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I hate night: Night is scary. Going to bed is scarier!

by Kristen W. Abboud

I hate night is a story about a little boy who thinks night is too scary. His big sister teases him and his parents can’t help. The little boy hates going to bed too! His mind plays tricks on him and he can’t sleep. What will the boy do? How will he sleep at the end? Story written and illustrated by an 8-year-old girl who loves reading and writing… and is a little bit scared at night

Meet Me at the Farmers Market

by Lisa Pelto

Sophia loves going to the Farmers Market every week. There are lots of things to see and do, and when she meets up with her friends, she loves it even more.

Children of all ages will enjoy the beautiful watercolor illustrations and engaging story of Sophia’s fun day at the market.

Children’s book: A Step and a Half to Success

by Aya Steiner

Eric struggles to overcome painful emotions and become an even better athlete!

All his life Eric had easily succeeded at everything. When invited to join a league basketball team at age 10, he suffered the humiliation of scoring a single basket during the first major game, and fear overtook his game. New to painful emotions, it took some time to convince him to talk about his feelings and teach him how to process emotions, understand their meaning, control his fear, and then further elevate his game. He also learns the importance of continued training after success, as well as the meaning of self-responsibility.

Enable your child to improve performance in competitive sports with Eric as a role model

Eric will teach your children, by example, how to successfully deal with the stressful emotions in competitive sports that undermine their game, how to speak about and process painful emotions, as well as the meaning of self-responsibility. Parents will acquire tools for enabling their children to address emotions, develop emotional strength, and improve their achievements in competitive sports.

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The Dragon’s Blood Key (The Legend of the Dragon’s Blood Key Book 1)

by Linda L Barton

The Dragon’s Blood Key – YA Fantasy at its finest

It all began with a mysterious book and the story of a magical kingdom. The kingdom of Walandra is a wondrous place, full of magical creatures and… DRAGONS. A curse cast over the kingdom imprisoned the people in darkness. It is time for the champion who will end the curse and banish the Evil Queen to the Land of Shadows.

A young woman from a far-off realm must save the kingdom. As Cassy prepares to face the Evil Queen Alona, she must learn to harness the power hidden deep within her. Her quest will take her on an enchanting adventure, and awaken an ancient power that will free the people of Walandra. Sometimes, the Hero comes in a form least expected.

This is the first installment in the Legend of The Dragon’s Blood Key.

BEAUTY AND THE WITCH : Teach your Kids kindness (Bedtime story children’s fiction book Book 2)

by Sigal Adler

The Beauty Queen For Halloween
Miss Esmeralda wasn’t a joy to behold
She was plainly a witch, if sad truth be told.
She lived in the valley where Fairy Lane ends,
And felt very different from her beautiful friends.

The Ghosts of The Tattered Crow

by Eldritch Black

It’s Halloween and the ghosts of Victorian London are stirring…

Shadows fall across the city as a cold, dreary Halloween evening draws in. Jake Shillingsworth, serving boy in London’s most notorious Inn The Tattered Crow, is about to discover some ghostly truths.

Hidden eyes watch from empty rooms and something lurks in the attic above Jake’s squalid room. Shuffles, scratches, and scrapes echo from above in the dead of night.

When Jake returns from a mysterious errand for his odious master, he soon finds himself thrust into a terrifying adventure. Accosted by a strange old man, Jake hears a bone-chilling tale of a ghost from the past, black magic and bloody revenge.
And as the clock ticks towards midnight, Jake’s forced to confront the dark presence lurking in the shadows of The Tattered Crow, like a spider waiting in a ghostly web.

The Ghosts of the Tattered Crow is an eerie, short dark story of ghost-hunting and magic in darkest Victorian London, and a tale to unsettle and bewitch readers of all ages.

The Windy Hill: A story about how using your power may affect you (What Really Matters)

by Ella Nichols

The Windy Hill
A story about how using your power may affect you
Wendell the Wind was powerful.
He blew as hard as he wanted simply to listen to the music he made through the oak trees on the hilltop.
Wendell didn’t consider the results of doing whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, just because he could. Until one dayâ?¦

What Really Matters stories are remarkable life-lessons, eye-opening for children and adults alike.
The stories are for children 4-8 years old.
In those stories one main character embodies your child’s emotions, concerns and viewpoint.
The values introduced in these stories are:
– achievement
– ambition
– bravery
– challenge
– change
– completion
– courage
– determination
– empathy
– friendship
– imagination
– kindness
– persistence and responsibility just to name a few.
The learnings are to think positively, to develop confidence, to build relationships, to grow positive attitudes and to work through the difficulties.
Read them during the bedtime. At the end each story has a couple of questions that allow you to have an open dialogue with your child reflecting on important matters.
At the same time this will help you to build a connection with your child when both of you can share your stories and reflect on them.
Now get cosy and enjoy the discussion with your child introducing important life matters.

Radiant Girl

by Andrea White

A girl’s 11th birthday always brings big changes to her world, but for Katya Dubko, it is truly the end of the world as she knows it. In the northern Ukraine, an area of dense forests, abundant wild life, and sparkling rivers, Katya’s little village of Yanov has been a fairytale home. Her family life is rich with ancient traditions and magical beliefs, and her father has a good job working for the government at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station, a complex bigger than her whole village.

Steeped in the imagery of her people, Katya believes that the station is a magical factory, and she looks for men in white robes, the angels she has heard push buttons to create electricity. When she asks her father about the station, he reassures her that it is safe: “so safe I would let you and Mama sleep there. I’d let a baby sleep there.” Yet when Katya is sent into the forest to play while her family prepares her birthday dinner, she meets Vasyl, a mysterious otherworldly boy who tells her the agonizing truth: her world will be destroyed in an explosion. What is she to believe?

On April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded, and the Soviet government refused to acknowledge the extent of the disaster. As Katya struggles to survive in the aftermath, Vasyl reenters her life and helps her to realize that there can be no healing without truth, however difficult it may be to face. As she reconnects with her friends from before the explosion, she begins to learn more about the scientific concepts that have changed their world, and she discovers that blind patriotism like her father’s can be the undoing of a country as well as a man. With the help of friends she could have never imagined in her old life, Katya begins to understand that the things that are most important about her homeland and herself have survived the disaster. Combining the mythological truths of her ancestors with an understanding of the science behind the Chernobyl explosion, Katya finds the strength to fulfill a promise she made to herself many years before. And from her new vantage point she realizes that she is no longer the little girl in the fairy tale, she has become the author of her own story.

Radiant Girl weaves history, fantasy, photographs and illustrations together to create a fictional coming of age tale that offers readers insight on surviving the powerful forces of change that rock their own lives, both from within and without.

Monster Problems: Vampire Misfire (Book 1)

by R.L. Ullman

Some monsters are meant to be heroes…
**Readers’ Favorite Book Award Winner**

12-year-old Abraham “Bram” Murray never realized how special he is. That’s because he’s clueless about his past, having bounced around foster care his entire life. Of course, his peculiar habits always raised eyebrows, like staying up all night and eating only red-colored foods like Swedish Fish. But Bram just figured he was different. He never imagined he was the world’s last vampireâ??or that he was being hunted.

After escaping a werewolf ambush, Bram is recruited into the Van Helsing Academy, a secret school for monster kids. As Bram discovers clues about his past, he tries to learn how to harness his powers for good. Unfortunately, he just may be the most pathetic monster ever. But Bram better figure it out fast, because the Dark Ones have resurfaced, and they’re searching for a powerful artifact to resurrect Count Dracula and conquer the world. Can Bram and his monster friends save humanity before it’s too late?

Monster Problems is the first book in a hilarious, action-packed series that will entertain kids, middle school students, and adults. Monster Problems includes 11 illustrated character profiles.

What reviewers are saying:

“A stunning story. Creative, thrilling and suspenseful.”

“Hilarious and so unexpected.”

“I was hooked by the first page and never wanted to put it down.”

“An intriguing new take on classic monsters.”

“A grand romp that will thrill kids and forever-young adults alike.”

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