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by Michael Beals

Dr. Strangelove meets Tom Clancy in this high-octane, tongue-in-cheek technothriller detailing the all too likely fate of the Great American Experiment.

A botched assassination on the eve of Election Day throws the routine transfer of presidential authority on its head and the American government into chaos. With Congress and the Supreme Court locked in a constitutional standoff, rabble-rousing state governors fueling the fire and shadowy opportunists pulling strings, the nation teeters on the verge of a Second Civil War.

Sergeant Major John Braun, a hard charging paratrooper, is about as tactful as a hand grenade and political as a potato. He’s the last man anyone imagined inciting a revolution… Until the CIA and FBI recruit him to help in saving the country…

Young Kat Campbell, a social justice crusader, despises violence in every form. On the other hand, when tragedy shoves her into the arms of the mysterious “Freedom Brigade” militias, she finds that a rifle delivers a lot more social justice than any picket sign…

Beautiful Sergeant Danielle Walker didn’t become famous because of the Medal Of Honor she earned but because of a candid photo taken of her adjusting her ponytail surrounded by all the Rebels she killed.

PFC Capson promoted to HERO status for being at all the wrong places at all the right times and surviving, is on a crusade to avenge his comrades and stop the madness engulfing his country.

With the POTUS invading Florida, carpet bombing Denver, using 1200 cruise missiles to take out California’s infrastructure and high value targets, threatening Texas, declaring war on Mexico and nuking China, it’s a wild ride that leads to “Civil War 2: President For Life.”

600 Action Packed Pages littered with bodies and political maneuvering.

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“Apocalypse In Time”
“Slaughter In The Desert.”
“Kat’s Rats.”

THIS IS WAR: Complete Special Edition

by William Joseph

Jack Carson follows his patriotic desire to serve. Shortly after enlisting, he is thrust into action. In this gripping and explosive first-person experience, Jack is forced to make unconscionable choices and face insurmountable odds on the battlefield. With events occurring all over the country and around the world, THIS IS WAR is an unforgiving novel of struggle and the choices between duty, honor, justice, and country set amidst the gravity of a world at war.

This is the Special Edition version of William Joseph’s THIS IS WAR series. In this Edition, Parts One, Two, and Three are all together as one continuous story as originally written as well as Author Notes in the beginning, and a new Epilogue at the end. Experience this thrilling and captivating story and follow Jack on his journey through war and life back at home.

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