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Options Trading: A Complete Beginnerâ??s Guide to start investing with Options Trading

by Cyrus Graham

If you are looking for a way to leave the working world behind once and for all then options trading is a great way to start seeing the benefits of day trading without having to have a detailed knowledge of the stock market. This is because, unlike when you purchase a traditional stock when you purchase an option you are given the choice as to whether or not you want to purchase a specific underlying stock if it makes sense at the moment you decide to make the purchase. If you are interested in learning more, then Options Trading: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to start investing with Options Trading is the book you have been waiting for.

While there is certainly money to be made in options trading, it isn’t without its own quirks as well. To ensure you don’t end up losing your shirt, the chapters of this book will discuss everything you need to know in order to help you take full advantage of all of the benefits that options trading has to offer. First, you will learn all about the basics of options trading and what to expect from this new type of trading. Next, you will learn about the two important types of analysis that you will utilize while trading options, fundamental and technical analysis.

From there, you will find a wide variety of starter strategies perfect for those who are just getting the hand of options trading. You will then plenty of tips for success and mistakes to avoid in order to ensure you get started as effectively as possible. So, what are you waiting for? Take control of your financial future and buy this ebook today!

Copywriting Hacks & Tips For Beginners: The Most Underrated Skill That Would Make You Your First 6-Figures Income

by Douglas Canning

In the growing world of business and advertising, a copywriter can find a great home with many opportunities for earning and career expansion. Some people undermine the work of copywriters merely because their job seems to be placed at the bottom of the bureaucracy. However, a copywriter with the right determination and skill can definitely work his or her way to the top the way their more business-oriented peers do.

Copywriting can be a very fulfilling career for those who have the right skills for the job. If you are full of bright ideas and know how to write well then you might want to try out becoming a copywriter. A copywriter is expected to be skilled in coming up with great advertising ideas as well as putting them to paper in a very articulate and effective manner. A copywriter should also have a good grasp of layout and typography because visuals are also very important in advertising.

Over here in this book, we’ll break down the most fundamental basics of becoming one and you can start earning your first paycheck and train yourself to become a 6-figure income copywriter with the right blueprint.

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – What Is a Copywriter and What Does a Copywriter Do?

Chapter 2 – Copywriter: The Key Types

Chapter 3 – Copywriting Courses to Jump-Start Your Career

Chapter 4 – Copywriting Tips: How To Get Your First Copywriting Job

Chapter 5 – Copywriting Choices: Specialist or Non-Specialist?

Chapter 6 – Copywriter Rates: 10 Factors Determine Prices for Copywriting

Chapter 7 – The Fastest Way to Copywriting Success

Chapter 8 – Write for Performance for High Income


by Grace Hayes

There is a popular budgeting strategy known as the 80-20 rule where 80% of your monthly income goes directly to expenses while the remaining 20% should be saved, 15% of which should ideally go to a retirement plan or other automated investments.
Let’s say you’re earning $2,100 per month from all your income sources per month. Based on the 80-20 rule, does this mean you can spend $1,680 per month? Even for a person who earns minimum wage, 80% is actually more than enough for mandatory expenses. Unless of course, if that person has dependents to support.
Living Within Your Means The truth is; there is no perfect budget rule for every household. But the best way to determine a budget plan is to tailor one for your specific financial status. The most important rule of budgeting is to live within your “means”. This takes more than just comparing your total income with your total expenses and making sure there is less of the former. You need to develop self-discipline to resist spending too much on discretionary expenses, which will cripple your financial future.
In the previous chapter, you have calculated the total amount of your necessary expenses. You have also managed your total income from all sources. So the only things you need to consider now will be your discretionary expenses and your savings. These will be allocated from your “boundaries”, which can be calculated by getting the difference between your monthly income and your total necessary expenses.
To get your allowance for discretionary expenses, you should first deduce the money you need for your personal savings and retirement funds (IRA, 401(k), etc.). If your sole source of income is a day job, then your employer should be able to automate these contributions. After this, the rest of your money can be considered as your “Free Cash Flow”.
It is common for a lot of people to use most of this money for unnecessary expenses. Sure enough, this practice appears like it will lead to a stable financial future. But if you want to accomplish your short-term and long-term financial goals, you should do your best to minimize discretionary expenses.
Delayed Gratification Modern consumerism made most people underestimate the value of living humbly for financial success. Believe it or not, you can save to as much as $50 per day if you can completely delay gratification and make every penny count. Not only will you reach financial goals faster, you are also protecting yourself from potential money problems by spending money wisely.
Here are simple strategies that can help you do this:
1.Take advantage of coupons and other means of getting discounts
2.Set a limit of only $25 to $40 a week for discretionary expenses
3.Whenever possible, take public transportation or walk/bike to your destination
4.Instead of drinking expensive beverages (overpriced coffee, sports drinks, tea, etc.), try drinking more water
5.Choose healthier and cheaper food
6.Do your groceries once every two weeks (Budget your biweekly income)
Only by living within your means will you be able to devise a budget that will significantly increase the amount of money you save. However, these savings alone will not guarantee the accomplishment of your financial goals. But you also need to properly allocate your savings and invest wisely.

Managing Products for Maximum Impact: Understand. Experiment. Align

by Vasily Starostenko

Vasily is a Product Manager focused on building products for maximum impact. Vasily helps Founders and Companies, building great products, grow faster by delivering better experience to their customers. Vasily helps Founders and their Companies: Understand their customers’ problems, Experiment and place big bets, â??️ Align their work with customer needs

Beginning Guide to Become a Virtual Assistant: How to Work from Remote Location

by Matthew Roy

How to work from home as a Virtual Assistant

one of the simplest ways to make money working from home is through doing virtual assistant (VA) work. virtual assistants are skilled, home-based specialists that provide agencies, corporations, and entrepreneurs administrative help.

virtual assistants perform an extensive kind of duties â?¦ in truth, the offerings that you may provide are limitless and all depend on your background training, experience, and skills.

right here are a few common tasks that virtual assistants complete:

  • data entry
  • Social media management
  • upload blogs or e-mail newsletters
  • reply to emails and set up e-mail lists
  • Scheduling appointments
  • editing
  • Writing
  • Bookkeeping
  • marketing
  • blog control
  • Proofreading
  • project management
  • graphic design
  • Tech assist
  • customer service
  • event planning
  • Transcribe voice memos, convention calls and greater
  • Run your calendar and plan your travel
  • research
  • collect data into organized spreadsheets
  • handle forwarded phone calls when you’re unavailable or out of city
  • Any time-consuming or repetitive tasks
  • assist you hire other employees by using doing preliminary research on candidates
  • Write and distribute standard business communications
  • prepare presentations
  • Making phone calls
  • e-mail correspondence
  • net research
  • manage your social media accounts
  • Coordinate with vendors

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Leadership’s Perfect Storm: What Millennials Are Teaching Us About Possibilities, Passion and Purpose

by Susan Inouye

“This may be the most important leadership book you’ll read for the next several years. . . . Ms. Inouye shows us how Sawubona Leadership is the path to becoming a great leader among this generation’s talent force. Leadership’s Perfect Storm is a wonderful guide for leadership in the twenty-first century, filled with helpful tools, techniques, and real-life stories that give practical applications to ever-shifting, new millennium ideas. . . . Embrace Sawubona Leadership and find yourself with a happier, more energized, and more productive team.”
– Sean Scott, founder and chief instigator at COMUNITY, original member and chief shoemaker at TOMS

“I’m fascinated by the idea of cross-generational mentoring. Every person has gifts to pass along as they learn from others. Read Leadership’s Perfect Storm and let Susan Inouye teach you about Sawubonaâ??a way of connecting that just might change your definition of leadership regardless of your generation.”
– Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and One Minute Mentoring

“This book is by far the best coach you need to transform yourself and your company!”
– Tara Sheahan, founder, Conscious Global Leadership

“Susan Inouye takes the reader on a journey of Sawubona leadership. A must-read for any executive charged with navigating a dynamic new world. It is a celebration of the millennial spirit and how we might embrace their superpowers.”
– Erik Oberholtzer, co-founder and CEO of Tender Greens

Buffeted by currents of change, today’s leaders are finding traditional leadership approaches insufficient to compete and thrive. The most successful are discovering that to stay ahead of the curve, every employee must have the leadership capabilities once only required of senior managers. Millennials are uniquely poised to take on these challenges provided they feel aligned with a company’s vision and can use their gifts to do meaningful work.

Susan Inouye, executive coach for over 20 years lays out in a compelling fashion, case stories, concepts and principles, grounded in research and substantiated in proven results what millennials can teach us to be better leaders and live a purposeful contributory life in complex times. Motivated to find a better way to engage millennials for her frustrated clients, she was introduced to Tony LoRe, founder and CEO of Youth Mentoring Connection. A successful business executive, LoRe had been transforming and saving the lives of thousands of inner-city millennials in Los Angeles ghettos for over 15 years. His leadership style changed when he listened to what would engage them. Over the years influence by these youth, he created the “Gift-Centered Approach” which refers to bringing out the best “gifts” that each of us carries inside. This method is at the heart of his way of leading which he called Sawubona (Zulu for “I see you”).

Inspired and moved by YMC’s culture, the unprecedented results of their programs and the way they honored and valued each other’s gifts, Susan brought Sawubona Leadership to the corporate world, guiding hundreds of clients’ teams through dramatic turnarounds and cultural transformations to achieve increased productivity and profitability while transforming their lives. Today Sawubona is in over 30 countries. By learning the three principles of Sawubona Leadership, Inouye shows you how to make the five LeaderShifts that are critical to compete in today’s world; how to tap into your three centers of intelligence – head, heart and body, to harness the drive from within to exceed organizational objectives and strengthen 21st Century Leadership Capabilities at all levels. The Coach’s Corner provides diverse ways for readers to incorporate Sawubona Leadership into their lives. With inspiration and instruction, Inouye becomes your personal coach through Leadership’s Perfect Storm.

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