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Weihnachtsrezepte: Mit diesem Rezeptbuch wird das Weihnachtsessen und Weihnachtsfest stressfrei zum Genuss! Die besten 90 Rezepte für Anfänger, durch die … Inkl. Adventskalender (German Edition)

by Elena Sonnhofner

� Neu und nur für kurze Zeit im Angebot!

90 Fabelhafte und leckere Rezepte


Alles was Sie für eine unvergessliche Weihnachtszeit benötigen!

Suchen Sie an diesem Weihnachtsfest nach den besten Rezepten, um die Weihnachtszeit zu feiern?

Die Weihnachtsfeiern kommen und wir können es kaum erwarten, sie zu feiern. Was ist besser als ein schmackhaftes Gericht, das zu Ehren der Feiertage zubereitet wird?

Von der Vorspeise bis zum Dessert war das Feiern von Weihnachten noch nie so appetitlich! Zusätzlich gibt es viele Backrezepte und auch die Getränke kommen nicht zu kurz.

Backen und Kochen Sie zusammen mit Ihren Kindern und genie�en Sie die Köstlichkeiten die ich Ihnen nun zeigen werde.

Diese Rezepte werden Sie Kennenlernen:

    Truthahnbraten mit Pfirsich Glasur und Rosmarin
    Schneemann – Pfannkuchen mit Speck
    Spargel mit cremiger Mandelvinaigrette gebacken
    Muscheln in Schinken gewickelt

    Kekse mit weiÃ?er Schokolade und Preiselbeeren
    Schweinsohr mit Zucker und Zimt
    Brot mit Rosmarin im Blumentopf

    Schneemann Moccachino
    HeiÃ?e Schokolade Pfefferminz im Schmortopf

…und viele weitere mehr!

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by Jenn McKay

tenders is a short poetry collection which explores the themes of love, grief, freedom and interconnectedness through the point of view of an empath. These seven pieces feel most at home identifying as metamodern free verse, though the reader may find structure randomly throughout.

Fitness Rezepte: EiweiÃ?reiche Desserts (German Edition)

by Sascha Laiser

Du möchtest abnehmen, kannst aber nicht auf Sü�igkeiten verzichten? Dann ist dieses Rezeptebuch genau das Richtige für dich. Denn damit kannst du abnehmen aber trotzdem naschen. Hier werden die richtigen Zutaten verwendet. Diese sü�en Gerichte sind lecker, gesund und vor allem zucker- und kalorienarm. Du wirst garantiert nicht zunehmen, versprochen! Hallo sü�e Traumfigur!

Dally London

by Dally London

Original poetry and prose written from the pulse of a broken heart. Buy if you want. Don’t if you don’t. I am grateful you even clicked the link. Cheers.

A Decade: Rethinking The Meaning of Life

by Christopher Krenisky

Even from a very young age, Christopher Krenisky knew that there were serious problems in the world. His inability to voice his concerns about the issues quickly led him to suspect that he had been programmed like millions of others to accept life as it was. But he wasn’t about to accept that.  He began expressing himself in poetry as a way of making sense of the world and now with his book, A Decade: Rethinking the Meaning of Life, he brings some of his own thoughts and ideas to a wider audience than ever before.A decade old and deeply rooted in the struggles of life that we all face, of profound thinking and of the destiny we all share, this collection of meaningful life poems, personal experiences and adventure have all the makings of a book designed to make us think far beyond the limits of our front door. From the thought provoking 91 North to Somewhere, to the futuristic and frightening ideas in Party Liners, each poem serves the reader with a moment to reflect and make some sense of a world that has somehow gone wrong and mad all at the same time.

i-Infinity: & Other Poems

by Trevor Graham

i-Infinity follows the near infinite life of a conscious computer program that weaves its way through wires to guide humanity to the stars.

The Poems and Teachings of His Majesty the Crown Prince Obimingo Oboginimi

by Prince Oboginimi

The style, grace and insight of Prince Oboginimi’s poetry has been ranked with such notables as E.E. Cummings, Pablo Neruda and T.S. Eliot. One critic said, “His words are magical. They take you on an incredible journey.”

Perhaps the most mysterious member of royalty in the world is Prince Obimingo Oboginimi. He is believed to be a direct descendant of the first King of central Africa’s Bantu people.

The Prince who lives a secretive life has never been photographed and was unknown to the outside world until 2017.

As a nomad, he silently travels the vast aboriginal jungles of central Africa with his wives, children and a small legion of extremely loyal guards comprised from various Bantu clans. The guards have sworn a holy oath to protect him and the divine secrets.

For years the various Kings of Bantu’s have kept his existence secret, for he is considered the holy of holies. The Kings have warmed they will defend him at all cost and defend his words.

He has only been seen and provided an audience with an outsider once; that person was a missionary.

He’s said to be a brilliant man, 30 years old, tall, muscular, light skinned, exceptionally handsome with piecing blue eyes. He has white hair and beard. He exhibits no fear.

He dresses in animal skins and teaches peace and respect for all and nature.

Some consider him a shaman, but most believe he is an oracle of God. His thoughts, teachings, and poems will heal the world.

The Prince is said to speak in riddles and short statements, and this book represents his spoken words to his followers.

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