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Excel VBA: Top Tips, Tricks, Timesavers, and Common Mistakes in VBA Programming

by Hein Smith

Do you use Excel VBA often? Have you been looking for a way to up your Excel skills? Well, look no further. This book is exactly what you need! People get caught up in the technicality of Excel VBA and waste time. This book will help prevent that.

Throughout this book, you will learn the following:

-Tips, tricks, and timesavers such as:
oHow to use immediate window
oHow to bypass workbook_open
oHow to choose every third row
oHow to pick 500 cells or rows with just one click
oHow to use InStr Function
oHow to change Excel to a PDF
oHow to undo a VBA subroutine
oHow to determine if you have a range that is held inside another range

-Most common mistakes such as:
oQualifying your range references
oUsing .Select/ .Activate
oActiveWorkbook versus ThisWorkbook
oUsing variable definition
oHow to Delete rows or columns in a loop properly

â?¦and much more!

When it comes to Excel VBA, you want to be sure of what you are doing and confident in how it will turn out. Don’t continue stumbling throughâ??get this book today, and improve your Excel skills!

How To Blog: 2-IN-1 Bundle – The Best Approach to Realize A Blog by Planning and Writing Amazing Posts for Growing Your Community 10X

by Mark Gray

So many people don’t really realize how a blog can become world-famous by writing high-impact viral posts.

They think to blog as a useless and outdated activity to do because they don’t comprise that a blog is one of the most available and monetizable methods of Mass Comunication, and it will remain one of the tops for many years.

This dumb belief for which blogging is surpassed is made by thinking blogs like only-text platforms, and it is really stupid. In a blog is possible to integrate all the other performing platforms and group them in a unique and high-impact space.

Before to be a SEO expert and a writer, Mark Gray is a successful online marketer and one of the top bloggers in United States.

The goal of these practical manuals is to help the students who have a blog to finally understand how to GET FANS AND GROW 10X EVERYDAY.

What these manuals DON’T include:

– The evolution of Blogging – Because no one cares and it is easily findable online.
– How to make a sloppy blog Because this is not an average book.
– Not applicable techniques – Because my students want to explosive growth their notoriety and dumb theories do not help.
– Slowest methods – Because my students do not want to lose their time.
– Pointless information.
– Outdated strategies.
– Stupid and useless tips.
Everything else does not really work.

The really worth approaches are not so much. And study a giant, incomprehensible and full of useless advice volume is not what you need.

These smart manuals will provide you with all the really practicable steps to get your blog world-famous from zero. Before to fight versus your competitors, you are fighting versus readers and algorithms and it is the critical point of all the discussion.

If you do what readers want to see you will be rewarded.
Obviously, If not you do not, and indeed you could be penalized.

What these manuals include:

– How to pick the Blog Platform – To get more awareness and to understand the various differences and your specific needs.
– How to choose the Right Niche – Get guaranteed true fans.
– How to write a lot of Viral Posts – With the step-by-step method.
– How to really Generate Traffic – Which path you want to take.
– How to build a Brand – Built on your person and your ideas.
– How to understand your Audience – Use data to take decisions.

Extra: Understand how to think the design in the right way and have the loyalest readers as possible. (What you have to write about and how)

In addition to these first sections of the manuals, the students will be allowed to access the most advanced and applicable blogging techniques to exploit Google and Facebook.

Advanced sections:

– Learn the advanced Space Formula – Maximize the possibilities of being viral.
– Learn the perfect Writing Formula – Generate true fans on Google.
– Create your Community – Maximize the social interaction on Facebook.
– Select only Flawless Keywords – Generate true fans on Google.
– Receives an advantage from Readers – Overcome the competition.
– Understand the Blogging Rules – Keep publish excellent posts.
– How to Storytell – Improve every post.
– Create a Coherent Image – Refine your brand to maximize the popularity.
– Increase the Acclaim – Educate and train your fans daily.
– How to do Giveaways – Understand how to collect a tons of new fans.
– Create a Writing Team – Create countless posts.
– Work with Famous Brands – Realise how to collaborate with giant companies and VIPs.

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DevOps Handbook: A Guide to Implementing DevOps in the Workplace

by Henry Martin Jones

Are you prepared to learn how to use DevOps in your workplace?

DevOps is not only a buzzword. It is a way of thinking that can pull your organization’s issues by the root and change the traditional, core values.

You’re going to learn ways to begin putting into action DevOps so that you can reduce the deployment time and increase profit, this book will show you why some of the world’s biggest organizations have decided to think DevOps.

Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa: Essential User Guide for Echo Dot: Learn to Use Your Echo Dot Like a Pro. Beginner to Pro in 30 Minutes (Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Dot, Ale

by Steve Robbins

Don’t Spend HOURS trying to figure out the Echo dot when you can go from Beginner to EXPERT in 30 minutes!!

Have you bought Echo Dot already and now wondering how to convert this gadget into your personal assistant?
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How will this Book help you?
This book will take you from beginner to an Amazon Echo DOT EXPERT in less that 30 MINUTES.
You will setup Echo Dot and start using all your Smart Devices and Applications EFFORTLESSLY!!
You will learn all the latest ADVANCED HACKS known to Expert Echo Dot Users only.
And most of all, you will SAVE HOURS running errands and you will control your home and work life from a simple voice command “Alexa, ……….”
How is this Book Different? This book is a detailed in DEPTH guide to maximise your ALEXA experience. It has ACTIONABLE tips, tricks and hacks. It contains specific step-by-step instructions that are well organised and easy to read. After reading this book you will
Stream Music and Read Books on Amazon Echo Dot
Control your Home Appliances using Amazon Echo Dot
Setup IFTTT recipes for Advanced Hacks
Use Alexa Skills to AUTOMATE your errands
Connect your Google Calendar and Pandora Account to Echo Dot
Make Amazon ECHO DOT your Smart Personal Assistant
SHOP on Amazon for DIGITAL and PHYSICAL products
WAKE up to your favourite cup of COFFEE
PROGRAM Echo Dot to control your Thermostat, Lights and DOOR LOCKS
Get the latest CUSTOMISED Weather, Traffic and News Updates
OPEN Google Docs and SIGN IN to your SLACK account
Get ALEXA to tell you a JOKE
GET the latest SCORES from your FAVOURITE TEAMS
Use 100+ PRE-TESTED COMMANDS and Easter Eggs.
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Writing an Effective Plan of Action & Milestones (POAM): ~ 2nd Edition: Universal Version

by Mark A Russo CISSP-ISSAP

A POAM is exactly what it is as described. It is a plan, specific to the selected security controls that cannot be adequately addressed, or a vulnerability identified by security tools that assess the cybersecurity posture of an Information System (IS), and the associated plan to fix it. It is typically applicable to the local physical and virtual network infrastructure that provides the “backbone” processes for a company to conduct business. Further, a POAM requires milestones. These are benchmark points in time that a company is expected to work to move a non-compliant control to a compliant status. Milestones are interim efforts that are managed by the IT staff and with corporate officer oversight to ensure an active risk management effort occurs. This Second Edition takes into account improved approaches and tools to manage the lifecycle of an active POAM.

Fundamentos dos Sistemas de Tempo Real (Portuguese Edition)

by Rômulo Silva de Oliveira

Fundamentos dos Sistemas de Tempo Real descreve aspectos teóricos e práticos da área, tratando de tópicos normalmente incluídos em cursos de Engenharia de Computação, Engenharia de Controle e Automação, Ciência da Computação e vários cursos de Tecnologia em Automação.

O tratamento dos conceitos e fundamentos da área é rigoroso. Entretanto, o texto procura manter um olhar prático de engenharia, fugindo de exageros matemáticos baseados em premissas distantes da realidade. A ideia é fornecer ao leitor uma estrutura conceitual sólida e um entendimento do tema, incluindo as limitações da área, de tal forma que ele possa lidar com projetos reais sabendo o que pode e o que não pode ser feito.

Este texto, escrito em linguagem de fácil leitura, rico em ilustrações e em exercícios, baseia-se na longa experiência do autor em sala de aula. Pode ser adotado como bibliografia básica em disciplinas sobre Sistemas de Tempo Real ou como bibliografia complementar em disciplinas que tratam deste tema entre outros.

O livro inclui material sobre sistemas operacionais e programação concorrente, pois muitos cursos de engenharia e de tecnologia de automação possuem uma disciplina que junta sistemas operacionais, programação concorrente e tempo real, podendo ser adotado como bibliografia básica de uma disciplina como esta.

A organização dos capítulos permite ao professor montar seu plano de ensino conforme o contexto do seu curso, podendo descartar alguns capítulos sem prejuízo para o entendimento de capítulos posteriores. Material suplementar em:

O livro também é interessante para profissionais que trabalham com o desenvolvimento de software para Sistemas Embutidos ou Embarcados (Embedded Systems) e Internet das Coisas onde aparecem questões de tempo real. Dispositivos de controle e automação em geral estão nesta categoria. O livro esclarece aspectos dos sistemas de tempo real, conceitos, o que pode e o que não pode ser feito, fornecendo uma base conceitual sólida e ponteiros sobre onde buscar aprofundamento em questões específicas.

Disponível para aplicativos de leitura gratuitos do Kindle:
Kindle para telefones e tablets Android
Kindle para iPhone, iPad e iPod touch
Kindle para Mac
Kindle para PC
e para Tablets Fire.

O autor é graduado em Engenharia Elétrica pela PUCRS (1984), mestre em Ciências da Computação pela UFRGS (1987) e doutor em Engenharia Elétrica pela UFSC (1997). Professor titular do Departamento de Automação e Sistemas da UFSC. Orienta mestrado e doutorado na Pós-Graduação em Engenharia de Automação e Sistemas da UFSC (conceito 6 da CAPES). Possui bolsa de produtividade em pesquisa do CNPq desde 2003. Desenvolve pesquisas e projetos na área de sistemas de tempo real desde 1993, sendo co-autor de mais de 100 artigos científicos na área, incluindo artigos publicados no IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium e no Real-Time Systems Journal.

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