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Aristotle: Complete Works (Active TOC) (Prometheus Classics )

by Aristotle

Aristotle (384-322 BCE) was a Greek philosopher and student of Plato who stunningly changed the course of Western philosophy. He has gone down in history as one of the greatest philosophers of all time. Cicero, the Roman statesman and philosopher, once called his writing style “a river of gold;” and his scope of thought and subsequent influence on the study of science, logic, philosophical discourse, and theology has led many to dub him “The Philosopher.”

The Anti-New York Times / 2018 / Quarter 3: Rebuttals to the Lies, Omissions and New World Order Bias of the Paper of Record (Volume 14)

by M S King

Since its founding in 1851 by Republican Henry Jarvis Raymond, The NY Times has been a big player in shaping public opinion. But it was not until 1896 that the Times took a turn to the internationalist Left when it was purchased by a German-Jew named Adolph Ochs. In 1897, Ochs himself would coin the paper’s now famous self-serving slogan, printed on its masthead every day ever since: “All the News That’s Fit to Print”. Ochs’ daughter married Arthur Hays Sulzberger, who became publisher when Adolph died. Ochs’ great grandson Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. is the publisher of the NY Times today. So, for 1.2 centuries, America’s most influential propaganda sheet has been in the hands of the same Zionist-Marxist family. Count on The Times to promote big government, Globalism, phony environmentalism, Israel, the Fed, and endless wars. Just how powerful is what your fighting author likes to refer to “Sulzberger’s Slimes”? The erudite writer Gore Vidal may have been a morally degenerate sodomite who was wrong about many things, but his reference to the Slimes as “the Typhoid Mary of American journalism” was as spot-on as it was witty. One need only glance at the morning headlines of “the paper of record”, and then take note of how the superficial infomercials known as “the Nightly News” will so often pick up on whatever front page fairy-tale that the Manhattan Mendacity Machine spun that very same morning. Like some journalistic plague; the virus of lies, half-truths and cherry-picked data then infects the unguarded minds of the whole country, and indeed, the world. Such is the indisputable power and undeserved “prestige” of this dreadful “Orwellian” institution. The Anti-New York Times was originally established as, and still is, a pay-to-view daily sub-page of Beginning in 2015, the collected rebuttals to the Slimes’ Spin were published in Quarterly book format – which you now hold in your hands. To best understand the bare-knuckled and often humorous rebuttals, it is recommended that readers also purchase and study, Planet Rothschild: The Forbidden History of the New World Order. That will give you a firm grounding in REAL history while The Anti-New York Times informs you of the contemporary world which had grown out of that tragic history. When gathered in one place, the rebuttals expose The Slimes as a deceitful naked Emperor. If the Slimes is the disease of deception, let The Anti-New York Times be your antidote of truth.

Make a Democratic Blue Wave More Than Talk

by Earl Ofari Hutchinson

In October 2018, a succession of Democrats shot back at Trump. For a change they skipped the political niceties and got down and dirty with him. Former Attorney General Eric Holder urged a campaign crowd in Georgia that “when they go low, we kick em’.” This was a clever turn on the take the high road, gentile admonition from former First Lady Michelle Obama to fight GOP gutter attacks with gentile dignity. Then Hillary Clinton went on the offensive and implored Democrats to scrap any notion of being civil with the GOP. There was more Democratic pugnaciousness with the reminder that former Vice President Joe Biden cracked back in March 2018, that he’d “beat the hell” out of Trump for his profane sexual cracks about women. (He apologized later).

So, did this litany of schoolyard taunts and bluster from top Democrats actually mean that the Democrats would or could get just as mean and ornery as Trump? Were they now ready to take the gloves off and go toe-to-toe with him and the GOP in dirt and mud-slinging? This was exactly what legions of Trump loathers had been screaming at the Democrats to do. The time for polite discourse was long past. Trump and the GOP had made sure of that. The proof of that was that the GOP had a near vise like grip on the three branches of the federal government and a majority of state legislature and governorships. The go high on Trump had done nothing to change this.
It now was time to get down and dirty. But just swapping insults with Trump and the GOP wouldn’t reverse the Democrat’s slide, let alone boot Trump from the White House in 2020. The daunting task for the Democrats was to find a way to win, and keep winning, elections. Political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson takes a laser look at what went wrong for the Democrats. And what they will have to do to find their political bearings. Make a Democratic Blue Wave More than Talk presents a sharp look at the problems the Democrats face in regaining their local and national political footing and what exactly they can and must do to overcome them and be that winning party again.

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