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The Mentor King: Heart Revealing Days in the Life of King David

by Ron A Bishop

This is the story of David, and you are going to discover David’s heart. This book covers thirteen heart-revealing days in the life of King David and explores them as you have never heard of them before.

1. The Day of David’s Prophetic Anointing
2. The Day David’s First Giant Fell
3. The Day David’s Heart Smote Him
4. The Day David Spared Saul’s Life Again
5. The Day Terror Came to Ziklag
6. The Day God Gave David a Breakthrough
7. The Day David Poured out Water as a Sacrifice to God
8. The Day David Really Learned How to Dance
9. The Day God Promised to Build a House for David
10. The Day David Fulfilled a Vow to a Friend
11. The Day David Repented of His Sin with Bathsheba
12. The Day a Man Threw Dirt in David’s Face
13. The Day David Purchased Araunah’s Land on Mount Moriah

Carefully researched and with a view to the underlying theme of worship and obedience to God, Ron Bishop has created a masterful study surrounding the life of David. He defines the context of history and gives us a glimpse into the mind of David, unpacking the heart of The Mentor King like no one ever has.

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