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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: How To Crack A Smile: Secrets of Positive Thinking – The Fun Side of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques

by Tom Shepherd

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Own Happiness

Do You Want to Live a Fuller, Happier Life?

Do you feel like you are missing out on the good things of life? Have you ever wondered why is it so hard for you to feel happy? Are you looking for a way to change the way you feel?

If you identify with any of these questions, you need to read How to Crack a Smile: Secrets of Positive Thinking (The Fun Side of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques)

This is one of those rare books that will not only change how you think but will also change your entire life.

Inside you will learn:

  • Why you’re unhappy

  • How to change your inner dialogue

  • How cognitive behavioral therapy works to make you happier

  • Fun cognitive behavioral techniques you can use today to make you happier

  • How to call out your inner bully

  • The best ways to harness the power of positive thinking

  • Over 1,000 different activities, exercises, and actions that will make you happier

  • And Much More

This book is about much more than the theory of happiness. It gives you actionable steps you can take right away to radically improve your mood and change the way you think about happiness.

Sadness, anxiety, and depression are no laughing matter. If not addressed, these conditions go beyond making you miserable. They can actually harm your physical health as well.

You don’t have to feel this way.

This book makes happiness fun. It gives you the tools you need to build a life of joy. Each of the over 1,000 activities, exercise, and daily actions are simple to understand and easy to implement.

Other books may teach you about happiness. This book shows you how to actually be happy.

You Deserve to be Happy. Get Your Copy of Crack a Smile Right Now!


Piggie Surprise: Mini Pot-Belly Pigs, Story, Basic Facts and Care (Ranch Stories Book 1)

by Donna J Setterlund

It all started with an add looking for some acorn eaters. Our ranch is covered with oak trees and they produce thousands of acorns which are like candy to horses. We received a response within hours. “We have two mini pot-belly pigs who love acorns. Come get them.” We said great! Where are you? Turns out they were almost neighbors just 2 miles down the road. Nute and Miss Piggy came to the Setterlund Ranch and became part of our family. That is how this experience of a life time began.

Potential Time-Saving Method for Finding Very Large Prime Numbers: Prime Number Vector Sieve (PVECS)

by Jon Carper

This new system, PVECS, operates solely in Quadrant I of a standard coordinate system and determines all prime numbers sequentially beginning with “3” and up by creating one unique 45-degree sloping vector for each tested number, n. These vectors go UP and LEFT and are called VnL, Checking Vectors. An additional unique sloping vector is drawn for any n found to be prime by the system and these are drawn UP and RIGHT and are called VnR, Prime Vectors. Only numbers found prime by PVECS will cause VnR’s to be drawn. These sequentially drawn Prime Vectors act as sieves and are used to show the primality status of future tested integers, n, based on whether a particular checking VnL (checking vector) intersects with a VnR (prime vector) and an integer coordinate grid point at the same time.

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