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Keep Moving: Take Steps to Relieve Pain & Improve Your Life

by Maggie Downie

Keep Moving is a practical, yet playful, guide for pain relief without drugs or surgery so that you can finally feel good in your body again. Pain from a recurring injury, disease, surgery, or general wear and tear is frustrating, exhausting, and can make you afraid to move. Learning what your body needs along with simple changes you can make every day, can help alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, and increase your quality of life.

This is not just another book of exercises, but provides helpful illustrations, amusing stories, new research, and spot-on advice. Maggie Downie shows you proven pain management techniques to help you relieve chronic or acute pain in your body. You’ll discover:

  • Changes you can make in daily life, without standard exercise to reduce pain,
  • Ways to help prevent getting re-injured when adding movement back into your life,
  • Simple, easy-to-follow exercises that you can do, even while reading this book,
  • Techniques to alleviate common problems, like lower back pain and neck tension,
  • How to reduce the fear you’ve developed around moving and rekindle the joy of becoming active again,
  • And fun, informative cartoons of how your body works, so that you can keep moving with confidence.

Once you understand how your body moves and why pain strikes the way it does, you can begin to reverse the pain, get out of the endless pain loop, and get your life back again.

How To Be Self-Sustainable: Everything You Need To Live Well

by Eliza Bell

The term self-sustainable living seems to be spreading and gaining momentum but it seems that a lot of people are unsure of what it is or how to implement it. Self-sustainable living is all about perspective. Some may picture self-sustainable living as living in the middle of nowhere while producing your own food, water, and energy in a cottage or even a trailer.

Others may view self-sustainable living as making their homes energy efficient with solar panels, wind turbines or maybe a geothermal unit while growing some food. Self-sustainable living is a way of life. It causes independence and freedom and allows a lasting and prosperous future. If you’re creating your own food, water, and energy as well as creating prosperity for yourself, you are completely self-sustained. Over in this book, we’ll give you an overview in greater details that can help you pave an extra option and path you can take in the near future.

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – What Is Self Sustainable Living and Why We Need It

Chapter 2 – 4 Ways You Can Be Self Sustaining

Chapter 3 – Urban Farming For Self-Sustainability

Chapter 4 – Garden Accessories of the Future Are Green Walls

Chapter 5 – Self Sufficient Living – You Can Do It

Chapter 6 – Home Vegetable Gardening

Chapter 7 – Self-Sustainable: The Common Way

Chapter 8 – The Wave of the Future

Einstein had it… Part LXIV: Origin of the 6 â??Infinity Stonesâ? inside the Einstein-Field-Equations

by Norbert Schwarzer

What are the infinity stones? We found the answer here:
and it reads:
“The Collector gave us the lowdown on the Gems in Guardians of the Galaxy, explaining that they are “six singularities… forged into concentrated ingots” at the birth of the universe.”
The author had no knowledge (no conscious knowledge anyway) about this Marvel version of the big bang when he investigated the possibility of a one-dimensional entity to evolve [1, 2]. Applying only the Einstein-Field-Equations and this very one entity (nothing else is required), the author of these papers found a state where the one-dimensional space is forced to explode into fundamental properties. Most intriguingly, the number of such fundamental properties must always be 6 (!).
As a typical ivory-tower scientist, this author did not see the connection to the fictive Marvel-universe, and when it was pointed out to him by his four kids, he saw this as one of these typical accidents, which are permanently occurring in the (real) universe. Now, however, another equally amazing fact (coincidence) was found and the author starts to doubt the accidental character of these findings (not very seriously, of course).
As we will see in this paper, namely, there is even more. In exactly 6 dimensions, the Ricci-scalar will take on its simplest form and the principle unity of Quantum Theory and General Theory of Relativity becomes easily visible.
Did the creators of the Marvel universe know that?
Of course not, but still the fact of the peculiar agreement of the 6 fictive fundamental properties in the Marvel universe and the 6 real ones in the other (hopefully real) universe, merits a few illustrative thoughts about a unified theory in 6 dimensions.
[1] N. Schwarzer, “Einstein had it, but he did not see it – Part LX: The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Creation of a Universe”,, ASIN: B07HRLLMFS
[2] N. Schwarzer, “Einstein had it, but he did not see it – Part LXI: Don’t Panic in a Universe with Only One Dimension”,, ASIN: B07HZ1ZV8R

Skinwalker Ranch: Tales Of The Skinwalker

by Ryan Skinner

The Skinwalker is deeply embedded in the Native American lore of the peoples indigenous to the Four Corners of the American Southwest. Though contemporary archaeologists and anthropologists have uncovered significant evidence of its presence in the art of the ancient peoples which inhabited the Great Basin and surrounding lands prior to the tribes which were to follow, there is no explanation for its originâ??beyond an alternate plane or spirit worldâ??or its eventual, and temporary, disappearance. Regardless, history documents that the Skinwalker was again drawn forth by the Shaman of the Navajo to avenge the cruelty of their enemy, the Ute. To this day, the Skinwalker remains among us, haunting a corridor among the hills and canyons known as the Path of the Skinwalker. Here in these pages is a collection of actual modern Skinwalker encounters told by those who came face to face with this frightening and supernatural being.

Leaky Gut, Microbiome, Adrenal Fatigue, Inflammation, Liver Toxicity, Stress & Diet: IBS, Acne, Eczema, Mental Health, Allergies, Weight Loss, Autoimmune Disease. Holistic Therapies, Nutrition & Food

by Dr. Ameet Aggarwal ND

Overcome leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, inflammation, sadness, anxiety, depression, burnout, health issues, mood and sex problems with nutrition, healthy foods, self help exercises, holistic therapies, mind healing and trauma / PTSD therapy.

Dr. Ameet’s complete book, Heal Your Body, Cure Your Mind, helps you Improve happiness, health, peace of mind and confidence by combining holistic therapies, detailed nutrition, self help mind healing exercises and foods to treat:

**Leaky gut & Inflammation
**Adrenal Fatigue, Depression & Anxiety
**Trauma, negative beliefs, low self esteem & painful memories
**Liver toxicity, Thyroid & hormonal health

**Which low inflammatory foods, supplements and probiotics heal leaky gut, inflammation, depression and anxiety
**Amino acids, nutrition, homeopathic remedies, herbs & trauma release for anxiety, depression, adrenal fatigue, stress and burnout
**Journaling, tapping, overcoming limiting beliefs, meditation, gratitude and positive psychology techniques to improve happiness, confidence and emotional resilience.
**Why your thyroid, hormones, mood and brain are affected by your liver and how to detoxify your liver
**Detailed nutritional supplements and what foods they are found in.

Written by a naturopathic doctor and psychotherapist, Dr. Ameet’s complete book Heal Your Body, Cure Your Mind, helps 1000s of people recover from chronic mood, health and trauma issues and is a favorite amongst doctors and patients.

Great reviews by patients and doctors:
**Ameet gives simple steps to help you recover from anxiety, depression, stress and burnout, and with long-lasting results – Dr. Hyla Cass MD

The boy who stopped the world from crying

by Christopher Johnson

The boy who stopped the world crying is a beautiful story about young monster called Walt who dreams of Earth one night while he is asleep. The Earth tells Walt all about the environment and how he is sad because people are not looking after the planet. The earth asks Walt to become his champion and to educate people of the world about the environment.
This story follows Walt on his journey to help save the planet.

The schools that have bought my book as an educational tool to teach children about the environment and can’t believe the amount of cool bonuses and teaching tools inside.

There is enough in here to keep your children busy for 127 minutes.
Here’s a couple of reasons your kids will love this book.
Free downloadable colouring sheets with every copy………
Free downloadable audio book with every copy……..
Free streaming video version of the book with every copy……..
Not to mention it’s a beautiful story about saving the planet….
The boy who stopped the world crying is a beautiful story about young monster called Walt who dreams of Earth one night while he is asleep. The Earth tells Walt all about the environment and how he is sad because people are not looking after the planet. The earth asks Walt to become his champion and to educate people of the world about the environment. This story follows Walt on his journey to help save the planet.

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