Free religious fiction Kindle books for 26 Oct 18

It is Finished: The last thoughts in the mortal life of Jesus Christ as seen through the mind of: Dean C. Williams

by Dean C. Williams

This book about the last days/hours of the life of Jesus. This is a fictional book where I was trying to come up with the thoughts that he may have had in his last days and hours. We know some because some of the words that were spoken by him have been recorded in the Bible but not all and it does no give any indication of what he was thinking. This is all strictly from my imagination. I have done my best and try to be true to the spirit of Jesus and his love.
What I do know with reasonable certainty is that his love for those around him and those that would be coming after knew no bounds or restrictions. His love for them and for us was totally without conditions. No where in the Bible have I found a passage where either God or Jesus said “I will love you if you will do x y z.” Their love was unconditional and all encompassing. There is nothing we can say, think or do that will cause either to stop loving us and there is nothing we can do to deserve it.
That is the story of his last days. He could have easily stopped what was happening at any time, he had the power, but out of his love for us he did not. To me his love is real because I feel it every day. I, like many, tend to get caught up on the every day activities of living and his affect on me is not emphasized at all but it is always there. When we take the time to open our hearts to it we can feel that love unmistakably. That is always our choice but his love never stops and is full strength all the time.
This book is from my heart. I believe that it is divinely inspired. The thoughts that are attributed to Jesus are from my head but I believe that He would have thought similar thoughts when He was here. It is my hope and prayer that he is blessing this endeavor.

Warrior: Contemporary Christian Romantic Suspense (Dangerous Series Book 7)

by Linda K. Rodante

Christian Romantic Suspense: For three years, Kati Walsh has hunkered down at a new place of worship to dab at church-inflicted wounds. Her one outreach is to her kickboxing friends at the gym, but she’s been praying for God to stir her heart again. But she’s not sure that the new assistant pastor and his friend Reece Jernigan are what she asked forâ??because Assistant Pastor Josh Corbin plans to win the hearts of the north-side neighborhood, mostly described as “the hood.”

When Josh plans a prayer walk in the neighborhood, both the congregation and the police are wary, but Josh insists that prayer works. He believes in spiritual warfareâ??prayer, praise, and the Word of God. Reece, on the other hand, has been on the streets before, and his weapon of choice is a 9mm Glock. Two close friends with differing perspectives and both with an eye on Kati. But they’re not the only onesâ??the gang leader from the north side has taken an unexpected interest in Kati, too.

Reviewer Lin Sollecchio: “I LOVED this story. The struggle within us that goes on when Satan attacks and tries to rob us of our faith and our ability to fight evil is very compelling. As a reader, I had a few â??aha’ moments of clarity and frequently thought â??Yes!’ â?¦ I was also teary eyed a lotâ?¦ I love your ministry through your writing.”

Someday, Maybe.for Sure!

by Linda DuBose

After a year of searching in vain for their missing coed daughter, an odd statement from an unlikely source leads Shelby Benton’s parents and her friend Adam to start their own investigation where the police will not go, the prestigious Hamilton estate. What family secrets will they discover? Will they ever learn what happened to Shelby? Someday, maybe…for sure!

American Judas

by Mickey Dubrow

Seth and Maggie Ginsberg do their best to navigate an oppressive theocracy where fundamental Christianity is the only legal religion, and abortion, homosexuality, and adultery are outlawed. When a co-worker outs Seth as a Jew, Seth escapes to Mexico, while Maggie is sent to a Savior Camp. American Judas is a dystopian tale about a young couple’s life after opportunistic U.S. politicians abolish the wall of separation between Church and State.

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