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by Mark Carver

CJ Mills is on the verge of a mental breakdown.

After a miscarriage and a bar brawl resulting in a dishonorable discharge from the military, CJ wonders how things could get any worse. When her well-meaning but naive husband volunteers both of them for a mission of goodwill to a distant planetary colony infamous for its debauchery and lawlessness, CJ finds out just how deep the darkness can be.

Tragedy throws her into a nightmare beyond her wildest imagination. Stranded on a far-flung planet with little hope of survival, CJ makes her choice: she will not be a victim. She sets out to find answers and to punish those responsible, but what she discovers is too terrifying to even imagine.

As she blasts through blood and bone and steel, CJ finds herself inexorably drawn into the vortex that she came to confront, and she realizes the darkness she fights has been growing in her own soul. Blinded by rage and praying for a miracle, CJ comes face-to-face with a question that all of us fear to answer:


A Distant Moon: A Sci-fi Novella

by Erik DeLeo

When wrecking your spaceship was the best part of your day, you know you’ve got problems.

All Reg wanted to do was pick up some scrap metal and return to his unhappy home on the overcrowded planet of Skriff. But eking out an existence in the unforgiving emptiness of space takes a turn for the worse when his ship loses power and sends him and his robot Raul crashing to the surface of the far-flung MO-1038-5. And that’s the high point of their day.

A Distant Moon is the intriguing prequel novella to the Sentience trilogy. If you like interplanetary tales and unlikely heroes with a bit of humor, then you’ll love this fast-paced space adventure. 

Buy A Distant Moon today. Unexpected enemies await!

War in the Void: A Galactic Wars Prequel

by Tripp Ellis

The war has raged for years.
The Federation is losing.
Only a miracle can save humanity.

An opportunity to steal alien technology could turn the tide. Aria Slade always wanted her own command, but not like this. When Captain Barclay is killed, Slade takes command of the Excelsior and is in for the most harrowing mission of her life.

When an alien warship sends a destress signal, Slade and her crew race to recover its secret cargo. But the disabled vessel is in a treacherous part of space, from which few have ever returned. And the vicious aliens will stop at nothing to keep the humans from gaining their technology.

Can Slade lead her new crew to victory?

If you like big spaceships, space battles, and space marines, you’ll love the Galactic Wars Series.

Note: This short prequel takes place a long time ago, toward the end of the First Verge War in the year 2357.

Grab your copy and get reading!

The Last App

by Michael L. Eads

It was the spring of 2010. Steve Jobs had come to terms with his illness and fate. Instead of succumbing to it, he embraced it. He assembled the greatest scientific minds of our time into a group he affectionately called, The Super Seven.

The task The Super Seven undertook was ambitious and ambiguous. Something attempted by many great men including Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison and even Harry Houdini, but with little results.

After several months they finally create The Last App, which attempts to answer the questions that have haunted mankind since he wondered where his place was in the universe.

By fate or chance the mysteries of the human existence are bestowed on one peculiar man who reluctantly visits a remote warehouse in Palo Alto, California. There, not only does he discover the fragile balance between life and death, but also why mankind’s unquenchable need to understand his origins sometimes leaves him with more questions than answers.


Steve Jobs nodded and the lights dimmed. Everyone was a little scared at first because they didn’t know what to expect. As the lights dimmed the thick glass in the sky bridge darkened. The floor beneath the super seven was actually insulated with six inches of rubber. In fact, everything in the warehouse that needed to be insulated was. Jobs looked over at them and said, “It’s Showtime.”

Near-Death Experience: Paranormal Thriller

by John Meany

Near-death experiences are subject to debate.

Many people in the scientific community have disputed their validity, claiming that NDEs are impossible, that they might seem real to the people experiencing them but are merely fantasies created by brains under duress.

However, in one man’s case, New York advertising executive Luke Sanford, that theory went out the window.

After a serious car accident in New Jersey on the Garden State Parkway, Luke, who had been pronounced dead on the operating table for twenty minutes, suddenly opened his eyes. His surgeons were completely shocked; they had already placed the sheet over his face. The next step for Luke would have been having an autopsy performed on his dead body. How did his heart start beating again, how did Luke return to life?

During his near-death experience Luke was not only convinced that he had floated out of his body and had looked down at himself on the operating table, he had also floated out of the hospital, above the roof and up into a bright light that was spilling down from the clouds. Then he entered another dimension and instead of Jesus, he had met strange entities, light beings and aliens. This experience would forever change how he viewed organized religion.

EMERGENCE: Infestation

by JT Sawyer

In the aftermath of the pandemic, humanity is on the cusp of extinction as the mutant undead sweep throughout the world. The deadly virus has created a new predator that is far more intelligent and ruthless than anything mankind has ever faced. And the threat from the alphas is increasing as they evolve. Epidemiologist Selene Munroe comes up with a daring solution for gaining a foothold against the deadly virus, but will it be enough to save the human race before it’s too late? On another front, CIA operative Will Reisner and his team need to join forces with an unlikely ally to prevent another cyber-attack that could thrust the entire country into the dark ages. Battling legions of parasite-ridden creatures to get to their objective, Reisner finds his resolve stretched to the limit. Loyalties are tested and he must come to grips with a shocking reality that could jeopardize his team’s already uncertain future.

Emergence Book 1: Infection
Emergence Book 2: Infestation
Emergence Book 3: Incursion
Emergence Book 4: Eradication
Emergence Book 5: Extinction

Dance With The Draz

by Robert Brooks

The family crash lands on a forbidden planet with humanoid inhabitants who raise gigantic ravenous creatures called Draz. These monsters are born starving and will eat anything including humans and one another. The had been the scourge of the galaxy destroying whole worlds for over a thousand years. There are billions of Draz that were placed on Belseldraz where they are kept in herds as food. They must be fed continuously lest the inhabitants become the next meal. If you are unlucky enough to get stuck on Belseldraz you are never permitted to leave.

This backward society is ruled by fear. In order for the family to survive it takes on the ruling criminal element and the fear they have enforced.

Welcome to Belseldraz…

X: A Short Story

by Jack Croxall

X knows she’s as good as dead. Seems like the perfect time to start a diary.

Shacked up in a farmhouse cellar, a doomed survivor calling herself ‘X’ starts a diary to document her final few days. Much less than a few days if the uglies manage to get in.

X is a post-apocalyptic short story from Jack Croxall, author of the Tethers trilogy.

Praise For X

A luminous, captivating tale perfect for giving you one of those reading “moments”.
Liz Loves Books

I was left with a genuine shiver down my spine.
– D.M. Cain, author of The Phoenix Project

Reaction (The End of the Iron Age Book 1)

by Seth M. Baker


Amadeus is a smart guy, but not much of a fighter, and an even worse fugitive, which is unfortunate, because one moment the life he knows comes to an end, and the next he’s wanted for his father’s murder.

Just when things can’t get any worse, Amadeus learns that he’s been thrown into a conflict that could lead to the end of everything and everyone he’s ever loved.

With his father’s revolutionary–and dangerous–research in hand, Amadeus will have to traverse the world in search of allies, all while staying one step ahead of his pursuers.

Mayhem, danger, and deception abound. Amadeus’ powerful enemies have brought the world to the brink of an apocalypse, and Amadeus must bring it back … or die trying.

The End of the Iron Age: Reaction is an action-packed thrill ride careening through a near-future full of dark secrets. Fans of Daniel Suarez, Michael Crichton, and Andy Weir are sure to fall in love with the fast-paced twists and turns of Reaction.

R F8: (Our Fate)

by Daniel Needles

1F U R READNIG TIHS U R HUMAN AND NOT MACHNIE…B*E*W*A*R*E … My ysetreday waz 1K yrs from tAdoy. My wordz R UR f8. TH3 B.3.A.S.T 1S N3AR.R F8 (Our Fate) opens lnog after a botchd alien invasoin taht decimtaed both HUMAN and alien alike. Ash is a half Wisp (elf-like) half Grummel (dwarf-like) teenager livnig aomng the Grummels. As Ash hits PUBERTY, his Wisp traits kick in: keen seneses and sensitiivties with heihgtened emotoins. However, his Grummel traits don’t appaer: strnegth, ruggednes, and fearlessnes. Ash and his peers don’t understnad nor accpet who he is. He is atttacked from wihtin and withuot.Life chnges wehn an anceint satellite carrynig the BEAST, a reproducng METAL armmy, crashes into the forest. The Grummels c it as a sign and banish Ash. Ash finds the decimatd Wisp race and laerns the ohter half of hilsmef. In the end, both races c olny Ash is fully HUMAN and can master the mnachies and save them from exterminatoin. The final lesson falls when his brotehr, Arrowthorn, lands the death blow, and is recoginzed as the savior. Though special, Ash is like everynoe else and must: face life, find his own way, and do the the right thnig when tested.”R-F8″ @ tells my teengae jouenry wtih undiagnsoed AUTISM whlie livnig amnog “NORMALS” and how i accetped myself and my plcae aomng ohetrs whlie comnig to age. Written entierly in code, “R-F8” pclaes “NORMALS” in an alien setting to show the struggles of autism from the inisde out – the sensory overload, the emotoinal stress of “Fitting in”, and being stuck in “thniking through” life snice the internal wiring taht mkaes life flow and feel natrual is mssiing. The reader expereinces: fatigue, disconnecton from waht u feel, and being stuck in ur head. Fnailly, “R F8” gives: the SENSE of alienation, emotional dependence on ohetrs, and non-accetpnace taht olny the sufferer can resovle by self-accetpnace and self-care deispte being differnet and how to use it all for the graeter good.

Tomorrow’s Demise: The Extinction Campaign

by Christian Warren Freed

Tomorrow’s Demise: The Extinction Campaign
Some men are destined for greatness. Most grind through life and are forgotten by the pages of history. But some men, they become the stuff of legend. Even legends go through Hell to discover their true selves. Aradias Kane was a child when he watched Berserkers kill his family. Vowing revenge, Kane became a Slayer: a nomadic order of men and women dedicated to removing the Berserker threat. Kane’s adventures take him across the desert, gathering others to his cause. His actions become hurried upon learning the galactic Imperium has dispatched an assault division to Helscape. Instead of helping eradicate the Berserkers, the Imperium intends to capture them and use them in their war.

Nathan Bourne watches his future dwindle with each passing day. His wife left him and took his child and he has a dead end job in the local police force. He needs change but doesn’t know where to turn. The choice is stolen from him the night his partner is murdered by a pack of Berserkers who have discovered a portal between worlds. Nathan chases them back to Helscape and becomes trapped between the Berserkers and soldiers of the Imperium. Only by teaming with Kane does he stand a chance of getting back to Earth.

Two men from different worlds will be forced to band together to survive the coming storm. Even that might not be enough.

Tomorrow’s Demise is an all new military science fiction adventure set on a desolate world filled with genetically created monsters and the dwindling local population fighting them. Get your copy today and begin the adventure.

Time to Reflect

by Richard Jesse

Two lovers get separated by time. For one it is instantly an adventure to be reunited with his true love. Will he give up the quest? For the other there is disbelief in her adventure. Will disbelief cause her to give up? Both encounter someone and some things that could prevent them coming together again. But can true love conquer every obstacle. Is it true that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

In Too Deep (A Carlie Simmons Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Book 2)

by JT Sawyer

After narrowly escaping from the undead hordes in Tucson with the president’s daughter and her small band of survivors, Secret Service Agent Carlie Simmons is finally headed to safety in New Mexico. As new information emerges on the global pandemic, she and her team of operators have to leave their secure military facility to track down the origins of the virus before more people die. Crossing the country and international waters while plagued by the growing menace of flesh-eating zombies, Carlie finds herself in a race against time on a mission that exposes a secret experiment borne from the Cold War. But the greatest danger may not come from the emerging legions of putrescent creatures as tension within her group threatens to undermine her leadership.

In Too Deep is the nailbiting sequel to Until Morning Comes and picks up immediately after the first novel. Approximately 50K words.

About the Author: JT Sawyer is the pen name for the author who makes his living teaching survival courses for the military special operations community, Department of Homeland Security, US Marshals, FAA, and other federal agencies throughout the US. He has over 25 years of experience testing long-term survival skills in the desert, mountains, and forest. JT also served as a consultant for the film Into the Wild. For more information, visit

The Purple River

by Shane Cogan

A Kingdom on the brink of destruction. A planet fragmented by mystical magic.

THE PURPLE RIVER is a fantasy/sci-fi novel with a dystopian theme.

A page turning debut in the tradition of Brandon Sanderson (Cosmere Universe), the Purple River is a thriller fuelled by an inter-planetary mystery – and a fight to save an entire civilisation from destruction by underworld entities and magic.

The Purple River is a story about magic and tribal conflicts. A world in denial about its violent past. Planet Atis appears peaceful, but faces a battle for survival against underworld deities.

“There was only darkness. It rubbed its eyes. Once. Twice, then it jabbed at them harder. As the creature opened its eyelids, it could finally see. It could not recall being able to use its eyes before. It looked around to view its surroundings. The landscape was flat and red with thick dust on its surface. What is this place? Where am I? Am Iâ?¦ alone?”

“The guard held a metallic object in his hand. The object was as big as the guard’s index finger. King Fareth’s expression reflected that of the guard’s – astonishment. â??This is impossible. We have not seen anything like this sinceâ?¦ the great war,’ Fareth gasped. â??But what is it?’ asked the guard. â??It’sâ?¦ a bullet.'”

The story develops with news of a crime on Planet Atis in a distant galaxy: the wife of King Fareth has disappeared, with a bullet found at the edge of a lake where she was last seen. However, the incident is highly unusual as there has been no crime whatsoever on the planet for 300 years. Planet Atis has no army, police force, security or any form of guards.

Puzzling as this crime looks, it’s not the heart of the mystery. Coupled with this crisis, there are murmurings of strange dark deities (borrowed from Celtic mythology, such as the Balor, Naiads and the Kelpie) on the planets highest mountain, and shape shifting creatures in the dense forests, close to the Palace and capital city (Aria), where most of the populace live.

The ruling tribe of the King, The Tarracullans, are also being threatened by their historical enemy, the Yarracullans.

There is also the presence of a creature on another planet, whom are on a journey of self discovery. But who exactly is this other being on another planet and are they connected to Atis? Who are these new dark deities that reside on the planet’s largest mountain? And what is it with the Kings brother and his special telepathic power and magic in the nearby forest?


by Jude LaHaye

Dr. Albert Clarke and his lovely wife, Phyllis, have seventeen children. No twins. They have a three-bedroom house. They have a problem. Dr. Clarke has developed the science to “freeze-dry” a human being into its two basic elements: it’s essence, or personality or “soul” if you prefer, and its physical component. When a human being is whole, he is a Person. When reduced to its two basic components, he is a Product. Products are shelved and rotated into activity periodically in the Clarke household to ensure that the number of Persons active at any given time is manageable.
One day, Dr. Clarke is rotating his “stock” and manages to put the Essence of his seven-year old daughter, Katie, into the Physical body of her eight-year old brother, Larry. Dr. Clarke, up to this point, did not know that this was even possible. He would never have purposely tried to intermingle Essences and Physicalities. He was certain that the Persons involved in such a blunder would not survive the trauma.
But they did. No negative effects were realized as a result of putting one person’s Essence into another person’s Physical Plant, or body.
The ramifications of this successful transfer are enormous, and Dr. Clarke realizes it right away. His science means that sick or elderly rich people could take over the bodies of the healthy poor. Spies could shed identities and put on new ones like a pair of gloves. Armies could conscript bigger and stronger bodies for its ground troops…. The list of the potential misuses of his science went on and on.
And unfortunately, word of his science leaked. It leaked to a man with a position and the authority to take possession of it and to misuse it to support not only the misguided national leaders who employed him, but also to satisfy his own nefarious purposes.
Join the Clarke family as they unite to oppose the powers which rise to change the entire order of the human race. Who will win? Humanity? Or only selected humans?

Halcyon Park

by Evan James Clark

No Machine shall think.
No Machine shall kill.
No Man shall become as Machine.

Archie Robledo is a hunted man.

A veteran of the brutal anti-cybernetics wars, he awakens from a coma as the very thing he has fought against: a prototype super-soldier and walking nuclear weapon. His existence is a capital offense, punishable by dismantlement. Survival means living off the grid, using assumed identities and taking aid from underworld contacts.

Offered work as an engineer at a beachfront park, he sees an opportunity to afford an escape into friendlier nations. Yet a series of ill-fated gambles by the park’s management threaten to uncover a hotbed of criminal activity, Archie’s presence included. Pursued by the relentless detectives of the Tech-Crimes division, his escape and freedom on the line, Archie turns his unique abilities to a new trade: bank robbery.

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