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The Vanished

by R.C. Binstock

In 1998, two families grieve a stunning loss; in 1848, a painter contends with revolution and adversity while resisting the call of home.

THE VANISHED is an extended exploration of absenceâ??absence by death, absence by choice, all the absences that inevitably become part of our lives.

In the late 20th century two families, one in America and the other in Britain, struggle to recover from the sudden and shattering loss of three common members in an airplane explosion. The brother and uncle of the vanished, a sculptor called Malcolm, maps his way forward through his passion for a stranger and his devotion to a painting by the nineteenth-century French artist Jean François Millet.

In his own time, Millet himself manages, year after yearâ??through bad times and good, failure and successâ??to stay away from his childhood home in Normandy, whose landscape and people inspire his artistic vision. Only when his grandmother, then his mother, and finally his last remaining sister pass from the world is he able to return.

Above all, this novel concerns itself with griefâ??as a journey but also a destination and a starting place, as an affliction that ultimately provides its own antidote. The characters of THE VANISHED all pine for absent family members but for each, recovery is defined by the idiosyncratic manner in which they pine, their own special and inimitable approach to grief.

Pensamientos en el carrusel (Spanish Edition)

by JJ Hudson

Relatos cortos donde el romance y la magia van tomados de la mano, desde distintas perspectivas los personajes estarán envueltos en sus pensamientos y deseos más intrínsecos los cuales son compartidos por muchas personas quienes ignoran su existencia.

The Case of the Man Overboard (Michaela McPherson Crime Thrillers Book 3)

by Judith Lucci

Two Murders, A Man Overboard, And A Run-in With Big Pharma And Organised Crime

After an intense year of solving crime in their home town of Richmond, Virginia, Michaela, Dottie and retired canine Angel, travel to Europe to spend much needed leisure time at the Borghase Estate outside of Rome. Unfortunately, their plans are upended by a series of catastrophes.

Ë?Ë?Ë? A Vacation From Hell

A luxury cruise around the Mediterranean culminates their trip and becomes a nightmare as Mic and Dottie investigate an American pharmaceutical company’s release of a ‘dirty’ drug. The threesome meet up with lethal, dangerous and heinous criminals from their past and the cruise becomes a living hell.

How do you commit murder on a cruise ship while at sea and get away with it when there’s nowhere to run?

Ë?Ë?Ë? Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Judith Lucci does it again with this third installment in the Gold-Medal Winning Michaela McPherson Crime Series! There is something for everyone in this story. Murder, mystery, humor—another great read by Judith Lucci!

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Everything He Thought He Knew

by Marcus Lopés

Taylor was more than his lover, refuge and strength. In a world that didn’t always make sense, he made Malachi feel beautiful, worthy and alive. Now he’s gone, and Malachi doesn’t know how to live without him.
Everything He Thought He Knew is an emotional, thought-provoking male/male romance about one man who, retreating from the world after the death of his partner, finds himself unexpectedly falling for a handsome management consultant. Sparks don’t immediately fly, but the more they peel away their secrets, the more their attraction deepens. But the road to true love is never perfect, and their past could upend everything. This is a standalone romance of two ‘broken’ people searching for meaning will make you laugh, as well as mad, and will stay with you long after you’ve put it down.
Some people wait a lifetime to find their true love. When Malachi Bishop meets the handsome and charismatic Taylor Blanchard in university, he knows he’s found the one. Their powerful romance quickly blossoms, and they become inseparable.
Life is perfect. But just as they’re planning to take their relationship to the next level move into the home they bought together Taylor is killed. Malachi’s world falls apart. He doesn’t know how to live without the man who taught him what love is all about. So, pouring his energy into his writing, he quits the ‘love game’ determined to never let another man into his heart, to never be hurt again.
Until he meets Cole Malcolm, a good-looking management consultant still grieving the recent death of his younger brother. With Cole, Malachi finds himself doing the one thing he never thought he’d do again: give himself over to total intimacy. But it feels too good to be true because Malachi, who’s spent the last six years running from love, doesn’t believe that there’s such a thing as second chances.
Can Malachi finally let go of the past and open himself up to love?
*Take a chance on this provocative standalone male/male romance with no graphic sex and where happily ever after isn’t guaranteed!

Ithaca’s Soldier (Love and Transience Book 1)

by Kelly Utt-Grubb

Rocket scientist. Ex-military hero. Fiercely devoted family man, who inherited a fortune.

When George Hartmann’s past life as an Ancient Greek soldier catches up to his new life in Upstate New York, things get complicated.

Will he be able to protect the ones he loves and find lasting peace?

Perfect for fans who enjoy the suspense of James Patterson and the sentimentality and close-knit family connections of Nicholas Sparks.

Ithaca’s Soldier is the first book in the Love and Transience Series.

Journey to be Unbroken

by Natasha MacFarlane

A collection of personal poems that were written as I struggled to find the light in my life. 10% of profits will be donated to the Mood Disorder Association of Manitoba, to help support them, and people who are also living everyday with mental illness.
Thank you for your support in helping to end the stigma of mental illness, and I wish you well on your journey.

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