Free parenting and families Kindle books for 25 Oct 18

Learning Responsibility or Leaving For Toy Land (Children’s Life Skills Series Book 2)

by Asaf Shani

Jade loves playing with her toys. She spends hours playing with them but, somehow, she doesn’t seem to take care of themâ?¦

Join Jade and her father and see how, in a creative, gentile and empowering way, Jade understands what responsibility means in regarding her toys.

Asaf Shani is the father of three girls. In the last 15 years, he has worked with thousands of people worldwide to help them improve their conflict management skills. Asaf’s clients often tell him, “If only I would have known these life skills 30 years ago â?¦” and “Why wasn’t I taught this stuff when I was a kid?”

These remarks, usually accompanied with a sigh, were the motivation for Asaf to write “Jade’s Life Skills Series”â??a series of books intended to facilitate a discussion between parents and their children about all those latent and vitally important life skills.

Learning Responsibility is the Second book in “Jade’s Life Skills Series.” In this book, the very important subject of responsibility is dealt in a kid friendly way.

Raving About Rhys: A cosy prequel to the Welcome to Whitsborough Bay series

by Jessica Redland

Bubbly Callie Derbyshire loves her job as a carer, and can’t believe she’s finally landed herself a decent boyfriend – older man Tony – who’s lasted way longer than the usual disastrous three months. Tony’s exactly what she’s always dreamed of … or at least he would be if he ever took her out instead of just taking her to bed. And work would be perfect too if she wasn’t constantly in trouble with her boss, The She-Devil Denise.

When the new gardener, Mikey, discovers her in a rather compromising position at work, Callie knows that her days at Bay View Care Home could be numbered. Can she trust him not to tell Denise? If she’s issued with her marching orders, who’ll look out for her favourite client, Ruby, whose grandson, Rhys, seems to constantly let her down? What does Ruby know about Tony? And what is Denise hiding?

Surrounded by secrets and lies, is there anyone left who Callie can trust?

The He She Killer : The True Story of Eugenia Falleni

by Anna Michaels

In the early 1920s, a 5′ 4″ woman in her 40s was incarcerated in Long Bay Gaol, New South Wales, Australia. A small woman, weighing around 126lb, and with the little finger of her right finger missing, Eugenia Falleni had just been found guilty of murder and sentenced to death.[1] As shocking as the murder was, it was nothing compared to the revelation that Eugenia Falleni had been living for the past 40 years as a man. In the 1920s, this diminutive woman had committed a crime considered far worse than that of taking someone’s life – she had committed a crime against nature, the crime of believing she was a man trapped inside a woman’s body.

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