time with actionable tips and practical advice from this book!

Teachers, librarians and parents agree the Clicker the Cat series is one you don’t want to miss!

“My students could easily relate to the main character and learned the importance of setting limits to screen time. Truly a special read! One we will read again and again.”- Amanda Cooper, Elementary school teacher

“So great it should be required reading in school!” -Patrick Kirkland, Physician and parent

“Incredibly relevant in today’s media rich worldâ?¦Families are going to fall in love with Clicker the Cat!”- J. G., School librarian

“I highly recommend this charming picture book with its important message that is both entertaining and educational for parent and child. I give it five big stars.” Julia Grantham, Writer

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Beyond The River: Book One First Friends Trilogy

by Norman Sindlinger

Beyond the River, a Novella for ages (9-12), is a tale for adventurous dreamers of all ages, who still believe in the magic of fantasy and legend. Impenetrable mountains to the North, East and West shield the lush valley below from the outside world of a feudal, long, distant past.

The fast currents and cold waters of a mighty river to the South complete the formidable barrier to all who attempt to leave or enter. Legends tell us that no one has ever successfully scaled the peaks or swam the river to escape the tyranny of this land ruled by the ruthless Lords of the East, West, North, and South. Ironically, King Tabbinius and King Dane are benevolent rulers of the cats and dogs respectively but maintain loose control over their unruly lords.

In the spring of an as yet unknown year, Lord Tortoiseshell and Lord Angora prepare a battle plan to once and for all rid the Land of Cats and Dogs of all its mice and rabbit pests. That same spring an unusually large number of new births occur in select families of mice and rabbits and even among the cats and dogs.

At first, the new youngsters appear as normal as everyone else. In the following weeks their appearances are so unusual that they cause fear in the mice and rabbit homes, and severe consternation and confusion in the cat and dog homes.

Soon enough, these dramatically different youngsters, known collectively as The First Friends, also face elimination or must somehow escape this land ringed with seemingly impassable natural barriers.

Fleeing from their rapidly closing, enraged pursuers, will Karlton & Katie Kittymice be the very first to cross the raging river to the sanctuary of a mythical magic forest, or will they be dashed against the rocks below a roaring waterfall as so many before them?

Felipe Femur & Friends: Halloween Comic Vol. 1

by David Dorn

Volume 1 of the Halloween comic Felipe Femur & Friends. Twenty-five comics featuring the cute monsters.

Follow the Halloween themed adventures of ironic monsters, including Felipe Femur the skeleton with a lot of heart, Gummy the toothless werewolf, Sunny the sun-loving vampire, and Runny the not-so-wicked witch in their town of Toonstone.

More details about the characters can be found at

Scavenger Scout: Rock Hound: Seek-and-Find Book for Kids Who Love Rocks

by Shelby Wilde

Scavenger Scout is not an ordinary seven-year-old. She’s a rock hound! Hunting for rocks is her passion and she loves to show and tell. The stories she tells are more fantasy than reality, but the rocks she hunts are real. Follow along as she haggles with a host of characters to add rocks to her collection. Follow Scout as she hunts for azurite, alexandrite and fluorite and find the rock on every page!

STEM-inspired story that encourages creative problem solving

Scavenger Scout uses science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) concepts to overcome the challenges she faces. Kids will delight in the real-life rock hounding tools Scout uses such as a crack hammer, chisel or a rock hammer. Kids can use their powers of observation to search for the rock on each page and come up with hypotheses for how they would get each of the rocks home.

Seek-and-Find Element

The story of Scavenger Scout will appeal to kids who love to hunt and who love adventure, so why not give them the opportunity to help Scout find the rock on every page? In each vignette, Scout hunts for a different rock and kids get to hunt with her! The difficulty level varies with each page so even kids as young as 2 or 3 will be able to find the rocks.

“Scavenger Scout: Rock Hound” is the perfect holiday gift or birthday gift, but would also be a great gift for when your favorite Scout moves up from Daisies to Brownies or Bobcat to Tiger Cub or Scout to Tenderfoot.

This book is the first book in a series and is crafted for ages 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, preschool and kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade.

Los Cuentos de Astaria (Spanish Edition)

by Alison Oropeza

Alice Orchide piensa que su vida no podría ser más rutinaria. Pero, tras conocer a un lobo pardo que tiene la capacidad de hablar, la chica es transportada a un mundo extraño y totalmente desconocido para ella. Un mundo bello, mágico y misterioso, atrapado en una sangrienta guerra que involucra a dos ejércitos. Conociendo a amigos entrañables que le enseñarán a luchar por libertad y justicia, Alice tendrá que aprender a luchar para sobrevivir en una guerra en la que tendrá que pelear no sólo contra sus enemigos, sino también contra sí misma.

Yellowgrass Hill Slugs Have More Fun

by Jason Jones

Yellowgrass Hill was a busy little town with streets, houses, restaurants, cafes, and little animals that rode in old-fashioned automobiles. This beautiful town rested deep within a magical forest where animals walked, talked, and occasionally squawked. It was a peaceful place that ran down a long dirt road between stores, carrot crops, and yummy candy shops. There you could find a beaver playing a banjo or a weasel having a cup of tea with a rabbit or even a mouse and a cat who were the best of friends. Well, except for that one time. So sit back and listen to the first tale of what life was like in Yellowgrass Hill.

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