Free historical fiction Kindle books for 26 Oct 18

A Place For Ghosts

by Lewis Dolan

In the year of 1879 two brothers, Cole and Lenny, set out from their home in Arkansas on a journey to collect the remains of their dead father. Their trip will take them across the country where they will confront their inner-demons as well as the dark madness of the world around them, and the strange and savage people who inhabit it.

It is a tale of loss, regret, of the love between family and the hatred that can spill from it.


by Edwin Page

Nicholas is bought at auction by a member of the Chickasaw Nation and taken back to a farmstead in the Indian Territory (now part of Oklahoma). Chula, the eldest daughter of his new owner, is excited by the arrival of the new slave. Little do Nicholas and Chula know that their lives will be forever changed by their fateful meeting and by love.

Set in 1864, Savage is the tale of love between a young slave and the daughter of his new master. It is a love that breaks conventions and leads Chula and Nicholas to consider a new life of freedom beyond the yokes they are made to carry. They are united by the wish to escape oppression and the harshness of their lives, but will they find the courage to leave? Will this bring the emancipation they hope for?

Written by the author of The Hanging Tree and Runaway, Savage is a story of love that sees beyond race. An emotive tale, it is sure to stir the hearts of readers and leave a lasting impression.

This book is available in paperback and Kindle formats, as are most of the titles by Edwin Page.

The Cherokee Hideaway (Secrets of the Cherokee Hideaway Book 1)

by Wheeler Pounds

A thirst for adventure leads a young man down a path of discovery. On a hike into the forbidding Sipsey Wilderness, Raleigh Walker discovers some rather interesting artifacts related to the Indian Removal Act during the 1830s. Barely making it out of the forest, he decides to go looking for more information. In doing so, he stumbles across a fascinating woman with a family whose Cherokee background seems strangely tied to the mystery he unearthed in the woods.
Jenny Riddle is a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. When Raleigh enters her life, he gives her a new mission to fight for. Together they begin to put together the pieces of a puzzle, following the story of a young Cherokee couple who escaped the Trail of Tears while also creating a new story of their own, generations later. The hideaway connects the past to the present in this historical fiction of love and hardship.

The Time Between: Love, loyalty and betrayal in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam

by Bryna Hellmann-Gillson

This historical novel depicts three young Jewish women, Pam, Jo and Hannah, and their family and friends during the physically, psychologically and morally difficult years of the German occupation, 1940-1945. They print illegal newspapers and false documents, hide Jewish children, commit sabotage and murder.

Their lives come together through Adrian, a young man risking his life in the resistance. He is Pam’s brother, Jo’s first infatuation and Hannah’s lover. “Isn’t this the between time?” he asks. “One day real life stopped, when the Germans came, and some day real life will start again.” For some of them, it did.

On the Kennebec: Volume Three (Joseph Shorey of Maine Book 3)

by William Michael Wochna

LARGE PRINT EDITION now available. Search “Wochna Large Print”

Here at last! Final volume of series. Joe Shorey is sure Roxie is the soulmate the Indian fortune teller Molly Molasses told him about. But is she?

Fratelli di un’altra Italia (Italian Edition)

by Postremo Vate

L’unificazione dell’Italia poteva avvenire in maniera diversa, tenendo conto delle grandi differenze esistenti tra gli antichi stati della penisola. Invece, i “fratelli del Nord” invasero le terre del Centro-Sud con un vero e proprio atto di colonizzazione interna che causò la perdita dell’indipendenza ai popoli del Meridione e il lauto rimpinguamento delle “casse” della monarchia sabauda, prossima alla bancarotta. L’occhio indagatore di un gazzettiere pontificio segue le gesta eroiche e disperate dei “fratelli di un’altra Italia” descrivendo le nefandezze e le atrocità perpetrate dai “liberatori” piemontesi e garibaldini a danno delle popolazioni “liberate” del Centro-Sud, fedeli ai loro legittimi sovrani: Francesco II di Borbone e Papa Pio IX.

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