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Secrets On Morgan Hill: An Unlikely Friendships Amid a Southern Apartheid

by Camille Kleidysz

This compelling story is set in 1930s Acworth, Georgia when two little girls cross over the color lines set in place by an apartheid south and became best friends. Their interracial friendship takes them on a journey of joy, pain, and an unexpected tragedy that forced them to share a secret that would create an invaluable bond that would last into their adulthood.

Star Phase: Books 1-3 of Anchora (The Bubble Universe Boxsets Book 1)

by Jason Werbeloff

An android in search of a body.

A policeman in search of a future.

On a dying planet, two unknowns are humanity’s only hopeâ?¦

The Bubble, 2072. Margaret Evans thought she was safe in her protected city. But when the android wakes up with no arms and no memory of her past, she’s unsure how she’ll survive the dust storms, the unbearable heat, and the seedy citizens. On her quest for spare parts, Margaret discovers a flare for cooking and a policeman who might just change her lifeâ?¦

Nassas Duval can barely handle getting out of bed, let alone patrol the streets of the dilapidated city. His twin brother Shelby was always the star of the family, long before their parents died in a horrifying nuclear explosion. But after a sentimental trip through the city ends in yet another tragedy, Nassas makes a choice with cosmic consequencesâ?¦

As their city fills with radiation, Margaret and Nassas accidentally join a one-way mission to save humankind. An android and a hypochondriac may be humanity’s last hopeâ?¦

This box set contains the first three books in the Anchora space exploration series. If you like captivating action, fascinating characters, and epic space operas, then you’ll love Jason Werbeloff’s gripping series.

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Chlorophyll and Gasoline

by SJ Fleming

Willow is a curious young woman who lives in the Yggdrasil, a city-sized tree host to dozens of villages eking out a living in the post-collapse world. On occasion, she plunges down into the dark and unmapped roots of Yggdrasil, trying to find rare plants or technological relics from the past. On a sortie to a new location, Willow finds a strange living statue that calls itself Suzy. In speaking to this statue, Willow starts to feel compelled towards helping this lost soul. However, before she can help Suzy, she must deal with the pushback at home, as not everyone believes Suzy to be the same kind person that Willow does.

Days of Fire: An EMP Survival Thriller (Blackout & Burn Book 1)

by Rebecca Fernfield

How far would you go to save your family?

Family is everything to twenty-three-year old naval cadet and survivalist Jessie Lockhart. She even joined up to help protect them amidst the growing terrorist threats. If the worst happens she’s made a promise and has a plan: get her mother and sister out of the city then wait out the danger in the family’s safehouse.

20,000 feet in the air, her worst fears come true when a devastating Electromagnetic Pulse takes out the entire grid.

As she watches the city below descend into darkness, and the plane begins to fall from the sky, Jessie’s only thought is of home and the last desperate phone call from her sister.

With her mother missing, and the country descending into chaos, Jessie is confronted by a criminal underbelly more dangerous than she could ever have imagined. To keep her promise, she’ll have to face her fears and use every ounce of her training and ingenuity to get the people she loves to safety. But is it enough?

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by Matilda Scotney

Saturn Station. The year 2513. A young woman sleeps, her life suspended; perfectly preserved in a mysterious sarcophagus. Her very existence has baffled science for four centuries.

Then she woke up…and the real mystery began.

Time’s attention must have been elsewhere the moment old, grey, unsophisticated Alice Watkins died in her armchair a few days before her birthday in November 2016.
It still wasn’t minding what it was doing on Saturn Station in the year 2513.
Dr Jim Grossmith, one of the most eminent scientists of the age has devoted his career to The Sleeping Beauty Phenomenon, guarding the beautiful, red-haired young woman who sleeps peacefully, in a mysterious sarcophagus, her life perfectly suspended, her body preserved in a strange fluid. The woman, cocooned in her protective shell has defied scientific analysis for almost four hundred years. History recorded little, only that she is Dr Alexis Langley, a noted scientist of her time.
When the sarcophagus opens and vanishes without a trace, leaving the young woman in his care, Jim Grossmith eagerly awaits the day when she can tell him the manner of her preservation. A strange science, lost in the annals of the past? Alien technology?
But as he learns her story, Jim Grossmith finds himself faced with an even deeper mystery. He is certain the physical form of Dr Alexis Langley emerged from the sarcophagus, but as for anything elseâ?¦

Knock Off

by Million McEachern

A fashion model is stalked by an artificial intelligence engineer. He creates robots that look and sound exactly like her, and even use her name. The robots are sold as surrogate girlfriends for lonely men. This story portrays the young woman’s life falling apart and what she does to get even. Our heroine eventually finds an enlightened state, but what she becomes enlightened about is very sad.


by Matilda Scotney

Alice’s story continues in Book Two, her life of promise and opportunity leads to a world-shattering conclusion.

Taken from her humdrum existence in 2016, Alice’s new life five centuries in the future brings adventure, contentment andâ?¦love. She has everything she could ever wish forâ?¦

Until she learns that she is trespassing, that the journey she is taking was meant for another. To right this wrong, the Universe demands of Alice a sacrifice.

A sacrifice that will tear the very fabric of Time itself.

1 + 2: This Is Only The Beginning

by Kristie Lynn Higgins

A doom was looming over the planet, a great darkness that could bring about the Closing of Days. Two women would be brought together… One was a legal assassin or Life Closer known as the Phoenix and the other was an experiment known as the Pandora Project who would either bring about a Twilight that would be the first rays of dawn or a Twilight that would usher in the darkness forever. Follow these women as their paths cross.

The Shades of Gray series follows the adventures of Kat and Kim. Start by reading the first book of this serial series #1 Shades of Gray: Noir, City Shrouded By Darkness and be introduced to this world of danger and mystery and as an extra bonus “NOW” enjoy the complete second book #2 Shades of Gray: From Moscow, With Love.

**Shades of Gray #1 Noir, City Shrouded By Darkness

Noir was a mega-city plagued by a sun blocking mass called Dry Clouds that had mysteriously appeared three decades earlier. The Dry Clouds covered half the planet and forced those living under them to exist in endless night. On this world, corporations were in charge and breaking your contract with them could mean the termination of your life.

Kimberly Griffin, a Life Closer (legal assassin) existed in a world of death. She Closed people for a living. It was a lonely demeaning existence, though she wouldn’t admit it. There was nothing to drive her in the bleak reality until one day she ran into Kat.

Kat, also known as the Pandora Project, was hunted by bio-mechas called Un-Men. She was an experiment of the Sphinx Corporation, and they were testing her to see if she could be the ultimate weapon. Kat refused to be a killer and tried to discover the truth behind her existence. Could she be a new form of bio-mecha?

Kim discovered someone close to her had been murdered. Is Kat the key to finding out who did it? Or will her association with Kat only cause her more grief?

Pandora of ancient times opened a box and let all good escape. Would Pandora be the hope the planet needed? Or would she destroy the world?

**Shades of Gray #2 From Moscow, With Love bonus first half included.

Worlds collide . . .
A shaky partnership . . .

In the second book of the Shades of Gray series, Kat found herself teamed up with Kim. Together they searched for clues to their past. Their partnership stood on shaky ground though. Kim, a Life Closer (legal assassin) known as the Phoenix, needed Kat for the moment, to help in her search for her mother’s murder. Once Kim no longer needed Kat, would the Phoenix go through with eliminating her for knowing she’s a Life Closer?

A haunting melody . . .
A forgotten time . . .

Kat had discovered little about her past. Over a year ago, she woke to a world of endless night and had no memory of who she was. A music box, a letter, and a gun were her only clues. Kat discovered the melody the music box plays, put her in a trance and healed her body of any injures. Why? She didn’t’t know.

Betrayal . . .
A desperate fight . . .

Voice, the one who regulated the Phoenix, had sent the Raven and the Wolf to Close her. Why? Kim didn’t’t know, only that she must eliminate the two Life Closers before they terminated her.

Deception . . .
The two women collide again . . .

Kat was caught up in the struggle as the Raven and the Wolf were also hired to Close the sister of someone dear to her. Now she must protect the sister and Kim, but the Phoenix was hiding a dark secret that put the sister in an even deadlier predicament. What was Kim hiding?

I will protect them all . . .
No one will die today . . .

Could Kat and Kim defeat the two Closers? Could Kat keep the promise to herself that no one else would die? What would happen in the end when Kat discovered the Phoenix’s secret?

**Shades of Gray**
(science fiction action adventure mystery thriller series)
1. Noir, City Shrouded By Darkness
2. From Moscow, With Love
3. Cerberus Versus Pandora
4. Sisters

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