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Why discuss sex with your child: A practical and honest guide to teaching kids about sex and making the right choices.

by Dele Oguntimehin

In Eighty Percent Of Cases, One Or More Members Of The Community …Denied Or Minimized The Abuse…. Some Of The Victims Had Told On The Abusers. However, The Parents Of Young Victims Were Unwilling To Accept What Their Children Were Telling Them. -The Globe And Mail Of Toronto.

One of the greatest factors causing a lot of problems for children and teenagers is parents having a ‘The-world-is-safe’ or â??Kids-will-be-fine’ mentality. Apathy, denial, and doubt on the part of parents foster more abuse, with more and more cases of child sexual abuse and increasing incidences of sexually transmitted diseases among youths being recorded daily. This has brought a lot of untold suffering and pain to our young ones. The world we live in now is fast-paced -where information, both good and bad, is easily accessible and widespread more than at any other time in history- and, than ever before, more dangerous for teenagers and kids today. It is almost hard to keep up with and monitor a child’s every movement and associations. Many parents are becoming aware of the need to sensitise their children in a bid to safeguard and protect them. But many do not know how to broach the subject-The subject of sex! When is too soon? How much information is too much? In this book which is filled with well-researched information, practical examples, and touching, true stories, you will be faced with thought provoking and stimulating teaching on the need to arm your children with the right information. You will learn:
-Why discussing sex with your kids is very important.
– Ways to initiate this discussion and innovative ways to have this conversation.
– How to become friends with your child.
– Specific and practical information tailored to every age group.
– Appropriate responses to your child’s enquiries.
– How kids can deal with peer-pressure and external influences.

Written in a simple and clear manner, *Why Discuss Sex With Your Child* is a must read for every parent, guardian, and care giver. This is a book that you must not miss as a parent and a counsellor. So grab your copy NOW with a single click so you can start taking action to protect your kids from sexual abuse or negative effects of peer pressure.

”Well written! A must read book by parents, counsellors, students advisers, children teachers in churches and other social institution that deal with children and teenagers.” – Ola Akinkunmi (Author of GOLDEN CHOICE and THE BLESSED SISTERS)
“Clear, concise and superb. ..really impressed. have done a superb job with this somewhat ‘difficult’ subject.” – G.H. Neale (Author of ARCHIPELAGO) .

Love Strategy: More Love – No Bombs

by David Molina

Is Violence out of control?

Do you see terrorism ending very soon?

What about child abuse, domestic violence, homicides, racism? Do you sincerely see them ending in the near future?

Why is it that, as the governments fight violence with their police and armies, crime continues to grow instead of decrease? Crime grows instead of diminish because violence engenders violence. And the problem is that if things continue getting worst as they are, a 3rd world war could breakout at any moment. If the aforesaid doesn’t make you react, what will? The truth is, somebody has to do something.

Where do we start? I say we start with number one and that happens to be you. Are you a peaceful individual? Are you teaching your children the same values? Are you helping somebody who is in need?

Let’s take a look at the world situation.

“Measuring peace in a complex world: the 2018 Global Peace Index shows the world is less peaceful today than at any time in the last decade.
â?¦The results of the 2018 GPI find that the global level of peace has deteriorated by 0.27% in the last year, marking the fourth successive year of deteriorations. Ninety-two countries deteriorated, while 71 countries improved. The 2018 GPI reveals a world in which the tensions, conflicts, and crises that emerged in the past decade remain unresolved, especially in the Middle East, resulting in a gradual, sustained fall in peacefulness.”

“â?¦2. The economic impact of violence on the global economy in 2017 was $14.76 trillion in purchasing power parity (PPP) terms. This figure is equivalent to 12.4% of the world’s economic activity (gross world product) or $1,988 for every person.”

Check the Global Peace Index 2018 at:

This book will give you ideas to make this world a happier and more peaceful place to live in.

Complicated Simplicities

by Jameel Watson

How can I praise a woman, then take advantage of her for the same things I praised her for? Why do I get so much joy from disrupting a woman’s life, just to leave after I feel as though she learned the lesson I thought she needed to be taught? It’s rumored that a good woman changes a man, but men don’t change. We begin to realize what we are and get scared. So do you accept a man for who he is, or do you leave him for the same reasons you chose to entertain him? The mind of a rehabilitated man is a fascinating one. They say a good woman will always trump philosophy.

The House In Laguna Niguel

by Pete Marchesi

A refreshing book. The writer shows original style and fortitude.

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