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The Secret Diary: The Hunt

by Sourav Deka

A story about a secret, which have the power to change the humanity or to destroy it. Ross Cromlin and his younger brother Aaron Cromlin lives with their uncle, who keeps on moving from place to place. Their mother left them when they were kids. She told Ross and Aaron that when they grow up they should move on from their father and live a normal life. Ross and Aaron never knew, why their mother advised them to move away from their father. They tried to find out, but failed every time. Once they run away from their uncle. A girl finds Ross and invites him to her mansion to meet her mother. The girl’s mother tells Ross about the secret diary which leads to a treasure. The treasure is a cure which can cure any diseases and also makes a human immortal. The Cromlin brothers follows that secret in the hunt for the treasure, but later on they find themselves in lot of trouble. They struggle and fight till the end. Will they discover the treasure?

Black Eyes

by Theresa Racz

Weeks after losing James to the vampires, Blue Eyes is struggling to manage her re-found emotions when a mysterious stranger arrives, wanting to help…

Sworn To Darkness

by Douglas R. Moquin

Drama unfolds when work at a construction site inadvertently disturbs the final resting place of an ancient enemy. After three hundred years, an old curse, forged in blood and shaped by the cruelty of the long-forgotten King Phillip’s War, returns, seeking vengeance upon the unsuspecting citizens of historic Birchfield, Massachusetts. Amos, the terror of so many Bay State frontier village inhabitants, is back.

Many years before, this villain met his doom under mysterious circumstances, and was said to have turned to black magic to escape a terrible, prolonged, and painful death. But a dark promise had been made before he met his fateâ?¦a promise he fully intended to keep.

Without warning, the small New England town is suddenly engulfed in a ferocious wave of violence, tragedy, and terror, never before seen by its residents. Whispers of a blood-thirsty werewolf, or some kind of shape-shifting creature, prowling the shadows, soon begin to circulate among the locals, and it falls upon the shoulders of three unwitting boys, Brian Lapointe and his two pals, to fend off the descending darkness. The future now rests with these young friends, who must confront their town’s inner demons before they all pay the ultimate price for its past sins.

The Bookdancer: Legends of New Foxwolde, Book I

by Alberta J. McMorris

For Gemma Price, an expensive writers’ retreat in New York’s Hudson Valley seemed like a great opportunity to finish writing her novel. There was a little bit of doubt, the too-good-to-be-true feeling that proved correct when she discovers that the retreat is a scam and she is out $2,500. But there is an unmistakable beauty to the landscape, and she decides to stay in town, booking a room from a local couple, Dean and Rachel Goode.
Gemma is unprepared for what happens when she meets Rachel and quickly finds herself in an obsessive and potentially dangerous affair with the stunning beauty.
The Bookdancer is an erotic thriller set against the backdrop of the Hudson Valley, in the fictional town of New Foxwolde; a land as filled with local legends and mystery as it is in lush forests and complex history.

Undeniable (Vampire Romance) (Bound Together Book 1)

by LJ Baker

Warning: 18+
This story contains adult situations, hot sex, bad language, love triangles, sexy vampire bites and violence. If that’s not for you, then maybe this story isn’t either.

Years after the Great War between the humans and vampires, the world is a very different place. Humans live under the rule of vampires, often becoming little more than slaves or personal blood bags. Ariana and her brother Chase have managed to live off the radar for twenty years with a small pocket of other humans, but when they are caught and forced into Vampire City, everything changes.

The steaming hot vampire king, Alexander Morgan, takes a particular interest in Ariana. There is something about her that he can’t ignore. Despite her defiance and general loathing of his kind, he wants her, and she isn’t exactly against the idea.

Ari grew up being taught that vampires were evil, psychopathic, killers. She had no reason to think otherwise. Vampires killed almost everyone she ever knew or loved. Yet when she finds herself with Alexander, there is an overwhelming connection that she isn’t sure she would fight, even if she could. But Alexander isn’t the only one she feels this bond with. She also can’t seem to stay away from his half-brother, West.

Caught between everything she ever believed, and the sexy vampire she is quickly falling for, Ariana must decide if their relationship is worth being threatened by the humans, hunted by the vampires, and losing herself to some unknown force that is dragging her deeper and deeper into a world that not even Alexander understands.

Ella teme (Not Reviewed): She Fears (La segunda realidad nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Jesús de Rodríguez

Crímenes no resueltos.
â?? Lo que yo trato de decir es que ser diferente es siempre respetar a los demás, pero también debes dar miedo para no ser más débil que quienes siguieron el mismo camino, pues también eres humana, también debes tener activas tus emociones â??dice una niña.
La mujer se agacha para darle un beso ósculo en la frente de la niña.
Salto en el tiempo. Fecha desconocida
â?? La seguridad ha aumentado, pero mi hija adoptiva se escapó de manera muy misteriosa. Eran las 10:00pm, y escuché que la puerta estaba siendo abierta â??dice una mujer desconocida a Félix.
â?? ¿Dejaba las llaves en un lugar obvio o le había comentado dónde las guardaba? â??pregunta Félix.
â?? Para nada, las llaves las guardaba debajo de mi colchón, y nunca le di indicios de ese lugar â??responde la mujer.
â?? ¿Algún lugar favorito de su hija? â??pregunta Félix.
â?? A ella le gustaba mucho el puente de Vilen â??responde la mujer.
â?? ¿Podría darme una foto? â??pregunta Félix a la mujer.
â?? Aquí tiene â??responde la mujer mientras se la entrega.
Félix se queda ensimismado de una manera fría y sospechosa.
â?? Yo la ayudaré â??le dice a la mujer sospechosa y fríamente.
La ilusión ha terminado.
Una ilusión y una linda chica guiarán a todos hacia la verdad oculta detrás de una mujer temerosa.

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