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Budgeting Your Paycheck: How To Have Enough To NOT Just Survive But Thrive

by Barbara Colman

Personal or Family budgets, or spending plans, are tools that can help you meet your financial goals. The process of building a budget can help you to take a hard look at your priorities and to determine whether you’re on track to reaching your financial goals. A budget is a list of expenses and income. It is the amounts of money that currently comes in and out each month/year. It is also the projected in and out amounts of each month per year.

A budget allows you to monitor how close you are to your goals. This knowledge can help you to create budget plans that connect with your daily habits. The budgeting process is designed to be flexible and you should have an expectation that a budget will change from month to month, and will require ongoing monthly review. Now you won’t have to live a paycheck-paycheck life with careful meticulous planning and strategy to have your cake and eat it too.

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – Why Are Personal and Family Budgets So Important?

Chapter 2 – What to Look for in Budgeting Worksheets

Chapter 3 – Five Types of Budgeting Money Methods

Chapter 4 – Erase Debt – 5 Ways to Wreck Your Budget

Chapter 5 – Top Budget Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Chapter 6 – Playing With the Numbers – When You Should Rethink Your Budget

Chapter 7 – Successful Elements to a Family’s Home Budget Or Budget Spreadsheet

Chapter 8 – How to Prepare a Budget

Secrets of the Remote Workforce

by Teresa Douglas

“In midsummer 2010, I received a strange call from my manager. I was instructed to make myself available at 4:00 p.m. and to be in a place where I could talk freely without my fellow employees hearing. It was both mysterious and unsettling, but most of all it was intriguing.”

In November of 2010, a 70-year-old, industry leading, brick and mortar organization announced to its employees it was transforming into a company where nearly 90 percent of its workers would soon work remotely. Secrets of the Remote Workforce is written by three of the Kaplan employees who made it through that transformation and thrived.

Whether you are beginning your remote work journey or are a seasoned traveler, this book has something for you. Authors Mike, Holly, and Teresa took different paths over the ensuing years through their organization. Secrets of the Remote Workforce contains their hard-won knowledge over a wide variety of topics, which apply no matter where you stand in your company.

Many people know they need a comfortable work space; what surprises most is the need to set up the right headspace as well. This book covers how to ward off toxic levels of loneliness, how to get what you need from colleagues spread across the world, and how to network and grow in your career when you are sitting in an office of one, plus many other topics that will help you survive and thrive as a remote worker.

The Step by Step Guide to Boosting Your Salary

by Natalie Fisher

This guide on how to negotiate your salary, will give you the quick and dirty rundown of what you need to do to get a raise or boost your pay/salary. Whether going to a job interview and want to know how to negotiate, or you’ve been in a position for a while and it’s time for a raise, the principles are basically the same. This e-book will give you the step by step principles you need to master in order to know how to confidently ask for what you deserve, from when to bring it up to when to stop talking. You’ll also get a word for word script used successfully to get a significant raise and you’ll be able to practice right along with it.

Blogger Affiliate Method (2019): How to Earn Your First $500 by Selling Amazon Affiliate Products Through Your Own Free Mini Blog

by Paul Jay Neville

Here’s how to start your own profitable internet/home-based business from scratch.

The last thing you need is huge capital or business experience! You can start your own internet marketing business even if you’re clueless about marketing. Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

– The 3 step process to earning passive income from Amazon affiliate marketing

– The 1 “no effort” technique that can 5x-10x your profits…overnight

– How to find products that are more likely to make profits and sales

– The 5 point criteria to follow so you can have a better chance of choosing a product that doesn’t suck

– How to find keywords that are proven “money makers” and at the same time, easy to rank for on Google

– 2 ways to rank your keywords… the free way and the paid way – GOOD NEWS: they both work!

– The 7 keys to writing a review that convinces your readers into buying the product you are promoting

– Examples of of product reviews to study and even copy for your own reviews!

And many more inside the book!

Do you want to make more money this year than any other year before it? Then this is for you.

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Blockchain for Business: A Hands-on approach: Understand the Technical Principles of Blockchain, and learn how to build Successful Business Models based … technology (TRENDS nº 2) (Spanish Edition)

by Bert Langa

The blockchain market is extremely hot. In fact, one of the latest reports by KD Market Insights called “Worldwide Blockchain Market 2018 to 2024” describes a market size that can reach $60 billion in the coming years.

Exciting, right? Can you imagine capturing just a percentage of this money with a new business model? Or finding a job to lead a new blockchain business unit within a larger corporation? Well, that is the main objective of this book: to explain to you in a very practical way the technical principles of Blockchain, along with the necessary methodology to create successful business models based on this technology.

To do so, in the first part of the book, we will give you a detailed understanding of Blockchain technology covering the following key topics: public key cryptography, hash functions, blocks, the Chain and peer to peer networks.

Next, we will discuss about the future of Blockchain, especially about smart contracts.

And, finally, we will practice building specific business models based on Blockchain. We will use the Canvas method, a simple tool for designing innovative Business Models based on nine essential components: value proposition of our blockchain solution, customer segments, channels, customer relationships, resources, activities, partnerships, revenue stream and costs structure.

Blockchain experts are in short supply and hot demand. In this book, you will learn why the blockchain market is hot and how to take advantage of the current skills shortage by:

â??Understanding the key technical principles of Blockchain.

â??Exploring how this technology can impact businesses in the short, medium, and long term.

â??Being more agile than your competitors in identifying and managing this technological trend.

â?? Developing disruptive business models supported by Blockchain.

As you know, it is important that businesses are managed by thinking about what the market will be like tomorrow. Understanding the latest technological trends like Blockchain will allow you to anticipate the changes that will occur and develop new business models that can generate growth.

Are you ready to be part of the Blockchain Revolution? Great! Then buy the book now and start creating winning business models based on this technology.


by Jacob David


Local Business Consulting : Earning Money Providing Services and Consulting to Small and Local Businesses

by Ron Weldenburg

Here are 2 Business Ideas That You Can Use to Help You Start an Internet Business.

Making money online isn’t as easy as most gurus would tell you, but that doesn’t mean that it’s hard either.
As long as you’re willing to do the work, then you can make money online.

Inside this bundle, you’ll discover some simple ways of making money while working at home.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:

Freelancing Without Expertise
– How to make money as a newbie freelancer even if you have no skills whatsoever
– The top 7 services that I recommend every newbie starts selling
– How to confirm market profitability
– How to create a Fiverr listing from start to finish
– A simple process of writing a gig description that converts “onlookers” into buyers and clients
– How to create a long term relationship with your customers
– How to upsell your customers in a step by step manner
– The only 2 things you need in order to have a successful upsell transaction

SEO Client Consulting
– Understanding SEO Basics
– On Page SEO – Different Tactics
– Off Page SEO – Building a Private Blog Network and Other tactics

How to get your clients website rank on the first page of Google

How to Find SEO Clients
– Local Business Owners
– LinkedIn
– LinkedIn Groups
– Kindle

How to find clients for your business


Today, you’ll decide whether you want to take the shortcut and learn from my own experience, or if you want to do it on your own. Either way, I wish you all the best in making money online.

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Side-Hustle Services: Offering Social Media Management and Fiverr Online Services to Make Money from Home

by Ron Weldenburg

Here are 2 Business Ideas That You Can Use to Help You Start an Internet Business.

Making money online isn’t as easy as most gurus would tell you, but that doesn’t mean that it’s hard either.
As long as you’re willing to do the work, then you can make money online.

Inside this bundle, you’ll discover some simple ways of making money while working at home.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:

Non-Expert Social Media Management
– How to start a new management business even without marketing expertise
– How to start your own business in 20 minutes or less
– Where to outsource your service packages
– How to create an offer sheet package that will serve as the sales letter for your product
– How to approach your potential clients and get out with a deal!
– How to never appear as a snake oil salesman by having this “unrefusable offer”
– 6 of the best ways to find your first client
– How to legally steal clients from YellowPages

Fiverr Simple Secrets

– How to easily get started
– How to offer upsells that may be the difference between $50 per month and $500 per month
– How to find customers
– How to make your customers happy that they buy form you over and over again


Today, you’ll decide whether you want to take the shortcut and learn from my own experience, or if you want to do it on your own. Either way, I wish you all the best in making money online.

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YouTube Profits Mastery: Making a Living and Passive Income by Starting a YouTube Consulting and YouTube Influencer Vlogging Business from Scratch

by TJ Arron

According to the experts, an economic meltdown may come anytime soon.

It means lots of people, including you – may lose their jobsâ?¦

Protect yourself by starting your own home-based business today.

Here’s a preview of what you’l discover inside..

YouTube Done-For-You Consulting
– Why YouTube SEO consulting is one of the best business ideas you could start today
– How to start with as little capital as possible… something like $30!
– How to find keywords to rank for and sell to clients
– How to create videos that you will sell to clients on a “rent” or “pay per lead” basis
– Ways to find clients who will gladly pay you $100-$1,000 per month
– The types of keywords you should target and why it’s better to have 100 monthly searches than 1,000 for most keywords
– How to optimize your video for faster rankings
– How to sell your service without really trying to sell it. You’ll love this one!
– How to send out cheap but effective SEO backlinks on your YouTube video

YouTube Influencer
– The 5 step process of making money as a YouTube Celebrity and Influencer
– Why you should start your own personal brand NOW
– How to choose a niche or category that can be profitable for you in 30 days or less
– Why different markets requires different type of content… create the wrong content for the wrong market and all your effort will be wasted!
– The types of content to create and how to create them fast! … without sacrificing the quality of your videos
– The EXACT tools you need in order to become a YouTube celebrity on your niche (and you don’t even need the expensive ones!)
– 6 of the best ways to monetize your videos and your personal brand so you can make six figure per year
– The exact formula to follow in order to create viral videos… guaranteed!
– 8 things you can do right now to make your videos go viral

Learn to start your own internet marketing business today.

No need for you to be an expert or an experience marketer with portfolio. You can start now by scrolling up and downloading your copy today.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Techniques 2019: A Beginner Guide to Get Success in Your Business (Social Media Marketing Book 9)

by Cori Anderson

Search Engine Optimization 2019

There basically two types of SEO techniques that you need to follow and they are,

On-page optimization
Off-page optimization
Below are some of the On-page activities in SEO

Keyword Research & Analysis
Competition Analysis
Content Optimization
Internal Linking structure Changes
URL Structure Changes
Site-map updating / creation
Keyword URL Mapping
Creation of Meta Information
Title tag (LSI Based)
Description tag (LSI Based)
Alt tags (LSI Based)
HTML Coding, Validation & Correction
H1, H2 & Strong tags
Canonical Issue Check
Error 404-page optimization
XML Sitemap
URL Architecture
Google, Bing & Yahoo Sitemap Authentication
Below are some of the best off page SEO techniques,

Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Blog Commenting
Forum Commenting
Blog post (Blogger & WordPress)
Web 2.0 Submission
Article Submission
Press Release Submissions
RSS feed generation and submissions
Review Submissions
Business Profile Creation
Q & A Submissions
Document Sharing
Classified Ads Submission
Video Submission & Promotion
Photo Submission & Promotion
Local Business Listing (Google, Bing @ Local Listing Sites)
Social Networking

All the mentioned points are trending and you can use it if you want to increase website traffic and improve keyword ranking.

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Writing Ebooks: Build a $ 100,000 Passive Income in 9 Hours Work: Building Ebooks are as Simple and Profitable as ever

by Dennis Barr

This book is written for anybody. An amateur writer to someone who hasn’t written a paper since high school. We are all trying to get out of the hell that is a 9 to 5 job working for someone else who can care less about your income or life outside of work. This is something quick and can be quite simple if you follow the structure on how to write an ebook. Imagine getting to take all kinds of trips and be making money while you travel. All you need is about 9 hours.
In this book you will learn:
-Where to find a topic and content
-How to write the description and back cover and why to write it first.
-The formula to writing a catchy title that will be easy to find on google search and amazon search.
-An easy template to follow to write your introduction and conclusion.
-Writing the bones and content of your book.
-How to publish
-What is the best fiction to write and the quick way to write it?
-Your Kindle Book only has to be 50 pages. People are overwhelmed with huge books. No more 300 page Novels.
-Writing Fiction in a Flash
Ebook/Amazon Kindle Incomes according to
Far more indies earning a consistent six figures a year or more from just their Kindle best sellers than traditionally published authors who debuted anytime in the past decade and are able to do the same.
240+ indie authors who are consistently earning $100,000/year or more from just their Kindle best sellers.
85+ indie authors who are consistently earning $250,000/year or more from just their Kindle best sellers.
40+ indie authors who are consistently earning $500,000/year or more from just their Kindle best sellers.
13 out of the 20 authors who debuted in the last five years, and 8 of the 10 authors who debuted in the last 3 years, and who are now consistently earning $1,000,000+/year from just their Kindle ebook best sellers are indie authors.

FOREX Alert! What Nobody Else Will Tell You About Foreign Exchange Day Trading

by Philip Gegan

Forex, the exotic world of foreign exchange and spread betting, trading currencies online from your home through day trading, working just a couple of hours a day and scooping your share of the profits of a $3 trillion a day industry.

There are dozens and dozens of products – video courses, software, “robots” and more – promising to help you make a fortune. But are they *really* there for your benefit? Or is there something else you should know about?

This short guide (8,900 words) can help you avoid losing a great deal of money if you’re thinking of speculating with currency trading, forex, fx, or whatever you want to call it.

There’s nothing like finding water in the desert. Coming across an oasis just when you’re beginning to die of thirst must be an exhilarating experience.

It’s the same when you’ve been made redundant and the bills are coming in, or you’re stuck in a dead-end job with a two hour commute and a boss from hell, and then you come across an opportunity that promises to banish your money worries and all your other frustrations for ever.

The sense of relief, the vision of a future that is not only free of all these problems but positively full of abundance, all this comes to those who discover the holy grail of forex. Or so they’re led to believe.

Forex is exciting, that’s for sure. A roller coaster of a ride, where you trade the US dollar against the euro or the pound sterling, the Japanese yen against the Swiss franc, amidst a background of fabulous wealth, luxurious houses, fast cars and exotic vacations.

And all you need is your laptop and a broadband connection. And a few hundred dollars to get you started.

You can be at home or on the beach, at the poolside or on the ski-lift. What a life! What an opportunity!

But wait! There may be sharks in the water! And there may be another pool to swim in that’s safer. This Guide will show you all the dangers, and the safer alternatives. Few other people will tell you, so ignore this at your peril.

Amazon Arbitrage

by Mike Kraft

Learn how to earn a steady income from the Amazon Arbitrage system. Sell products on Amazon and buy from Ebay. Simple method that requires no expertise and virtually no out of pocket costs.

10-Minute Methods To Create Inspiring Leaders: Positive Change In Life In 7 Days

by Kerry Swanson

Want to have a positive change in life in 7 days without having fears and giving up on who you are and what you do?

10-minute Methods to Create Inspiring Leaders will show you how to accomplish your goals so that you can move forward strongly with confidence.

Inside you will discover
-7 Fears you need to overcome to be an Effective Leader
-6 Effects of Good Leadership
-What the Smartest Leaders do
-How to be a Leader in a world that is changing at an unbelievable speed

This works because it will only take 10 minutes of your time each day so that you can make a big leap to become an inspiring leader with positive effect on everyone around you.

Would you like to know more?

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Exposing Blockchain: An Inside Look at the Technology Behind Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency Wallets, Cryptocurrency Mining, Bitcoin, and other Digital Coins (Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and More)

by Frank Richmond

Cryptocurrencies may have crashed into the news and stayed there, but the technology that made them possible is still mysterious to most of us. In this book, you’ll not only find out about the blockchain and how it has revolutionized data storage, but how to it could change almost every industry on the planet.

Most people think of the blockchain as a cog in the wheel of Bitcoin, but it’s a whole lot more than that. Thanks to a new way of thinking about the financial system we rely on, this revolutionary technology brings possibilities not just for the global financial markets, but for every industry, government sector and human endeavor that involves collecting data.

Find out exactly what the blockchain is – and how it works

In this book, you’ll discover how a financial disaster in America started a chain reaction that ultimately created the blockchain and its first offspring, the cryptocurrencies. Find out why it was such an important discovery and why it became so popular, so fast – and why it will likely be a big part of the future, too.

Learn how the blockchain could solve numerous problems in our current world

Not many people know what the blockchain is and what it can be used for. That’s understandable – it’s a brand new way of thinking. In this book, you’ll discover:

·         How the blockchain made it possible to throw bank managers and regulators to the curb

·         The myths and mysteries of the blockchain – and the truth behind them

·         What makes the blockchain such a revolutionary technology

Start your journey into the digital future right here

Discover how the blockchain is already being utilized in science, government operations, business ledgers and so much more – and how its possibilities are likely to grow as it becomes more widely understood.

Understand how the blockchain works

In this book, you’ll learn the basics of the blockchain – how it operates and the human role in its success. You’ll find out about:

·         The miners who keep the system running

·         The Proof of Work protocol that ensures it is secure – and the alternatives

·         How a block is created and where it goes

Discover the technology of the future

This book will open up the world of the blockchain to you, from its earliest days to the future it has the potential to bring. You’ll discover:

·         Where it all began, in the early days of the internet

·         How cryptocurrencies emerged and why they caused such a huge reaction

·         What the blockchain is capable of outside the financial system

Start your journey alongside the technology of the future.

Pick up your copy right now by hitting the BUY NOW button at the top of the page!

5 Proven Ways to Master your Passive Profits: Find Out about TOP Passive Income Streams

by Joel Thompson

Joel Thompson worked more than 14 years as online marketing expert and business consultant in top European corporations. Now he is a self-entrepreneur and digital nomad, who lives in Thailand and Bali. The purpose of the book is to help people to learn about the top passive income funnels that will generate unstoppable profits day by day. It’s not the easy way to do, but you need to know this sources to become the financial independent person, travel around the world, control your own life. It’s time to do it!

Discover the fastest way to get up and running in just a matter of days – even if you’re a complete beginner.
Find out how you can create a passive income empire that will send automatic checks to your bank account.
Uncover the fail-proof formula for creating evergreen cash channels that will never run dry.

40 lessons to be a successful trader: Make millions trading forex

by Robert G.

In this book you will find the tips that every person who wants to be part of professional traders, have to know. For day traders, and long term investors.


by John Shaw

I’d written about 15 pages of this little book when I sat down and thought “why am I bothering?

There are hundreds of books about affiliate marketing, many of them much more informative than this, why would anyone want this book?”

And then I remembered, when I first started affiliate marketing back in 2006 there was very little information that I could get free that would tell me the whole story.

All would offer some information and then ask for a subscription or try to sell an expensive course for me to get the real info that I needed.

It was really frustrating then and nothing much has changed.

You’ll still get enough info to whet your appetite and then you’ll be asked to part with sometimes quite large amounts of cash to learn how to make the whole thing work.

Not here.

There’s no upsell, no course to buy, no membership to join, with this little book you get everything you need to know to get started on what may be the most exciting, and financially rewarding journey of your life.



RESUMEN – MÁS AGUDO, MÁS RÁPIDO, MEJOR (Charles Duhigg): Los secretos de ser productivo en la vida y los negocios (TOP 14 MEJORES LIBROS DE EMPRENDIMIENTO nº 12) (Spanish Edition)

by Resumiendo Libros


¿Necesita algunos consejos sobre cómo hacer que esa gran idea sea rentable? Estos son algunos de los mejores libros de emprendimiento en el mercado para comenzar.

Pocas personas están más ocupadas que los nuevos empresarios. Si acabas de fundar una empresa o estás pensando en hacerlo, ¡probablemente estás girando tantas placas que apenas tienes tiempo para respirar! Pero no estás solo en esto. Los mejores emprendedores del mundo han estado allí, lo han hecho y, por suerte para usted, han escrito el libro al respecto. Para ahorrar en la búsqueda de los mejores libros de emprendimiento, hemos reunido esta lista para que pueda comenzar. ¿Quieres obtener una ventaja inicial sobre los otros fundadores? Empápate de los años de conocimiento enumerados aquí. Comience su negocio de la manera correcta leyendo los mejores libros de emprendimiento.


Escape del horario de 9-5, viva en cualquier lugar y únase a los nuevos ricos de Tim Ferris


El arte de la productividad sin estrés por David Allen


Reglas para el éxito enfocado en un mundo distraído por Cal Newport


Notas sobre startups o cómo construir el futuro por Peter Thiel y Blake Masters


Y otros secretos para el éxito, una relación a la vez por Keith Ferrazzi


Aprenda cómo hacer que su startup sea excelente desde el principio con un análisis perspicaz del asesor de negocios, Jim Collins y su equipo de investigación.


El espíritu empresarial para los bichos raros, los inadaptados y los dominadores mundiales por Chris Brogan


Cómo la innovación constante crea negocios exitosos por Eric Reis


Transforma tu negocio siendo excelente por Seth Godin


Secretos de las Startups de más rápido crecimiento de sus emprendedores fundadores por David S. Kidder


Las tácticas, las rutinas y los hábitos de los multimillonarios, los íconos y los artistas de talla mundial por Tim Ferriss


Los secretos de ser productivo en la vida y los negocios por Charles Duhigg


Crear un negocio cuando no hay respuestas fáciles por Ben Horowitz


Cómo los grandes líderes inspiran a todos a tomar medidas por Simon Sinek

â??â??¡Feliz lectura!â??â??

NEURO-VENTA: La Guía De Las Palabras Vendedoras (Spanish Edition)

by J.M. GarGut

¿Qué es lo último que te has comprado?
Al margen del tamaño, de la importancia y del coste, sea lo que sea que te hayas comprado, ha sido por tus particulares motivos.
Aunque el punto de partida sean las necesidades que todos tenemos, la forma de satisfacerlas está relacionada, de manera directa, con tus valores y deseos personales. De ahí surgen tus motivos de compra.
Cuando compramos pensamos que el producto/servicio, que estamos adquiriendo, nos hará sentir más felices que su carencia. La Neuro-Ciencia ha descubierto que esa decisión de compra está condicionada�
� en un 15% por nuestra personal opinión.
â?¦ en un 30% por nuestro entorno cultural.
� en un 55% por nuestra biología.
Y, de forma especial, entre la cultura y biología está el código simbólico que activa, de forma inconsciente, nuestra decisión de compra.
Esta decisión es reconocible a través de 20 conceptos que te ayudarán a ti, tanto en tu faceta de consumidor/a como en la de vendedor/a (si lo fueras). En la de consumidor/a, para saber cómo los mensajes publicitarios y los/as profesionales de la venta intentan persuadirte para que compres. En la de vendedor/a, te ayudaran a activarlos a voluntad en tus clientes para persuadirles en la elección de tu oferta.
Neuro-Venta te descubre, de forma fácil, clara y práctica, las 101 palabras (no se necesitan más) para activar las tres fuerzas que influyen en ti y en tus clientes a la hora comprar.
Neuro-Venta (como vendedor/a) te ayuda a crear conversaciones poderosas para que las palabras de tu mensaje activen las tres emociones que influyen en tu cliente como decisores inconscientes.
Neuro-Venta te ofrece la oportunidad de convertirte (como consumidor/a) en un/a comprador/a consciente; (como vendedor/a) en un/a maestro/a de la venta, en un/a vendedor/a persuasivo/a e influyente. Te permite ser ese/a vendedor/a estrella que se diferencia de los demás porque conoce, a la perfección, los motivos de compra de sus clientes.
Después de estudiar e integrar este nuevo conocimiento científico a tu bagaje comercial, y comenzar a aplicarlo en tus entrevistas de venta, iniciarás una nueva etapa en tu desarrollo profesional, una etapa más consciente, más eficaz, más productiva.
Este saber hacer te permitirá ir más allá de las necesidades de tus clientes. De hecho, te permitirá saber que tus clientes no compran lo que necesitan sino lo que quieren. Tú conociendo la respuesta de ¿por qué compra la gente?… podrás ejercer tu profesión de una manera más eficaz, más eficiente y más efectiva.
“Neuro-Venta: la guía de las palabras vendedoras” resulta una guía clara, útil y práctica para ayudarte en tu labor comercial hasta llevarte al siguiente nivel: el de la excelencia vendedora. Con sus 101 palabras influyentes logras crear conversaciones de venta persuasiva que te permiten saber, en cada momento, lo que vas a expresar y para qué vas a expresarlo.
El resultado de aplicar este conocimiento: más ventas, más satisfacción entre tus clientes y más ecología en tu gestión comercial.

IPï¼?How do I build my personal brand through the Internet?: Build my personal brand (PersonalManagement Book 18)

by YI BA

Everything is content, everything is IP!

From Disney, airbnb, YouTube, Instagram, IP waves swept the world, this is not only a revolution in the Internet field, but also a new game rules for future business.

IP quickly penetrates into the full dimensions of the new business ecosystem from the pan-entertainment pattern, and is deepening into a common strategic approach for different industries, and even a new way of business survival, namely IP-based survival.

The core of Super IP is a highly recognizable and identifiable business symbol. It means an identity for the content that touches people’s hearts. It means self-contained energy and flow, self-contained pressure, or a kind of pressure. Community business label.

In this new business expression, IP has become the infrastructure of business logic. Taking IP as the starting point, the connection between commercial elements such as products, brands, channels, users and IP forms a scenario solution, empowering business, while IP value is constantly precipitating and forming new business back-feeding. Under the catalysis of IP, flow, users, and products are naturally integrated, and an attractive sales logic is formed.

Finding Your Elementï¼?Develop It Into Your Career: Find your talent Go Go Go! (PersonalManagement Book 14)

by YI SI

A great life is a journey of heroes one after another.
Human beings are born with an unparalleled creative advantage, and we can use this advantage to continually transform our lives according to our own choices. What you need to do is just to take a solid first step towards a passionate and purposeful life!

Excavate your talents, feel your enthusiasm, correct your attitude, and find your talents. These play a decisive role in discovering your talents and improving your happiness.

Some people are alive, without any adventures and ambitions, and some are alive, for a field adventure. Exploring the journey of talent is such an adventure. This “two-way tour” digs deep into your soul and taps into the opportunities that the outside world has. This book will tell you that no matter whether the risk is hidden or difficult, it is worthwhile to explore your talent!

11 Money Making Books in 1 Huge Bundle: Make Money Online With 11 Various Online Business Ideas That You Can Start Today With Ease

by Marc Hayes

Attention fellow entrepreneurs!

Are you looking for ways to make more money online?

The problem at the moment is you end up spending money on new approaches that don’t pan out.

It would be good to earn some revenue online without having to pay an arm and a leg to get started.

In this book bundle you will be guided through valuable step-by-step systems to launch your new online career and begin making real money.

Inside you will learn:

How To Use Alibaba:

– How to find suppliers

– How to separate the good ones from the bad

– A wide variety of websites that you can sell your products on

– How to sell on Alibaba

– The essentials of dropshipping

How To Use eBay:

– What you need to know to get the best start on eBay

– Setting up a professional seller’s account

– The essentials of selling

– How to deal with customers with ease

– Marketing your products

Freelancing On Upwork:

– How to get your first Job

– How to bid

– Tips to beat the competition

– How to respond to interviews

– How to prepare for an interview so that you succeed at making a positive connection with the potential client

– How to avoid negative feedback


– How to make the most money with network marketing

– Marketing strategies

– Essential tips to achieve success

– Social sites and how to use them to their full potential

Passive Income Streams:

– How to keep costs to a minimum while maximizing revenue

– Invaluable market research techniques

– How to pick viable niches and products

– Publishing eBooks

– Monetizing niche blogs

– Develpoing YouTube content for ad revenue and promotion

– Creating online courses

– Creating affiliate program and dropshipping eCommerce stores

– How to layer it all together

Selling Your Crafts Online:

– Find out the best places to sell your crafts

– Learn useful shipping and pricing strategies

– Essential advertising strategies

– Easy ways to deal with customers


– Profitable planning stages of your Shopify store

– How to find a viable market you’re passionate about

– Essential Keyword research & SEO

– How and where to source products

– How to expertly handle orders

– Shipping, dropshipping & fulfilment

– Effectively market your product

– Legal and tax considerations you must address

– Everything you need to be successful


– What you need, including hardware, software, & knowledge

– Discover the best topics to teach

– How to build a quality course

– Marketing through multiple channels, including affiliates, interest groups, & networks

Work From Home:

– Discover a plethora of opportunities to work comfortably from home

– The pros & cons of working from home

– Setup a routine to manage your time wisely

– The range of legitimate career paths you can take

Become A Network Marketer:

– How to sell a MLM product

– How to find customers

– how to break through in the industry

– What it takes to become a networking marketer

Network Marketing For Beginner’s:

– How to spot legitimate opportunities

– Compensation models, commissions, and product types

– How to avoid pyramid scams

– How to reach out and engage with potential customers

– How to close the sale

– Critical tips to success, and lots more

You can take the information in these guides to build your own online career, or you can do what most people do and never take that first step in a new direction.

The choice is yours.

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Social Media Marketing Boost: Discover 100 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your Following,

by james H. Ruiz

Social Media Marketing is indeed a huge help for many internet marketers to boost their website traffic, make sales and build authority.

The thing is that, if you just got started in the industry, you might be thinking that you can learn it by reading various blogs that you can think of.

The bad about doing random research is that you might end up learning the back and forth of the process and experience information overload.

The good news is that inside this product is a concise Social Media Marketing Tips that is essential for the success of your campaign. There Are 100 Tips, Ways and Techniques You Can Look Over Whenever You Need a Boost in Social Media

Landlord Secrets: Immediately Increase ROI and Become a More Effective Landlord

by Linda Liberatore

In My Landlord Helper: The Keys to Managing Your Real Estate Investments and Achieving Explosive Growth, you’ll quickly learn how to:

– Grow your portfolio 4x in less than three years
– Implement successful strategies for managing your real estate investments
– Increase your quality of life by streamlining processes that free up time
– Overcome hurdles that hinder growth

Through effective technology, smarter staffing, managed communication, and continued learning, all of this is possible. Its time to finally make your dreams come true and turn your rentals into profit!

Making money online is like fishing â?? buy to figure out why: Confessions â?? decade of failure

by Vygintas Varnas

Skip ten years of struggle and learn to make your first sale online.

I know my book is not perfect, it may contain grammar errors and what not, but if you want to save ten years of trial and error – this is your best bet.

Beginner Guide of Social Media Marketing: Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin and Google Plus for Business Growth

by Matthew Roy

What Is Social Media Marketing?
Social media promoting refers to the strategy of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.

Social media itself might be a catch-all term for sites which is able to provide radically utterly completely different social actions. let’s say, Twitter might be a social site designed to let people share short messages or “updates” with others. Facebook, in distinction might be a full-blown social networking site that permits for sharing updates, photos, amendment of integrity events and a selection of various activities.

How unit Search & Social Media promoting Related?
Why would a quest merchandiser â?? or an online website concerning search engines â?? care concerning social media? the two unit very closely connected.

Social media generally feeds into the invention of latest content resembling news stories, and “discovery” might be a pursuit activity. Social media may additionally facilitate build links that in turn support into SEO efforts. several people collectively perform searches at social media sites to hunt out social media content. Social connections may also impact the connectedness of some search results, either at intervals a social media network or at a â??mainstream’ software.

Social Media promoting At promoting Land
Marketing Land is that the sister site to seem Engine Land that covers all sides of web promoting, at the side of these widespread topics at intervals social media marketing:

……………….and many a lot of

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Basic of Indian Mutual Funds and SIP is for people which are looking to explore mutual funds for wealth creation. The book is written in a simple manner for readers to understand the various terminologies and working process of Mutual Funds and SIP. If you are looking to understand and invest in Mutual Funds or SIP but don’t know from where to start, then this book is for you. The basic concepts are same for Indian and overseas markets so it will help you understanding both. It will help you as a reference guide for investing in Mutual Funds. Specifically it will help you in:-

1. 1. Know basic terms and conditions of Mutual Fund market.
2. Know products and services associated with the Mutual Fund and SIP.
3. Know how to kick start in Mutual Funds.
4. know Do’s and Don’ts in Mutual Funds.
5. Selecting a Fund.
6. Additional mutual fund success stories of fund managers for better understanding the funds scenario.
7. Illustrated examples for more clarity on topics

The Craft Fair Vendor Guidebook: Ideas to Inspire

by Brenda DeHaan

“The Craft Fair Vendor Guidebook: Ideas to Inspire” is the go-to guide for people interested in personalized selling from newbies to veteran vendors. Chock-full of photographs from actual craft fairs and other vendor events, this book offers unique ways to display merchandise, simple solutions to save time and make money, and practical advice on a myriad of subjects.

The author’s specialty is wire-wrapped jewelry, but the book is not limited to one field. The ideas may be applied to many crafts, as well as to various commercial products.

This guidebook starts with business basics and expands to cover a wide range of topics from set-up to sales, including selling beyond the typical craft fair venue. Offering hands-on techniques, learn how a child’s art kit can be transformed into a lovely jewelry display case or how PVC pipe can uplift your displays.

Throughout the book, the author shares her experiences to encourage and inspire others. A quick read highlighted by photographs illustrating the ideas, this book should spark ideas and motivate vendors to create their best booths ever!

The Essential Guide to Amazon Advertising: How to Attract More Readers And Sell More Books

by Thomas Herold

Learn How to Advertise with Amazon and Sell More Books
Amazon has become the second Trillion Dollar company right after Apple. What started – just a decade ago – as a small online bookseller, has turned into the biggest bookstore, and is now the largest e-commerce reseller. Self-publishing on Amazon has become a breeze.

Sadly, with 48 Million books listed, that also means your books will most likely never reach your reader without advertising! Fortunately, the rapid expansion of the Internet will soon add 2 billion more people that may be able to buy your book.

If they know how to find it…

Make Amazon Book Advertising Work for You
While advertisers on Google now pay $20 or even more for one click, promoting your books on Amazon is still possible with 5-10 cents per click. Even more important, it’s a fact that people on Google search for information, and people on Amazon search for products!

This means Amazon offers the highest potential to turn book searches into book sales.

In this essential Amazon book-advertising guide, you will learn every single technique on how to use Amazons book advertising service to attract more readers and sell more books.

– How to find the best keywords in less than 15 minutes
– Includes a 70% discount code for the best keyword research tool
– Learn to write a successful, targeted ad copy
– The 7 most powerful words you should use in your ad
– Five selling secrets Amazon doesn’t want you to know
– How to optimize your campaign for maximum profit
– How to find the best performing categories for your book
– How to set up Sponsored Product Ads and Product Display Ads
– Three ad optimization techniques that instantly gets you more clicks
– Free tools to get hundreds of relevant keywords
– The formula to get your book the Best Seller badge
– How to use GoodReads to build a large keyword list
– How to run a split test and find the best performing ad
– The best program to track the success of your ads and improve performance

Sell More Books on Amazon
Advertising on Amazon with KDP is complex, and if you have no experience how it works, you will most likely waste your money, and give up soon. After reading this book you will be able to create targeted book ads, track performance, make adjustments, sell more books and increase your income.

If you have a little patience, you may even make a living by doing what you love – writing books.

Thomas Herold is a successful entrepreneur and personal development coach. He is the author of 18 financial books with over 200,000 copies distributed worldwide, and the founder of seven online businesses.

Weed Investments: When Laws change Fortunes are made. Legalization of Marijuana offers huge possibilities of returns over short term and long term (Investing Secrets Book 2)

by Easwar Koovappadi

Legalization of marijuana and prospects for investment. Whenever laws are passed, creates a huge opportunity. In 1933, Liquor prohibition was lifted in USA. This created a huge opportunity for gains for people who were alert and saw it coming. A similar trend is happening in the legalization of marijuana. Several states have allowed partial legalization for medical purposes and a few for recreational use. Canada is at the forefront with legal recreational use scheduled to commence in Jul 2018. This provides a great opportunity to reap windfall gains. But with this opportunity, comes huge risks. Many of the companies are small and will fail quickly. Many are fraudulent and will take away your money. There are banking risks, access to Finance could be a huge issue. But a few will survive, do well and deliver stellar returns. The purpose of this book is to provide general information. This is not investment advice. Always consult your investment advisor before investing. Do not fall prey to scams.

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