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No Fail Physique Transformation for Women: The definitive guide to fat loss, muscle gain and hormonal homeostasis fueled by female biochemistry (No Fail Fat Burning for Women Book 2)

by Michelle Burleson


What if everything you’ve been told about how a woman’s body burns fat is wrong?

For any woman, especially over 30, who feels stuck in a fat loss stall or experiences the menopausal midsection belly fat accumulation, this is for you.

Get instant access to biologically appropriate nutrition and training– SPECIFICALLY FOR A WOMAN’S UNIQUE BIOLOGICAL FINGERPRINT — without the dangerous diet fad b.s.

  • BONUS! Get FOUR MONTHS of detailed weightlifting and smart exercise programs to make your gym time powerful for shedding pounds of excess fat for strong, sculpted curves in all your preferred places.
  • Don’t enjoy exercise? Don’t sweat it! Get the nutrition programs that allow you to target adipose (fat) stores without exertion… while enjoying your favorite foods.
  • An easy, and entertaining, masterclass on how a woman’s body metabolizes body fat and grows lean muscle at any age— with step-by-step instruction.
  • Nutrition plans to fit any woman who wants to take her wellbeing, physique and fat loss to unimagined levels.
    Includes free, exclusive access to the Sisters of Strength online tribe for support, tips, recipes, and freebies not available to the general public.
  • This eBook contains recommended foods, serving/portion amounts based on scale weight, shopping lists, and so very much more. It is not, however, a cookbook. Please join the Sisters of Strength via the invite link in the book, for a host of great recipes— and even add your own!

Here you’ll find scientifically proven fat-burning and muscle building nutrition and training protocols for every woman — from the high performance athlete or physique model to women who just want to look great naked and feel good doing it!

No Fail Physique Transformation for Women has taken me three years of study and research. There’s hundreds of pages of fat loss hacks, training/exercise programs and scientifically proven systems to get you shredded, strong and back to health at any age.

  • Peri- and post-menopausal women finally have the way to shed stubborn weight!
  • Athletes can leverage their monthly hormone cycles for a competitive edge while avoiding injury.
  • New moms can make post-partum physique transformation a snap.
  • Bikini and fitness competitors can get shredded and cut in a healthy, safe way
  • Actresses can feel confident and camera ready for action/nude roles
  • Brides to be will be beaming on their big day!

I know these systems work because I’ve tried them all on myself and my private clients to get them the physique and fitness they desire… fast.

For those wanting more lean muscle I’ve included training and workout guides worth thousands … but…

Just promise me something: you’ll do it. You have no idea about the power within you. Imagine your highest level and nudge it up a notch. I’ve researched, tested and written the protocols that will get you there. with consistency and following the simple plans.

Here’s to your total physique transformation!

You are not a damsel in distress. Be the hero of your story.

Mindful & Intuitive Eating: Easy Guide to Gain Healthy Relationship with Food, End Mindless Eating, Overeating, Emotional Eating and Chronic dieting. Weight Loss Plan For Life.

by Maya Abinun

Mindful and intuitive eating is the best method to help you in building a loving and nurturing relationship with food. It is a weight loss plan for life.

In a busy world we live in today, in timеÑ? of lаÑ?tоÑ?Ñ?, tablets аnd Ñ?mаrtÑ?hоnеÑ? it iÑ? vеrÑ? tеmÑ?ting tо wоrk or Ñ?urf thе intеrnеt whilе eating. Sitting аt a dinner tаblе with nоthing but оur food iÑ? gеtting lеÑ?Ñ? and less common, it is getting awkward. Which makes me wonder have we forgotten the basics of eating?

What is Mindful and Intuitive Eating?

To be mindful means to be present in the moment and to be aware of it. In a broader sense, a conscious/mindful person is someone who lives in the present moment and feels with all the senses.

Mindful eating is all about doing one thing at a time. It requires you to pay complete attention to the eating practice. You need to cut down the distractions, multitasking activities, boredom, and involve yourself entirely in the eating process.
Intuitive eating, however, is a part of mindful eating and it means to eat when you are hungry when feeling the need to eat. Intuitive eating doesn’t limit you to dieting, eating based on the calories, or according to your weight. It merely means that you eat when you feel like eating.
However, without a mindful mindset, intuitive eating can lead to a lot of trouble. Because this sole belief of “eating when you feel like eating” is what drives us to eat emotionally, mindlessly and gain weight.

Intuitive eating should primarily be based on the hunger cues of the body. Whereas, without mindfulness, we can misunderstand other signals of the body such as stress, anxiety, sadness, attention deficiency as the signal to eat food.

Often food provides us the comfort and that comfort can lead to over-eating, weight gain, and eating disorders. Thus, it is crucial to adopt mindful eating to master the art of eating well and thriving throughout life. Food is a medicine, and it is not meant to make you ill or live in a diminished capacity.

Mindful eating gives you excellent results mentally, emotionally, and physically.
Although mindful eating is a straightforward and doable method, it shouldn’t be confused as a cake walk. Developing a mindful eating pattern takes a time, effort, and practice. You can’t gain the skill in a few hours.

Throughout the book, you will read about how to slowly make mindful eating an everyday practice. You will also be given practical and easy tips that will help you through the process of adopting a mindful eating as your eating habit.

Here is a preview of what book will cover: