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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: 101 Sweeps

by Ken Primola

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 101 Sweeps is a step by step guide for people who take their Jiu Jitsu seriously.

Jiu Jitsu is about connecting techniques and giving yourself options. 101 Sweeps is a collection of step by step jiu jitsu Sweeps with vivid photos with clear and simple instruction so the jiu jitsu technique sticks in your brain quickly.

The Sweeps are set up in a sequential fashion so you can basically be on auto pilot on the mat with high percentage follow up Sweeps that will give your opponent nightmares when thinking about your new sweep game.

Here’s a taste of what is inside 101 Sweeps:

*Carlson Gracie Style Guard- this guard I learned from many top Carlson Black Belts and is very simple and effective to use. This is a close distance style of play for the guy who is pressuring your guard. This series will shut your opponents passing down and give you sharp sweeps so they have to think about not getting swept rather than focusing on passing your guard.

*De La Riva Guard Sweeps – You will discover how to play the De La Riva Guard from all angles and situations. whether your opponent is on their feet or on their butt you will learn how to advance and get the sweep. This is a highly effective position that can be used by all body types and all skill levels.

*Sitting and Butterfly Guard Sweeps – You will learn many different variations to these sweeps that will allow you to attack first and look good while doing it. These positions are often misunderstood. Ken has trained with top level black Belt (7 x Black Belt World Champion) Robson Moura for a long time and he was instrumental in helping Ken in these positions.

You will learn this Plus so much more inside (X Guard, Cross Guard, Spider Guard, etc…)

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