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Canvas: An Experimental Backdrop of Words

by Vera Gold

Most times, the mind likes to sit indoors and quietly mull. Other times, the mind steps onto its front lawn and sings. This is one of those other times. “Canvas” is a short anthology of prose poetry written in quick bursts of youthful reflection and fantasy. Handpicked words, delicately scattered.

व�्त: �तिहास �� �ु� �ुनि�दा लम्ह�� �� दास्तान (Hindi Edition)

by विष | VISH

�स श्र��ला म�� व� तमाम दास्तान�� ह�, �िनम� ए� लम्ह� न� व�्त �� �पन� ता�त �ा ��दा�ा दिलाया। हालाँ�ि व�्त लम्ह� �� प��� ��� �र ��� त� बढ़ �या, पर य� स�� ल��र ��� बढ़ा �ि ए� लम्ह� म�� �तन� ता�त ह�त� ह� �ि व� �तिहास बदल द�। �स श्र��ला �� �ु� �ुनि�दा �विताए� �प�� सामन� प�श �र रहा ह�ँ।

The Reluctant Dreamer: A Poetry Collection

by Jamie Winters

Learning to trust is hard.

Learning to trust in dreams is harder.

Learning to trust in dreams despite a lifetime of pain is practically impossible.

But it may be the most important thing you ever do.

Sometimes, you can’t find your way through the darkness alone, and you need a helping hand. You might not even feel sure why you’re on this planet. Then someone comes into your life, looks deeply into your soul, and whispers, “You matter.”

The Reluctant Dreamer is a collection of poems written through trauma and heartbreak while trying to find a place in the world. This collection of poetry uses a wide variety of both rhyming and free verse poems in an exploration of pain, healing, and rebirth.

And in case no one has told you todayâ?¦ You matter.

Everything in Between

by Travis Liebert

A compelling read, Everything in Between is all that a reader could hope for in a book of poetry.

This book is brimming with elegant poems dealing with topics such as love, depression, abuse, and growing up.

Lose yourself in this elegant collection of poetry.

Everything in Between is Travis Liebert’s third poetry collection.

Walls of Acceptance

by Dawn Marie

Life does not come with instructions. As we wander through our paths in life, we often look for acceptance. In others, in ourselves. Usually, the walls we have built around ourselves are hard to be pushed down.

This collection of free verse poetry is written about finding yourself, heartbreak, sarcastic wit, learning to adapt and overcome, and passion.

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