Free advice and self-help Kindle books for 26 Oct 18

Survive! Urban Scavenging Kit : A Prepperâ??s Guide

by Lorayne Miller

This book will explain how you might want to set up a special “kit” that will assist with urban scavenging. An
Urban supply and resource kit is a kit, bag or gear set up that gives one all the needed tools and gear to search out, find repair and test essential gear. This supply and resource kit will give you all the necessary tools you will need to survive an apocalyptic scenario. This is separate from your bug out bag. You may already have some of these items in your bug out bag.

Almost: A Romantic Comedy

by Sally Mason

A new romantic comedy from the No1 Bestselling author of RENT A HUSBAND and MR. LOVE.

For advertising copywriter Holly Carmichael life has been a series of near misses. When a major career disappointment catapults her from snowbound Jersey City to a yoga retreat in balmy Thailand, will she find happiness in the arms of cute cartoonist Johnny Highnote, or will this be yet another “almost”?

At Last (Brimstone Lords MC 2)

by Sarah Zolton Arthur

Broken promises. Broken dreams. Broken heart. All a woman can expect from a man.

For Dr. Caitlin Brennan and her young daughter, that means a fresh start in a new home, and they find it in small town Kentucky. Though a new practice equals new troubles. Caitlin’s troubles come with tight jeans, a dirty mouth, and a clubhouse full of bikers.

Not just any bikers, the Brimstone Lords.

For Lords President Duke Ellis, when his beloved wife died, so did love. Stick to easy. After all, he has needs.
But for Duke, a new doctor equals new troubles. His comes from the fiery red head with the banging body he can’t resist. And the little girl who steals his heart.

The timing couldn’t be worse with a serial killer still stalking Lords women, and sins from the past coming back to haunt them. Sins which put Caitlin and her daughter directly in the path of murder.

Forgiveness For My Mate: Sassy Ever After (Sanctuary for My Mate Book 1)

by Terri A. Wilson

Tatum’s perfect, well-planned life crashed one piece at a time. After small mistakes led to bigger ones, she’s ready to give up and walk away from the only dream she ever knew. A trip to a New Mexico retreat sounds like the best way to pull herself together. Then she met Connor, a hot falcon shifter who shows her a whole new world full of possibilities she never imagined. Connor’s falcon claimed her at first glance. Now faced with her inner demons, can she learn to forgive herself and stop the cycle of self-destruction? Will his love be enough to calm the anxiety and fears that prevent her from finding the life she never knew she wanted?

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