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Carnival Of Fear (Creepiest Show On Earth Book 1)

by A.J. Norris

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls!

Step right up to the darkest carnival you’ve ever seen.

Do you like puppets? Well, we have a marvelous one. This poor little thing was left all alone to die, only to wake up with a taste for revenge.

If smiling, red-nosed clowns bore you, you’ve come to the right place. Just follow the bloody path of mutilated clowns, and it will lead you to a room filled with gruesome revelations.

But that’s not all.

Ready for a mind-bending experience? Wonderful! Our contortionist won’t just showcase her extreme flexibility, she’ll also shock you with her insatiable appetite. Want to know her secret?

She’s cursedâ??but shhhhhh, don’t tell.

So grab your friends and join us as we create the most bone-chilling atmosphere.

Because we’re coming to your townâ?¦

â?¦and we’re bringing the Carnival of Fear.

Spooky: Flash Fiction Mini Stories Sci-fi, Horror, Boo!

by d. l. owens

If you love a little spooky, don’t have much time to read or you just love mini stories, these may fit the bill.

Here’s an excerpt: I asked Freddie where his friends were. Say’s he doesn’t know. Did they go home? Shakes his head. We just moved here and he’s at it again. Every Halloween his poor little playmates go missing. Freddie, will bodies be floating to the surface of the lake like that did in Whipperrod, I ask him? He knods with that adorable smile you can’t resists. Okay, now this time I won’t put you on punishment, but remember we talked about this. We agreed there would no more killings in our new town. We need to call this place home so I can open a camping lodge business which one day I will leave to you.

Crypt of Cthulhu

by Jack Ryan

Dr. Gestalt of Arkham Asylum watches helplessly as four of his patients fall into unawakenable comas. But a mysterious caller, Dr. Ng, arrives with a device that can see into their minds and together they delve into the psyches of the sleeping victims deranged states. Each dream unfolds a tale of darkness, madness and portends the rise of the sleeping god Cthulhu, who appears to be manipulating humankind for his ancient release from the crypt he has been entombed in for time immortal. Can Dr. Gestalt stop the Old Ones return before insanity envelops him as well?

Marta (Spanish Edition)

by Jorge Rivas Tride

En un terreno de la IV región de Chile, cerca de la carretera, una mujer de edad avanzada debe encargarse de las labores domésticas, de su pequeño negocio y del cuidado de los animales. Mientras, su esposo sale a embriagarse junto a sus amigos y algunas mujerzuelas. Desapareciendo durante días enteros, gasta parte importante del poco dinero que obtienen con el trabajo de ella.

Cansada de su vida, agotada por la miseria, decide obtener por sus propias manos aquello que siempre deseó y disfrutarlo aunque le resten pocos años de vida; sin embargo, ¿cuál será el precio que tendrá que pagar? ¿Cuánto está dispuesta a dar para lograr la que cree, será su felicidad?

Déjate arrastrar por la forma en que la realidad se mezcla con lo paranormal en esta intensa novela, en la que un ente misterioso dará a esta desdichada mujer todo lo que pide, absolutamente todo, aunque a cambio de�

Ensnared: A Clockwork Siren Series Spinoff

by Katie Hayoz


Chicago is a muddy, monster-infested city, home to the both the penniless and the filthy rich. Levi Cannon is among the latter, but he doesn’t quite fit the mold of the upper class.

His reputation says it allâ??from unsuitable women to unseemly weapons to an inappropriate attitude toward the family business. Worse, he secretly wants to hunt monsters, an occupation filled by lowlifes, outlaws, and bums.

His brother, Amos, has always been the respectable one, and Levi’s father won’t let him forget it. It seems no matter what Levi does, he’ll never win his father’s favor.

When Amos is taken by sirens, Levi has reason to worry; these water-creatures devour men’s tongues to make their song sweet. Levi is suddenly thrust into the spotlight, giving him a chance to become the man his father wants him to be. The question is, will Levi do what is proper, or what is right?

The Crux of Revenge

by Derek Brown

Can revenge truly get us what we desire? Or will it destroy all we love in it’s path?

Generations ago, the city of Louisville was young, and on the brink of greatness. Industry was booming, and people from all around were flocking to its opportunities. Deep in the ever diminishing Bernheim forest, a hidden threat is imminent. Three sisters, fueled by a growing hatred for the mayor and his council, are ready to unleash a horrible nightmare on the city.

A century old struggle comes to its head in this thrilling tale of magic, greed, and forbidden love.


by S.O.Bailey

Terraling is a science fiction short story about a man from Texas who is abducted and finds himself amongst strange creatures from every corner of the Universe, and he’s the reason they’ve made their intergalactic journey.

The Ghost Files 3.5

by Apryl Baker

Tick tockâ?¦

Mary Cross has been forced to accept the world of the supernatural because of an experience that left her with the ability to hearâ??but not seeâ??the supernatural. She survived three weeks of being kidnapped and tortured, and it has left her emotionally and physically scarred.

Across the street from her house, strange things are happeningâ?¦

Mysterious noises haunt the residents, faucets turn on by themselves, and footsteps can be heard running up and down the stairs. It all centers around Noah, a two year old child. Babysitters have run screaming from the house.

Caleb Malone has been dumped into a teeming hornet’s nestâ?¦

He’s always been the good son, done everything asked of him, and even gave up graduate school to join the family business of hunting supernatural villains. He’s convinced himself he’s happy, that his duty to his gift should come before anything else.

Until he meets Mary Cross.

She gives him hope that things can be different, that he can be different.

Together, the two of them must solve the mystery of the two shadows stalking the child and save him from whatever has attached itself to him. Time is running out and to save Noah, forcing Mary to face her own demons.

But in doing soâ?¦has she put a target on her back?

13 Resurrected: An Anthology Of Horror and Dark Fiction (Thirteen Series Book 4)

by Amy Bartelloni


“Noun: the action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism.”

It’s the only certain thing in life. A journey every living creature is forced to take. It cannot be eluded, and there’s no escaping its fatal claws. It’s the one constant in every religion that cannot be proved wrongâ?¦death will find everyone.

But what if death is not the end? What if it’s only the beginning?

Stories of the living dead have been told through the centuries. Some of us want to believe, and some of us are too afraid to face the truth that sometimesâ??just sometimesâ??the dead never leave.

This is a collection of stories bound to make you question every belief, filling in the blanks of the unknown. Whether it’s the woman scorned finally given a chance for revenge after death, or an evil force trapping generations of a single family in a home for eternityâ??these are the deadly tales told from the grave.

Do not think it’s over when the Grim Reaper comes to call.

Death is not the final masquerade.

13 is Resurrectedâ?¦

Are you afraid?

Tales of Dark Melancholy: A Collection of Short Stories

by Paulo da Silva

An anthology of dark short stories, eerie and surreal, chilling and melancholy…

A man rolls into town on his Harley and seven graves open up. Six are filled, but who is the seventh one for?

A boy’s parents are killed. He is given in to the care of the old man in the alligator boots–the one they call Wolfman, who spends his days chewing on chicken-bones-that-aren’t-chicken-bones.

When someone dies in town, the Wolfman is always there. Always.

A boy discovers he can “pick the minds” of his friends which eventually leads him to Manzy Rammerford. She always opens the door to her ramshackle home naked, and her mind is a cesspool which drags him in and takes more than just his innocence.

…and many more dark and chilling tales.


by Russell Waterman

A Fry Cook’s infatuation for a beautiful woman drives him to the extreme.

The Grimm Presents

by Michael Pickell

Five rich men are bored with life and are in a club to witness death. When they make a deal with the Grimm Reaper, they find out how entertaining death can be.

Twelve Nightmares: A Short Tale of Madness and Despair

by Christian Warren Freed

There are demons lurking within us all.

Along the banks of the Hudson River, in a quiet town at the turn of the 20th century, the locals are gripped in a series of gruesome killings. Bodies found torn apart and discarded without regard have begun turning up and no one knows why.
Emerson Sedgewick struggles with finding his place in life. Young by every adult measure, he finds his dreams troubled. Each day he awakens to a host of bruises and cuts, but from what? Puzzled, Emerson feels the monster growing inside, breaking free during the cold hours of nightfall to commit mayhem.
It will take every ounce of strength he possesses to stop the demon from killing again. In doing so, Emerson will never be the same again. If he survives.

How the Zombie Game Is Really Played

by Dave McCourt

You are about to go on a journey that will chill the very marrow of your bones. You will enter two bizarre worlds and explore the depths of mind control.

One world is populated by a strange religious cult lead by Gabriel Love. He lures beautiful young men and women into his organization, and through sensory deprivation, torture, reward and punishment, and hallucinogenic drugs, makes them commit heinous acts that make returning to their former lives and families impossible. He brain-washes his followers until they are nothing more than mental zombies.

The other world is that of the high voodoo priest of New Orleans, Baron Samedi, a man who keeps souls in mason jars and can make the dead walk. When Gabriel Love inducts the Baron’s nephew into his cult, Baron Samedi decides it’s time to teach the old manâ?¦How the Zombie Game Is Really Played.

Looking The Other Way

by Matthew Keville

Every time you go down into the New York subway, you take a chance that you won’t come out again. That’s just the way it is. Usually, the only thing to fear is your fellow passengers. But there are other things waiting down there in the dark below the City, and sometimes the only way to stay alive is to look the other way.

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