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Corruption Protective Services: My nightmare story of how Child Protective Services took my children and framed me for a crime I didn’t do.

by David Shore

The story of how Child Protective Services, under the color of law, legally kidnapped my two mentally handicapped children.How this goes on everyday across America, and how every part of the judicial system, from CPS, to investigators, judges, lawyers, therapists, doctors, and teachers, are all paid to allow this to happen. Even falsely accuse fathers of crimes, just to keep families apart. How the Adoption and Safe Children’s Act pays CPS social workers to take children in the form of bonuses, and more money paid out if the child is adopted. How people like former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer, and Carlos Morales, are threatened, even murdered, just so CPS can keep collecting their money. How much money? How about between $4,000-6,000 per child removed from the biological home, and $250,000 to adopt them out. How insiders state the corruption is much greater than anyone knows. How CPS social workers falsify reports, or even destroy reports, just to keep their jobs.

The Kokomo Railroad: How one man survived 40 years of injustice and finally found freedom

by Susan Giffin

The Kokomo Railroad chronicles the uncompromising struggle to gain the release of Charles Edward Lockert from prison after having been railroaded through the Indiana criminal justice system, illegally incarcerated for almost thirty years, and held unjustly on parole for ten years. This book delivers in detail the freedom team’s strategy and serves as inspiration for all who seek justice.

The Dyatlov Pass Case: The undisclosed

by Alae Oundir

My name is Alae Oundir, currently a physics student at the University of Pennsylvania State, USA.

In early 1959, a group of hikers decided to head out on an expedition across a mountainous region of Western Soviet Union. The group consisted of nine experienced men and women greatly familiar with the Siberian wilderness. Yet, this adventure would prove to be their last. Despite a criminal investigation, photographs, and journal entries, the case remains unsolved after more than half a century.

In this ebook I examine the available criminal case files, autopsy reports, and photos taken by the hikers themselves in an effort to unravel this mystery.

The story is written narratively, so you can travel with our travelers.

This is the case of Dyatlov Pass.

Florence Nightingale: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Florence Nightingale

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Florence Nightingale is usually thought of for her work in the Crimean War, where, as the “Lady with the Lamp,” she tirelessly nursed wounded soldiers at all hours of the night and day. But while these two years were a significant part of her life, she was also much more. She was a daughter and sister who consternated her family by refusing to accept the role Victorian society assigned her. Later, she completed groundbreaking work in the fields of public health and statistics and wielded her vast influence to affect important reforms.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Nursing Dolls and Dogs
â?? Leading a Double Life
â?? Travel and Depression
â?? Heading to the Crimean War
â?? More than the Lady with the Lamp
â?? Final Years and Death
And much more!

Florence Nightingale is considered the founder of modern nursing, and her ideas continue to resound in the field of healthcare even today. Though she certainly had faults, her life is a fascinating story of courage and determination.

Marcus Aurelius: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Marcus Aurelius

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Have you ever heard of Marcus Aurelius? It wouldn’t come as much of a surprise if you haven’t. While names like Nero, Caligula, Hadrian, and Constantine grab all the attention with their exploits, Marcus Aurelius tends to sit more in the historical background of the Roman Empire. In many ways, he is a lesser known emperor even though his written works have stood the test of time. Marcus, a prolific writer and formidable scholar, was perhaps the first to fulfill Plato’s dream of the philosopher king.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Rise to Prominence
â?? Marriage of Convenience
â?? Losing His Twin Boys
â?? The Defeat of Parthia
â?? The Danger from Within
And much more!

Marcus Aurelius reigned over the Roman Empire for almost two decadesâ??from 161 CE until 180 CEâ??and during that span, he took the time to look back at his own life in the legendary Meditations. Penned in his own words in a mainly diary-styled format, this book was never meant for publication but was discovered several years after the emperor’s death. It was this book that ignited an interest in this otherwise unsung emperor, and that interest lasts to this very day.

ROYAL BIOGRAPHIES VOLUME 8: Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry – 3 Books in 1

by Katy Holburn

ROYAL BIOGRAPHIES VOLUME 8: Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry – 3 Books in 1

*Princess Diana
*Prince William
*Prince Harry

3 Great Books in 1!

Princess Diana
On a small island in the grounds of Althorp House, an impressive stately home in rural Northamptonshire, lies the resting place of a true modern icon. Lady Diana Spencer. One time wife of the heir to the throne and mother to two sons, one of whom will most probably one day be king. Challenger to the established protocols of the monarchy, a woman determined to do it her way.
Trend setter, humanitarian, darling of the public. A person who appeared to have everything but whose life would end in tragedy at just thirty-six years of age. The People’s Princessâ?¦this is her story.

Prince William
Even before Prince William was born, the eyes of the world were already trained firmly in his direction. His mother, Diana, was a shy, stunning beauty who had captured the heart of the heir to the British throne. The fresh-faced aristocrat worked as a kindergarten assistant and was only 19 years old when they fell in love – or, in Prince Charles’ infamous words after their engagement was announced, “Whatever â??in love’ means.” Her romance with Charles would propel her into an entirely different life from the quieter one she knew as Lady Diana Spencer. The shy English rose was suddenly cast in a role few people in the world are really equipped for – that of leading lady in a fairy tale everyone desperately wanted to end in happily ever after.

Prince Harry
As a central part of the slimmed down House of Windsor that his father, Prince Charles, has brought about, Harry is a man for today. Along with his brother and sister in law, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, and his new bride Meghan Markle, he is the face of a monarchy for the twenty-first century. A man who is determined to combine living his own life with public duty. Who is keen to develop his own relationships as privately as possible, while doing immeasurable amounts of good for the country – and world -as a whole. Harry is a man who fought bravely in Afghanistan, who never lost the affection of the public despite being embroiled in some controversial events. A man for whom the death of his mother, in the most unbelievable of circumstances, would shape his life.


by K.D. Wiggins

Book one will lead a five part series about real life and real people. This is one man’s journey to self-discovery and redemption. No sugar coating here. It is a raw and unfiltered look at growing up the hard way, boot straps and balls and an instinct to survive against all odds. Over the course of this series you will climb to death defying vertical peaks that will pull you down the other side on a hell on wheels roller coaster ride of emotional and visual images that will tug at your heartstrings and then just as quickly make you burst out laughing. The underlying message is one of humor, hope, and triumph of the human spirit. This is the ultimate underdog story of a lone survivor. This one man’s journey will prove that nothing is impossible because, “The hard you do now; the impossible just takes a little longer.” We start with a traumatic beginning that leads to leaving home at eighteen to reconnecting with family. The prodigal son returns after more than thirty years on the road to find his family thought he had died somewhere along the way. Surviving more than forty years of being mostly homeless, becoming a hard core drug user and abuser he enters a revolving door of more than twenty six county jails and three federal prisons and despite mental illness and all the odds he becomes a father and raises a family on the road living in vans and buses and tents and a Tee Pee for more than thirteen years and eventually breaks through to the other side to sobriety and success. And in the end, you will know his story to be the ride of your life.

Running from Myself: Me and the Drug Epidemic of 1970s-2000s

by Richard Blackman

To stop a problem, one must face it head-on. What if you think you don’t have a problem, but everyone else sees it and you can’t see it? You think you’re alright.
This is called denial, and it is the core impediment of substance abuse, addiction and so many other illnesses. Now in “Running from Myself: Me and the Drug Epidemic of the 1970s-2000s,” you will take a rollercoaster ride through the world of substance abuse, addiction and denial like never before told.
This book holds nothing back when it comes to what actually goes on in the drug game and the life of a â??real bad’ drug addict. Furthermore, running and fighting for one’s life becomes the norm in that world. What about one’s family? How do they cope or even know what to do when a family member goes psycho on drugs?
See what happened to the author and millions of people caught up in this quagmire of mazes and illusions called substance abuse. These people were unable to see what everyone else was seeing in them. Even more, once you’re awakened to this world, to which this book will definitely open your eyes, you will begin to understand why substance abuse and addiction are even worse today and why millions are â??running from themselves.’

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