Free war Kindle books for 26 Oct 18

The Way Back (Carlie Simmons Post-Apocalyptic Series Book 3)

by JT Sawyer

Carlie, along with Shane, Jared, and the rest of her eclectic group endure a nightmarish struggle to survive in the Caribbean on a grueling trek that will test their fortitude, battling zombies and hostile bands of humans along the way. Eliza Huntington, the president’s daughter, has her own harrowing journey to make after Air Force One goes down in Idaho and she is forced to adapt in ways she never imagined. Eventually the fates of both parties intertwine in an explosive battle where tactics and firepower may not be enough to defeat the unspeakable horrors that await them.

The Silent Cannons

by Mike Flinn

Robert Chambers is a man without a past. Suffering from amnesia after surviving the Confederate prison at Andersonville, he spends years in an asylum in Georgia. He is finally released from the asylum but has not recovered from the amnesia and spends the next years searching for his past. Meanwhile, his younger brother, Christopher, takes a different path in life and finds himself in the wild Kansas frontier. In this follow-up to “A Soldier’s Bounty” the story of the Chambers brothers is continued through the turbulent post Civil War period.

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