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Developing Success, Motivation & Inspiration

by M. Curtis McCoy

The short ebook “Developing Success, Motivation & Inspiration” tells my personal story as an entrepreneur, a young CEO, and inventor.

By age 25, I was running many successful businesses and felt like I had life figured out.

I was creating success in spite of struggles while fighting Type 1 diabetes and frequent seizures.

Then it all came crashing down when I found out I had terminal brain cancer.

I lost everything. My businesses, my friends, and the ability to ride my new motorcycle.

I ended up sleeping on a deflating air mattress in the front room of my parents’ cabin, 35 miles from the nearest stoplight and wondering what else could possibly go wrong.

Developing Success, Motivation & Inspiration describes the journey I took from that low point to running a nationwide cellular company while meeting successful people along the way.

I took some calculated risks and created my own opportunities while fighting to survive cancer and maintain my status as an entrepreneur.

This short story is a precursor to Success, Motivation & Inspiration, a book I began writing in 2016. It includes interviews with successful entrepreneurs, war heroes, investors, CEOs, public speakers, and leaders as they share their personal insights and life lessons.

I hope my story as a survivor inspires not only entrepreneurs but also those struggling with health issues to continue their fight.

Inn Dependence (Miss Main Street Book 3)

by Angela Castillo

Clean, Christian small town slice-of-life with romance.
For two years, Sammi Morretti has cared for her home-bound grandfather. Now he’s gone, and she’s left with no place to go.
Then a mysterious aunt invites her to work at a tiny bed and breakfast in the town of Wimber. Can the Main Street women and a kind youth pastor with a dangerous history pull Sammi out of the darkness she’s lived in for so long?

Wicca: 3 Manuscripts – Introductory Guide, Book Of Spells, Herbal Magic (Wicca For Beginners)

by Luna Sidana

Explore The Beauty & Wisdom Of The Wiccan Path

Learn about the history and practice of the Wiccan tradition, discover the incredible power of spellcasting for health, wealth and happiness, and explore the magickal side of herbs & plants to connect with nature like never before.

During the course of these 3 manuscripts, you will get to know the true nature of the Wiccan path, and how to apply its principles in your everyday life. If you will it, your life will never be the same again!

Know the Craft, know yourself.

This collection includes:

An Introductory Guide For The Aspiring Witch

  • The origins and history of Wicca
  • The Gods & Goddesses
  • The elements & their importance
  • The Wiccan Rede & the Threefold Law
  • The Wheel of the Year, Esbats & Sabbats
  • The nature of magick
  • Choosing your Wiccan path
  • Creating your very own altar setup
  • How to perform some simple spells for beginners ++

Book Of Spells

  • The different types of magickal workings
  • Magickal tools & how to use them
  • Setting up an advanced altar for more powerful spells
  • Tips & guidelines for successful spellcasting
  • The phases of the moon & their importance
  • Spells for abundance & wealth
  • Spells for love & relationships
  • Spells for health & happiness ++

Herbal Magic

  • About plants & magick
  • List of plants & herbs used in magick
  • Valuable tips for working with herbs
  • Spells involving whole herbs or parts of them
  • Magickal oils
  • Magickal teas
  • Smudging & incense
  • Magickal baths ++

Download now and start connecting with the wise Witch within!

Primer for Understanding Prophecy II: Learn God’s Math

by Dr. Greg Pierce

LEARN GOD’S MATH is the second study on “How to Understand Prophecy” This is not so much a thesis on prophecy itself but how the Bible student can learn on his own after he is familiar with a few simple keys that unlock the Word of God.
Man has only one perfect science. He is not perfect in medicine. He is not perfect in language. He is not perfect in any other science with one exception and that is mathematics. One plus one will always equal two, and nothing else.

Often we find the old-fashioned word “reckon” in the Bible. To reckon means to count, compute, or calculate an in a number or amount. Therefore, if the Bible student sincerely desires to understand Bible prophecy he would be wise to learn God’s patterns of reckoning time, events and even how the Bible is woven together in a Divine orderly fashion.

This study is part two of “How to Understand Prophecy”‘ By learning these simple pattern of God’s plan and order the Scriptures will open up to you like following a treasure map and digging down to the strong box of gold, pearls and gems.

Mental Toughness: 5 Unbeatable Habits of Self-Discipline to Improve Success (Mindset, Mental Training, Resiliency, Self-help)

by Don Cooper

Improve your success and come sit at the table with the top 1 percent in the world!

Congratulations! The fact that you are even interested in improving your success is the first step to achieving greatness. However, if you are like most people, you probably have a hard time accomplishing your goals in the manner that you would want. Did you know that in life, the hardest choices are the ones that count? For instance, chasing your goals even in the face of difficulty and boredom? Or sticking to your goal no matter how long it takes?
Whether you like it or not, the fact of the matter is, to succeed in life or anything for that matter, you need mental toughness. If you possess mental toughness, nothing can stand in your way towards prosperity. All the people who inspire you possess these habits.
If mental toughness is so important, how do you acquire it?
The answer to that question is what this book is all about. As an overview, I will tell you this, developing mental toughness involves acquiring a set of self-disciplined habits. In this book, you will learn five of them. I will cover what they are, why they help you develop mental toughness as well as steps that you can take to acquire them.
If you diligently work through the material in this book, in no time, you will be mentally tough and achieve all your goals and ambitions.

To gain access to these habits and change your life forever, buy today at $0.99. Additional bonus content included at the end of this book.

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