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Adobe Illustrator CC Layers Guide Step by Step (2018 release) 1st Edition

by umar shehzad

Creative professionals seeking the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Adobe Illustrator CC (2018 release) choose Adobe Illustrator CC Classroom in a Book (2018 release) from the best-selling series of hands-on software training workbooks from Adobe Press. The 15 project-based lessons show users the key techniques for realizing your creative potential with Adobe Illustrator CC. Following hands-on step-by-step projects, users create logos, illustrations, posters, and more. Explore the new Essentials workspace that makes learning Illustrator even easier. Learn how to use the Shaper tool and Live Shapes along with dynamic symbols to streamline graphics creation. Create website assets and export them in multiple formats to support modern responsive web designs. From exacting illustration to free-form painting, you’ll build a strong foundation in Illustrator as you progress through the lessons.

The online companion files include all the necessary assets for readers to complete the projects featured in each chapter as well as ebook updates when Adobe releases relevant new features for Creative Cloud customers. All buyers of the book get full access to the Web Edition: a Web-based version of the complete ebook enhanced with video and multiple-choice quizzes.

Strumming With Soul: Strum the guitar with technique, passion and power (eBook): STRUM More Naturally, PLAY with More Passion, GROOVE with Better Rhythm, LEARN More Songs

by Dan Thorpe

This guide will you learn how to strum the guitar better than ever!

If you`re a guitarist who wants to strum like a pro, wants to learn more of the most popular strum patterns that you can use over and over again, or has trouble getting a clear, quality strum sound from the guitarâ?¦

`Strumming With Soul` has the solution.

STRUM More Naturally

PLAY with More Passion

GROOVE with Better Rhythm

LEARN More Songs

Do you find that you:

Would love to play the most common strum patterns used in rock, pop, indie, ballad, country music, and more?
Lack a natural feel for rhythm?
Often hit unwanted strings when strumming?
Want to play guitar in the styles of Oasis, Johnny Cash, Green Day, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beatles and moreâ?¦
Have a sloppy, unprofessional strumming sound?
Want your strumming to have a lot more soul, passion and joy?
If so, then this course was made specifically for YOU.

In `Strumming With Soul`, you will learn the specific, step by step techniques that I have tried, tested and tweaked on over 100 students in person.

Get the basics mastered once and for all

You will learn the 6 fundamentals:

The essential fundamentals of strumming that most people neglect (and regret later)
The very common mistakes of strumming that are holding you back
A true, thorough understanding of rhythm – things such as whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth notes – and most importantly how to play them in time
How to practice to a `click` or metronome so you will always be `in time` with yourself, the band or backing track – all of the time
What `power dynamics` are and how they are the simple secret that only the pro`s really use
The 8 basic strums that you can call upon for ANY situation
Once you have the fundamentals sorted it`s time to truly kick on and have a LOT of fun with the guitar.

It`s time to learn the core strumming patterns that most guitarists never really learn. The truth about strumming patterns is that many guitarists just wing it.

They listen to a song and try to replicate that strumming pattern. Experienced guitarists do this all the time.

What if I told you, we can leap frog these guitarists?

Well, now you can because in this section of the course you will learn some of the most popular strum patterns of all time that are used for the majority of music out there.

Leap frog even experienced guitarists

When you want to learn a song, all you will have to do, is listen for the strum pattern, and within about 3 seconds you will recognise it as one in this part of the course.

Once you know the chords, you can apply the strumming pattern and boom you are away, while all those experienced guitarists are kicking there heels in the background.

Here are just some of the powerful elements of the course.

Simple Strums That Sound Sophisticated
The 3 essential methods to proper fingerstyle strumming
The Must Know Super Flexible (and Super Common) Strums
Classic Bass Note Strums That Add Lots of Flavour and Power to Your Chords
What `swing` is and how to add it to your strumming
Contemporary 16th Note Strums That Will Impress Your Audience
4 very stylish swing strum patterns for a unique sound
Learn songs and riffs that use the strumming patterns taught in the course
and much moreâ?¦.

Enjoy the journey from beginner to intermediate guitar with your strumming. Even some so called pro`s don`t know how to strum like you will be able to at the end of the course.

In my opinion, when most guitar teachers teach the guitar, they don`t spend nearly enough time teaching you the little things that make the instrument sound so good.

They show you the basics and move on. So much of what makes the guitar so special is the little things that no one really talks about.

LA MAGA DE LA FAMA (Spanish Edition)

by Silvia Montesinos

La maga de la fama es una obra de teatro para todos los públicos escrita por Silvia Montesinos en el año 2012 y estrenada en el pequeño teatro Gran Vía de Madrid en marzo del 2013.
La obra infantil “La Maga de la Fama” transcurre en la final de un concurso de talentos televisivo, donde “Rista Mechilla” y “Rauda Vázquez” darán el visto bueno a los participantes.
Las dos niñas finalistas, “Lolita Chim Pum” y “Cinthia de los Ángeles” tendrán que superar toda una serie de pruebas artísticas para alzarse con el premio final. Los propios niños del público serán quienes decidan con sus votos quién de las dos merece ganar.
El espectáculo,que tiene varios números músicales, pretende ser una crítica al éxito fácil e inculcar a los niños otros valores más realistas para labrarse un futuro provechoso, como la necesidad de estudiar, el amor a la naturaleza, y la importancia de compartir y ayudar a los demás.

El Copista de Caravaggio (Spanish Edition)

by Victoria Roch

Familia, amistades, historia y amor por el arte. La protagonista es una estudiosa de Caravaggio. La novela habla de su vida familiar y sus amistades. Lo que va sucediendo es una parte de lo narrado. En una mezcla de realidad y ficción muestra la vida del genial pintor y algunos de sus cuadros. El amor queda en claroscuro, pero ahí está, aunque son más fuertes las relaciones de amistad.

The Enchova Tragedy

by Ralph Romano

Non-fiction drama disaster story. Naivety, cheating, greed, jealousy, malfeasance, conspiracy, cover-up, lies, including three investigations and the eventual legal inquiry.

Home Office Paradise : Great Design Ideas

by Lorayne Miller

Many people are working at home and creating the perfect office space at home is what this book is about. There are many considerations you need to make when creating your home office.

Christopher C. Lee: Portfolio 2018

by Christopher C. Lee

Renowned for his archetypal visuals in fashion and street photography, Christopher C. Lee’s eclectic collection of portraiture styles has introduced a classy spin on how scenes are constructed. His timeless imagery and respectful collaboration with peers garnered a steady following through years of meticulous craftsmanship in the San Francisco Bay Area. This portfolio features an original perspective on his study of light, assembled from his works in 2018.

Postcards from Joshua Tree (Never Leave Home Book 3)

by Shoshanah Marohn

Joshua Tree, California has long inspired artists, musicians, and other creative types with its stark beauty and otherworldly vibe. This book is a series of postcards from Joshua Tree, drawn by Shoshanah and colored by over 20 different colorists. The postcards tell a story of the author’s youth. The postcards’ pictures reveal deeper truths. Kindle edition does not include coloring-your-own index.

Duke (Knight’s Edge Book 4)

by Liz Gavin

Royal and Snoopy make great bedfellows.

Ricardo Alcantara, lead singer of Knight’s Edge, has a secret. His playboy attitude and serial dating is just for show. His heart belongs to one woman alone. The one who ran away years ago. Now, his grandmother is gunning for him to marry to protect the Brazilian royal family good name from scandal. Problem is he doesn’t want to marry some European heiress. The only woman he wants is Nessa.

Vanessa Foster is an American journalist covering Brazilian politics, who has rubbed some powerful people the wrong way. Now, she is receiving life threats, and the only man who can help her is Ricardo Alcantara, aka Duke. Problem is she walked away from him in college and never looked back. She has never stopped loving him, but has Duke forgiven her for what she did?

Fans of steamy rockstar romances by Vi Keeland, Alice Ward, and Kylie Scott will devour Knight’s Edge series of novels without cliffhangers, and with guaranteed Happily Ever Afters.

One-click Duke – Book #4 in the Knight’s Edge Series – today to fall in love with these hot rockers and their sassy ladies. Your next book boyfriend awaits you.

Digital Drawing for Beginners and Intermediates with Adobe Photoshop: From simple forms to complicated objects

by Stephanie Lane

You can get FREE bonus book. All the information you will find on the last page

Learning how to draw is a continuous process. Learning, or even mastering, one medium should not be your only goal. It is not enough that you are good at just one kind of drawing, you should strive to learn more and improve your art and skills further.

Adobe Photoshop is a great tool not just for total beginners but also for those who are transitioning from traditional tools and mediums to the digital ones.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Learning the Basics
  • Circles
  • Creating 3D Images
  • Tips and Tricks for Creating Successful 3D Images

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